ETFE vs FEP vs PET film for resin vat

2022.01.19 13:04 Plunkett120 ETFE vs FEP vs PET film for resin vat

Has anyone tried cutting their down resin vat films?

I'm about to purchase a sample of each of these to be able to make some resin vat film. Not sure whether I'll try laser cutting or using a drag knife style cutter like a vinyl cutter, but both will be options. Looks like it'll be either cheaper than amazon or provide better performance.


These are MMC prices, so I think I could find it cheaper elsewhere if I look harder.
I've been wondering why FEP is used and I'm guessing it is due to the light transmittance. Maybe there are other options I haven't found yet. Would be nice to find a near optically clear option.
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2022.01.19 13:04 sideoftrufflefries How do I talk to/hit on my gym receptionist?

So this guy (21) who works at my (23f) gym is always giving me an extra smile and looking at me when I'm working out, and I'd definitely be interested in him. He also controls the gym account on Instagram and followed me back immediately on it. How do I approach him or spend some more time at the desk? I think the massage chairs are there, so maybe I can do that. But how do I start conversation? I know he probably has girls flirting with him all the time, but I'm down to shoot my shot.
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2022.01.19 13:04 Traditional_Bear8570 Does anyone know if this is legit?

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2022.01.19 13:04 jobsinanywhere 5 Things You Should Know Before The Stock Market Opens Wednesday, January 19th

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2022.01.19 13:04 chizhi1234 Human meat tastes vary, because of the different diets we have. People with muscle and good diet might cost more than people who has more fat in fat/muscle ratio

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2022.01.19 13:04 blahfunk Does the female form make you uncomfortable, Mr Lebowsk

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2022.01.19 13:04 mrnorrk Hmmm...

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2022.01.19 13:04 hbseoexpert High Traffic High Authority Websites

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2022.01.19 13:04 Chilly-777 I literally have no context .

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2022.01.19 13:04 BrilliantFocus8946 [The Athletic] : The FA is investigating a yellow card received by an Arsenal player in a Premier League fixture this season, amid concerns of suspicious betting patterns.

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2022.01.19 13:04 ElCapitan05 Peloton Code P85C8J

Peloton Code P85C8J Peloton $100 Code P85C8J you can use toward accessories when you buy a bike or tread.
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2022.01.19 13:04 MMA_Fanboy082384 Joanna J.

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2022.01.19 13:04 rapelbaum When Heat need a fixer, Gabe Vincent has been there to make things right

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2022.01.19 13:04 Tri-Poloskiii Faux holographic sight progress

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2022.01.19 13:04 enforcerslayer How do you equip the xp boosters?

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2022.01.19 13:04 boduke1019 Some 11.5 URGI p0rn

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2022.01.19 13:04 splenda806 A realistic mock draft (with explanations)

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2022.01.19 13:04 crazyhillbillstoner Bjorn just chillin

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2022.01.19 13:04 ekatsim This duck is loving life at an animal sanctuary in Chile

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2022.01.19 13:04 Kitchen_Breath_513 .

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2022.01.19 13:04 autotldr Why Did Almost Nobody See Inflation Coming? by Jason Furman

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 79%. (I'm a bot)

CAMBRIDGE - In 2008, as the global financial crisis was ravaging economies everywhere, Queen Elizabeth II, visiting the London School of Economics, famously asked, "Why did nobody see it coming?" The high inflation of 2021 - especially in the United States, where the year-on-year increase in consumer prices reached a four-decade high of 7% in December - should prompt the same question.
Whereas financial crises may be inherently unpredictable, forecasting inflation is a staple of macroeconomic modeling.
Why did almost everyone get the US inflation story so wrong last year? A survey of 36 private-sector forecasters in May revealed a median inflation forecast of 2.3% for 2021.
As a whole, the group put a 0.5% chance on inflation exceeding 4% last year - but, by the core PCE measure, it looks set to be 4.5%. The Fed's rate-setting Federal Open Market Committee fared no better, with none of its 18 members expecting inflation above 2.5% in 2021.
To the degree that people relied on economic models, they often used a Phillips curve to predict inflation or changes in inflation based on the unemployment rate.
Where does this leave us in understanding inflation in 2022? Instead of making inertial forecasts that the future will resemble the past, taking our models seriously means accounting for high levels of demand, continued supply constraints, and ever tighter labor markets with rapidly rising nominal wages and higher inflation expectations.
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2022.01.19 13:04 rorozansta PlayStation released a story trailer today for Forbidden West!!

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2022.01.19 13:04 apdscott Review | SMWS 35.260 (Glen Moray)

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2022.01.19 13:04 Quedreneese Get Back album version underwhelming compared to the takes on the documentary?

In the documentary series the takes were amazing, the album version is good but it felt a bit stale compared to the docu takes, anyone else think the same?
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2022.01.19 13:04 meuxbox Fãs do Xbox pedem que a Microsoft traga de volta os jogos clássicos da Activision

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