How do you get motivated to go to the gym if you're scared?

2022.01.20 21:07 potato-with-a-plan How do you get motivated to go to the gym if you're scared?

I want to start working out and bettering myself but I have slight anxiety and feel like everyone will be looking at me. The gym I want to go to is close to home but there's a lot of people I vaguely know and it would be awkward to see them. How do I get over this?
I'm so close to just buying a treadmill but I don't have the space
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2022.01.20 21:07 KaleidoscopeOld8209 This is one of the supreme purchases I’ve ever made!

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2022.01.20 21:07 Common_Scallion9467 just got back on after a year or so, who should I work on/what should I focus on? tysm in advance <3

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2022.01.20 21:07 DiscoJer Fatal Exam - '80s Horror movie shot in St. Louis

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2022.01.20 21:07 Eugr Org-agenda and global-auto-revert-mode

This is starting to drive me crazy.
I use Emacs on two computers - my main MacBook Pro and a "server" Mac that I connect to via mosh from my iPhone and iPad. I keep my org files on iCloud Drive and the sync works.
global-auto-revert-mode also works - if I keep the same file open on both computers, I can see the changes appear on one machine when saved on another, so it obviously works.
However, it doesn't seem to update inactive buffers in the background. So, if I refresh my agenda, the changes do not get reflected unless I switch to the buffer with the changed file and then rebuild the agenda.
Maybe Emacs doesn't auto-revert inactive buffers unless you switch to them? If that's the case, is there any quick way to force org-agenda to reopen all org buffers on refresh?
I tried to google it but haven't found anything useful.
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2022.01.20 21:07 -en- @Reuters: U.S. imposes sanctions on Ukrainians accused of spreading Russian disinformation

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2022.01.20 21:07 The_Cursed_Potato_2 Who do you main?

Who’s the brawler that you main, personally I main Darryl and 8-bit
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2022.01.20 21:07 Tman_75 What kinds of things are normal now but will be highly valued antiques a century later?

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2022.01.20 21:07 Kashoutallday Keep it a buck as a man ya get ya nails done?

I’m talking to a bitch Rn n she’s trynna get me to go w her but I ain’t wit that shit lol as long as my shits clean I’m good
View Poll
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2022.01.20 21:07 obvioussponge06 The font used in EA’s “Leaders” event leak is called Larken. Dylan Larkin is a captain. Coincidence? I think not

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2022.01.20 21:07 tzingkha Offline Harry goes -1

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2022.01.20 21:07 rscottzman What you guys think of the new card?

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2022.01.20 21:07 met-steph 28F [chat]

I’m 28F, I would like to make some friends :) I’m in a relationship so just a platonic friendship.
We can talk about anything, open to watch stuffs together or listening to music too :)
I like to cook and i'm trying to be better at baking
Movies (I watch a lot but mostly watch horror and thriller)
Tv (I like podcasts and show, mostly about Egypt, crime, Asian drama, cooking ..)
I like to read manga and Roman from Guillaume Musso, I watch some anime too
Music (I can listen to everything, it’s depends on my mood but not a lot of rap, metal etc) Lately I listen mostly korean ballads, Day6 and cigarettes after sex.
Games (mostly on ps4/ps5 or switch, i don’t play a lot lately, on pc I like to play the sims, simcity, life is strange)
Please I want a clean chat, we can go to discord if it’s the case :)
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2022.01.20 21:07 wifininja08 To those who had high school relationships, what happened to the other person?

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2022.01.20 21:07 itstiombae Do I have melanoma?

So Im a black F 23, I got this really black mole under my jaw a lot of years ago, so I wasn't born with it. It randomly started bleeding last night and wouldn't stop bleeding. It was a mole that felt like a bump so it was slightly raised. I didn't scratch it or anything I was just laying in bed and I rested my hand on my chin, looked at my hand and there was blood.
So I googled what to do to stop the bleeding and melanoma kept popping up. So now Im overthinking haha. They said hidden melanoma is also a thing? I do have the black stripe on two of my fingernails. I also have a brownish freckle on the white of eye that I was born with. Apparently those are also possible with melanoma??
Should I see a dermatologist about this or should I just not worry about it?
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2022.01.20 21:07 Senior_Sail_9037 Lena Meyer-Landrut

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2022.01.20 21:07 swan001 Big doggie, good doggie...wolf hybrid

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2022.01.20 21:07 HappyCat1912 Could Humanity, or any other large animals, survive the environmental crisis worst case scenario?

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2022.01.20 21:07 SableFilms Film Studio to Be Built in Space by 2024

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2022.01.20 21:07 -en- @Reuters: GM to deliver electric SUV Cadillac Lyriq to customers in 'few months'

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2022.01.20 21:07 asher1611 how much mobile data does Orna use?

I was surprised to hit my cap this month but even more surprised to find that Orna accounted for 0.23 GB of usage last month -- which honestly isn't even that much considering how much harder I've played it in the past. then I looked back at the past. 0.23 GB. 0.49 GB. 0.53 GB. easily the most data hungry thing i've run on my phone the past few months. even moreso than my regular internet browser.
and yet I wonder if I'm pulling rookie numbers. do you all have similar data usage? i may just have to move down to only playing on wifi which cuts out a huge interesting portion of the game.
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2022.01.20 21:07 ERhyne Two weeks into the year and the national market is down ~7%. I need an Adult.

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2022.01.20 21:07 Ok-Tackle1024 Made with starryai☺️

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2022.01.20 21:07 Afraid-Emotion-5102 Emer O'Loughlin - County Clare - 2005

This unsolved murder has always seemed to me like one of missed opportunities in getting justice for Emer, and in certain ways, it seems that the Garda Siochana, snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, with respect to apprehending her killer.
Emer was originally from Ennistymon, County Clare, and was aged 23 at the time of her death. She was an artist, and was studying at a college in Galway, and had just been accepted to the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) in Dublin around the time of her death.
She and her boyfriend had been living in a caravan, on his family's land, to save costs and put a bit of money towards building a house of their own. This caravan site was located in Ballybornagh, Tubber, close to the County Clare/County Galway border. Prior to this, they had spent time travelling around the world.
On the caravan site they lived on, there was a man going by the name of John Griffin, from the Mervue area of Galway City.
On 8th April 2005, her boyfriend went off to work, and she had mentioned going to Griffins caravan, to get her mobile phone charged.
On that day she was off, as her college was closed, due to the funeral of pope John Paul 2nd.
Her boyfriend received a phone call, to say a caravan at the site was in fire. When he got there, Emma was missing, her car and dogs were still there, but John Griffins caravan was burnt to the ground.
The local authorities came out, and they found some human remains where John Griffins caravan had been. These would later be identified as Emma's.
Initially, the post mortem couldn't ascertain her cause of death, leaving her family in a form of limbo, but in 2010, her body was exhumed, and another post mortem carried out, coming to the conclusion that she had suffered severe injuries prior to the fire breaking out in the caravan, and her case was upgraded to a murder case.
John Griffin was Initially questioned by police, claiming that he hadn't been at his caravan, and slept elsewhere the night before.
Griffins behaviour afterwards was erratic, and suspect. Two days after initially being questioned, he barricaded himself in Dun Aengus Fort on Inishmore. He was eventually overpowered, and admitted to a psychiatric hospital, before he discharged himself, changed his appearance and went back on a ferry to Inish Mor.
A pile of his clothes were placed on the edge of a cliff, to apparently make it look like suicide. The Gardai believes that he faked his own death, and has been drifting around Europe on assumed identities.
There are various stories online about John Griffin, hinting about his background, but apart from the fact that he's from Mervue, there's little to be gleamed about him.
Supposedly he's on the interpol website (can't find him on it), and a recent article has her father stating that he was seen in Morocco. Her family have believed over the years that Griffin has been protected by people connected to him.
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2022.01.20 21:07 Marcellofp2 Sponge game

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