[Kyle Goon] Russ nearly left the floor after he was subbed out for Malik Monk, but teammate DeAndre Jordan shepherded him back. Westbrook watched the next few minutes unfold, apparently jawing from the bench with his jersey untucked, although exactly what was said (and at whom) is still unclear.

2022.01.20 19:43 WestVirginiaFan15 [Kyle Goon] Russ nearly left the floor after he was subbed out for Malik Monk, but teammate DeAndre Jordan shepherded him back. Westbrook watched the next few minutes unfold, apparently jawing from the bench with his jersey untucked, although exactly what was said (and at whom) is still unclear.

[Kyle Goon] Russ nearly left the floor after he was subbed out for Malik Monk, but teammate DeAndre Jordan shepherded him back. Westbrook watched the next few minutes unfold, apparently jawing from the bench with his jersey untucked, although exactly what was said (and at whom) is still unclear. submitted by WestVirginiaFan15 to lakers [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 19:43 flynnpanzee Does anyone know where I can rent a Paddleboard for a day near Loch Awe?

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2022.01.20 19:43 Digiff Lighthouse on Crete, city hall of Alexandroupoli light up in colors of Armenian flag

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2022.01.20 19:43 Nucksfan23 [Quadrelli] Boudreau also said he's "heard different stories" regarding Hamonic's status.

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2022.01.20 19:43 Horror_Box3121 'Midnight Dream Ocean' @Starryai

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2022.01.20 19:43 FrostyIcePrincess What do you like about the apple watch and why?

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2022.01.20 19:43 Proper-Sport3758 Defaults to 480p

I have my quality preference set to "Best Quality" but yet even on my 300mb/s Fibre with my 1080p phone it sets set to 480p and I have to tap into advanced every time I open a video to set it to 1080p.
I just cannot comprehend what YouTube thinks they are doing.
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2022.01.20 19:43 JasperGrizzly Commercial Banking to Corporate Banking

I recently accepted an offer to become a commercial banking analyst at a top bank and I’m wondering how long it would take for me in general to get into corporate banking. Would I start as a corporate banking analyst? Or would my experience in commercial banking allow me to be one notch higher as an associate? I wouldn’t want to go from entry level to entry level.
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2022.01.20 19:43 discreet1 Michael Schur’s Unending Quest to Be Perfect

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2022.01.20 19:43 simbapk http-tanker : CLI tool to easily create, manage and execute http requests from the terminal

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2022.01.20 19:43 Separate-Leading5636 Pain patient with spondyloarthropathy/ severe left hip arthritis and left midfoot arthritis

35M; 5'11"; 185ibs
Onset of symptoms 2015. Undiagnosed through 2021. Mid 2021 started 5mg prednisone daily and then bumped to 10mg daily. Prednisone helped tremendously with swelling etc.. Hydroxychloroquine 400mg, steroid injections, gabapentin 1200mg, Tizanidine 4mg 3x.. NSAIDs, a couple others.
Started seeing PCP 2019, was told I had osteoarthritis. Was having severe pain. I couldn't walk for years. I begged for rheumatology. It took a horrendous amount of time for a referral. No pain relief was provided. However, I was aware that I could get buprenorphine through psych and that was honored.
Even though I'm not really an addict, desperate times required desperate measures. I was receiving buprenorphine treatment through 2019 into late 2021 while waiting for referral. Psych discontinued buprenophine treatment Oct 2021 because of a low testosterone test. Whether it was primary or secondary hypogonadism, I'm not totally sure but I'm on testosterone replacement now. I was fine with being discontinued from bupe in Oct because I was finally going to be seen by rheumatology (DEC 21). Based on what I had seen in online forums and support groups, opioids are routinely and even sometimes liberally prescribed by rheumatologists because they are more equipped to treat pain. I mean some people are on high amounts of oxy and fent patches–THAT is NOT what I want. I just want the bare minimum. Hydrocodone seems fairly appropriately to me or maybe some time released narcotic.
Rheumatology has referred me to ortho and based on everything a hip replacement is highly likely within a matter of weeks to months. I see them first FEB 3. Rheumatology is very hesitant to provide any pain care, the most I've been able to receive is 100mg tramadol per day which does absolutely nothing for me. I've tried on a couple days 200mg and 300mg and that does help a little.
She told me the prednisone was for pain and if I was still having pain that meant I'm still having inflammation. That doesn't make any sense to me. Prednisone will help protect against further damage (and I can tell it absolutely is doing that) but it's not going to reverse the damage that has already ocurred. Plus, in my opinion, prednisone is more risky than opioids. I'd rather deal with the risks of opioids than prednisone as far as my long term health is concerned but regardless I need both right now. There are worse things than physical dependence and opioid withdrawal. I feel she is just not being honest with me. She's concerned about what's in my chart and concerned about what psych might say.
I'm not sure how I should handle this. My life is very sedentary because of the pain, my BP is high when I'm mobile. Physical therapy is very hard also. I realize I complicated the clinical picture by going through psych for buprenorphine but I was left with no options. What do I do now?
Can I appeal once again to rheumatology for a dose increase (I see her next Jan31)? Should I ask to change medications to hydrocodone (even with hydrocodone I feel I would need 20-30mgs p/d)? Should I wait and talk to ortho about this? Should I seek psych services out of network and get back on buprenorphine? If I do get back on buprenorphine how might that affect me surgically and post surgery?
This whole opioid epidemic has created a nightmare for me. I realize I made some poor choices seeking relief though psych. It's crazy that a legit pain patient can't get relief but if you tell your doctor your an addict, you can get as much buprenorphine as you want. All my doctors are nervous as cats this is so frustrating. How do I explain to my doctors that I don't have an opioid abuse disorder without sounding like an addict, or asking for dose increases without sounding like an addict. God this is a nightmare.
BTW this is through the county hospital system in Harris County, Texas. I'm considered indigent and this is the only care available to me right now. This disease totally disabled me and therefore my financial situation became dismal.
Thank you for help/suggestion. I will monitor and follow up with additional information if needed. I know I started to rant a little, please be kind, I didn't edit and obviously frustrated.
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2022.01.20 19:43 TheGuyWhoTropes River City Girls Zero - Overview Trailer

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2022.01.20 19:43 Cool-Resource3413 Is there anything, doctrinally, stopping me from taking 140 days of ETS leave?

Believe it or not, I've got that many days because of constant rollover extensions due to the whole covid fiasco. I've checked and double checked. My current balance is 120 and ETS balance is 149. Who, among gods and men, can stop me?
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2022.01.20 19:43 undying-devotion [F4M] Literate and descriptive RPer looking for like-minded partner(s).

Thanks for taking the time to click on my post. I am an experienced role-player, both table top and creative writing of about a decade. I’ve lurked on my main account in here for a fair bit before deciding to make an ERP account of my own. And I am 18+ and all participants and characters need to be 18+ as well! ((As a matter of fact, I’m older than 21, and prefer to play with those who are too. Though I try not to be too picky! My apologies.))
I am looking for a roleplay partner who is drama free and looking for a casual but fun experience. Preferably someone who is literate and detailed. At least giving me a paragraph or two to work with. (I can send several paragraphs/novella form but don’t expect it from everyone. Quality over quantity.) Decent spelling, grammar and punctuation is appreciated but I understand no one is perfect! I’m honestly not a stickler, I just don’t like text in RP or low effort writing. I can write in third or first person pretty comfortably.
Also, i am hopefully looking for something long term. I can’t always do back and forth. Some days I might post a couple times, while other times more frequently. It depends on IRL priorities which always come first. :) Someone who understands this and isn’t passive aggressive would be prefect!
As for genres and settings: I love high fantasy, D&D-esque, modern fantasy, low fantasy, post apocalyptic, cyberpunk, and some fandoms, R34! (Though I usually make OCs.)
Some ideas to get the ball rolling:
Stuck With The Succubus! [Modern Fantasy] - Your character summons a succubus! - ((I am not into hardcore femdom as I’m more submissive but I don’t mind light femdom.)) - Perhaps he was trying to toy with a gag gift he picked up a seedy shop, or broke an old mysterious orb that was left to him in an old will from an anonymous relative. But now he’s stuck with her! ((No bad endings in this RP, she won’t be feeding off his soul, rather maybe another way.))
[[High fantasy]] - You’re a morally upright knight, or paladin perhaps? Sent to destroy a coven hiding out in the forest that’s been wreaking havoc in the region. Upon arriving at the scene and destroying the unclean, you find a peculiar horned woman kept in a cage. Poor thing. She seems to have been summoned here and is relatively harmless. It doesn’t seem right to smite her as she’s technically done no harm, right?
I have more ideas and am willing to brainstorm something from scratch!
As for my kinks, some of them are: Dom/sub, (with me as the submissive one.) Masteslave, Daddy Kink, incest, (in certain prompts), tentacle, (in certain prompts) outercourse, grinding, light pain, (nothing extreme) cnc, humiliation, degradation, aftercare, romance, handjobs, fingering, teasing, giving oral sex, deep throating, cream pies, forced orgasms, multiple orgasms, kemonomimi, fantasy races play, mutual masturbation, humping, “caught” scenarios, dirty talk, etcetera.
Limits: scat, gore, vore, lactation, pregnancy/birth, group/harem. Maybe more I’m not thinking of.
I have Discord and of course Kik! Feel free to message me with what you’re looking for in a RP partner and maybe what kind of RP you’d like to build with me. :3
Such_a.good.girl Is my Kik Username
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2022.01.20 19:43 animado What brand is underrated?

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2022.01.20 19:43 OMGthatssofetch Help needed to locate a backup for my baby's best friend

Hi Mommits! My 16 month old baby has gotten really attached to a stuffed monkey, she LOVES LOVES that thing! If one day she doesn't see either or her parents... not a big deal, but if she doesn't see that monkey... that little heart would totally break in million pieces.
So we are trying to find a backup in case something may happen to it (please knock on wood for us).
We bought it last March at a Target in Katy, TX it was on the section by the entrance where the $5 dollar or so products are... and me, being a "super cool mom" had to remove the tag and now I don't have a way of locating that monkey anywhere else. Every Target we go I look for it, have tried google reverse image, and I am even in talks with Target support to help locate it, but no luck so far.
Have any of you seen this monkey? Do you have one of them by any chance? If you do, can you share the tag with me? Or if you see it on a near by store, can you please give me the details?
You can send me a message through here or an email to noras.monkey@gmail.com Any help would be greatly appreciate it.
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2022.01.20 19:43 venox3def BUY & HOLD WE ARE WINNING Remember bots begging for us to sell - some said "Please sell at 150$/200$ have mercy" Remember it was back a year ago. Price now is much bigger.

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2022.01.20 19:43 Civil-North-2591 SAC4L hoping to be apart of this community!

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2022.01.20 19:43 classiclypained My girlfriend is extremely angry with me

I’m a soon to be barber so I attend a barber college. Our school is also a beauty school so there’s a mix of guys and girls. The girls there talk to guys and vice versa small talk friendly. No flirting etc. sometimes after class I’ll smoke my vape pen or wax pen outside with a few of the girls who who are at the college. Once again just smoke and talk about random shit. My girlfriend damn near accuses me of cheating even though this was purely platonic conversation and said I should be friendly with them or smoke with them… am I in the wrong??
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2022.01.20 19:43 Bandito_1522 Where to buy Lords of Vegas?

Does anybody know where you can buy just a base set of Lords of Vegas? I’ve been looking for like 2 yrs but haven’t had any luck finding anywhere that has one in stock. Apparently they are in-between publishing runs or something and it’s seems to be making it f’ing impossibly to buy this damn game.
Any help or info would be much appreciated as I really think this would be a really fun game for my group of friends to try.
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2022.01.20 19:43 CURTYEW How to farm a new warframe?

Hi, ive been playing the game for 16 hours and I started with Excalibur reached rank 26 but then i realized that i can have another warframe to play with( chose volt) so what am asking is how am i supposed to "farm" him? Should i re-do the planets again?
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2022.01.20 19:43 clueless_as_fuck off office

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2022.01.20 19:43 sleepyralphiee What are your DLC characters predictions for each pack?

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2022.01.20 19:43 Neat_Winner713 GRUPO STROUU PREMIUM ❄️❄️ Está lotado de conteúdos e é atualizado todos os dias!!! TÁ ESPERANDO O QUE? 🔥 CHAMA PRIVADO OU COMENTA “EU QUERO” ❄️❄️

GRUPO STROUU PREMIUM ❄️❄️ Está lotado de conteúdos e é atualizado todos os dias!!! TÁ ESPERANDO O QUE? 🔥 CHAMA PRIVADO OU COMENTA “EU QUERO” ❄️❄️ submitted by Neat_Winner713 to GabiSaleeh [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 19:43 BakiHanma0 I want to make money and learn new skills.

I writing this post because Im a young adult who wants to make money and help his family and get some kind of money and of course learn new skills as an 18 year old who wants to have a fairly structured and economic/work life and make some money entering adulthood. I was thinking about starting transcribing in english and other foreign languages and copywriting. But I was really asking you if you know some tips to really help me and maybe give me some indications to structure my life to have a healthy adulthood.
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