5r542 5ie8a 6h63n 4dd4s 9ik62 fk847 ttkih adtfa yair4 2f649 i4h2z 7696z 7ndh3 kh56s 6rsd6 h4bbt anihb 7e86a t4nz9 b8h65 33fe5 "America's History, Vol.2: Since 1865" 10th Edition |

"America's History, Vol.2: Since 1865" 10th Edition

2022.01.20 20:55 mustychad "America's History, Vol.2: Since 1865" 10th Edition

Jame Henretta
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2022.01.20 20:55 Aggressive_Warning_2 NoGooody - Twitch

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2022.01.20 20:55 MegumaDesu Help with Gunsmith part 4

I'm on my first wipe and i'm currently trying to complete the Gunsmith Part 4 quest, i've built my m4a1 just like the wiki tells me to do, but i can't buy the 5.56x45 Surefire MAG5-60 STANAG 60-round magazine since it needs you to do a barter with Peacekeeper LL3. And i want to know if i can use any other mag to replace it or if i need to redo the m4a1 with other parts, or just wait and try to get that mag.
here's how my m4a1 looks like right now
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2022.01.20 20:55 HolidayProtection897 [IwantOut] 30M Canada -> France

I have permanent resident status in Canada, but not a citizen.
I'm a CPA (chartered professional accountant) with 5 years of audit/tax experience.
I speak B2/C1 level French.
I don't intend to become an expert comptable in France. Instead, I plan to do a master's in finance or banque/assurance and find a job that would allow me to stay. I've started my research through trouvermonmaster and have had a few schools in mind that I intend to apply to.

  1. I don't have a finance background. My bachelor's is in accounting. Would this be something that will hurt my chances of getting into a finance program? Some universities say they will consider candidates coming from a related filed, though I'm not too sure if my accounting background would be considered one.
  2. I'm not considering les grandes écoles at the moment because they're too expensive. I understand that graduating from one of these elite schools will give me a leg up in terms of career prospects, but would that justify the high tuition fees?
  3. I have no idea what the finance job market looks like in France. Is it hard for foreigners to find a job? Do you have to have connections? I'd be interested to know your insight on that.
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2022.01.20 20:55 Fusion4687 Can any help me out with a beast ball Treecko. If you have one lemme know and we can try to figure out a deal!!

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2022.01.20 20:55 shortney927 Is this offensive?

I am a young white female with very little knowledge on Chinese culture so I need some guidance.
As a side hustle, I make golf club headcovers out of used garments. My small business is going to be an exhibitor at an upcoming golf show in my city so I'm beefing up my inventory. The other day at the thrift store I found a kid's cheongsam. I bought it. Once I got home and started checking out my haul, I started to wonder... Is this ok?
Is this offensive to this culture? Can anyone let me know if this would be a terrible idea to bring a headcover made out of Chinese cultural garment to a golf show where hundreds, if not thousands of people will be walking around? I absolutely don't want to offend people.
Thanks for the input.
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2022.01.20 20:55 mikerooker Eddie Money - Walk On Water

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2022.01.20 20:55 Game-Mason Why do homosexuals always drink those fruity drinks?

Everyone on this sub probably drinks shit like margaritas, martinis, mimosas.... Is that a phenomenon in gay culture that most like gay drinks? It's kinda similar to the effeminate voice thing. I personally drink IPAs and spiced rum though. I don't deal with that fruity shit.
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2022.01.20 20:55 mrumka А потом они меняются

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2022.01.20 20:55 Hidden_Squid14 What are the lore implications of Atriox participating in... this:

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2022.01.20 20:55 the_gwa_gwa_cat For those wondering why camilo’s bruno is taller to the real one

In the movie, it’s shown that camilo can transform into people without being the exact size. Like when he pretends to be his dad as a joke with antonio, he’s super tiny. and when he coughs up after learning about the prophecy at the dinner table, he becomes multiple people, including bruno, but doesn’t change size. He simply wanted to be spooky 😌
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2022.01.20 20:55 kimmy-1994 Urban Exploring : Lewes Priory - East Sussex

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2022.01.20 20:55 RotoGruber Puma return policy?

Looks like online they say the item has to be in unused condition. Anyone have any luck returning lightly used shoes? Not really getting on as well with the liberate nitro. Midsole just feels dead out for the box for me.
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2022.01.20 20:55 Sparkwriter1 "What's the matter, Boy Wonder? Bat got your tongue?"

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2022.01.20 20:55 jimy_1384 🔥🔥Está bien pinche hermosa🔥🔥 👌🏻

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2022.01.20 20:55 Unlikely_Tourist3303 Pinching something rubbery in my neck whenever I turn my head.

21M, pretty healthy except for GERD
When I turn my head either direction, sometimes I get this weird sensation like I am pinching something rubbery in my neck. It really freaks me out and it leaves the area kinda sore. If someone can give me an answer, it will really settle my nerves. Thanks ahead of time, reddit.
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2022.01.20 20:55 morgsdnb Anyone else heading to Pola & Bryson + Unglued tomorrow in Move?

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2022.01.20 20:55 tyler-lundgren Landlord is being too intrusive into my personal life! Need advice. Canada, Alberta

So I've lived in my current place for about 8 months now and it's not too bad. For the most part my roommates and landlord are chill but my landlord is always super friendly with me. She's always asking questions about my life and recent relationship, it's kinda annoying but I feel like she has a good heart so I let it slide. Today she went to my girlfriends work and asked about her, keep in mind she's never met my girlfriend and doesn't even know her name but she asked about her by her race. She then proceeded to ask questions and nosey her way into my girlfriends job and business. My girlfriend complained to me and said she didn't appreciate my landlord asking her cow workers about her and I totally understand. What should I say to my landlord? I'm concerned about her becoming too involved in my relationship and it honestly angers me. Any advice would be helpful?
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2022.01.20 20:55 _psycspotlight PSYCSpotlight on Twitter

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2022.01.20 20:55 ArmenAg [R] CM3: A Causal Masked Multimodal Model of the Internet

CM3 is new type of causal model trained on web documents (Wiki/CC-News) containing both text and tokenized images that is capable of zero-shot unconditional image generation (like PixelCNN), conditional image generation (DALL-E), image-infilling, image captioning, SOTA zero-shot summarization, SOTA entity-linking/disambiguation all while being competitive to T5 on fine-tuning. This makes CM3 one of the most, if not the most general single multi-modal zero-shot model trained to date.
Arxiv: https://arxiv.org/abs/2201.07520 Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArmenAgha/status/1484117064503549955
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2022.01.20 20:55 LoMeinTenants Throwback to when Joe heckled, bullied, and canceled a prominent minority comedian for the simple crime of having a stage name and parallel thinking

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2022.01.20 20:55 iamtherealjayz Inspired by The Song of Achilles

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2022.01.20 20:55 Darkittlepants2467 When you get isekai’d to the HxH world

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2022.01.20 20:55 BizarroSam Get $5 off your first order with Skip The Dishes. Pickup or have your favourite restaurant food delivered right to your door! No need to cook tonight. Stay home and enjoy a meal for less. Enjoy!!

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2022.01.20 20:55 PracticalEarth135 Help: Doulshock 4 wont charge

I recently got a broken doulshock 4 on ebay. the ribbon cable that connects the charging port was broken, so i bought a new one on amazon and put it in. but it still is dead. when i plug it in and then take a multimeter to the charge port, it reads fine. but when i take a multimeter to the battery terminal, nothing. Im not that experinced with play station stuff (I use xbox and nintendo) so im not sure if im doing anything wrong or if there is a deeper problem. any help would be great.
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