Study illustrates links between DNA repair and a rare neurodegenerative disease

2022.01.20 20:47 jobsinanywhere Study illustrates links between DNA repair and a rare neurodegenerative disease

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2022.01.20 20:47 356366367464 The Companions won’t give me any more quests?

Just finished stealing plans from aela and I’ve waited for a few days and tried talking to all the companions but nothing has worked is the a pre requisite quest I have to do before they give me more quests?
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2022.01.20 20:47 JBJB1029 How do I put a Rectangular Hole in the 3D Model of My Ballot Box where people place their pick after they're done casting their Vote?

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2022.01.20 20:47 YukiteruAmano92 There Will Be Scritches, Interlude VII: Pancakes and Turnabout [2/5]

Pt.1 | Pt.19 | Interlude I | Interlude II| Interlude III [1/3]| Interlude III [2/3] | Interlude III [3/3] | Interlude IV [1/2] | Interlude IV [2/2] | Interlude V | Interlude VI | Interlude VII [1/5] | Interlude VII | Interlude VII | Interlude VII | Pt.20
Disclaimer: This is the sexually explicit second part (of five, released simultaneously) of an Interlude in an ongoing story called There Will Be Scritches, it will not make sense to you if you haven't read at least Interlude VII [1/5]. This issue has been broken into multiple parts as its length means I would be unable to edit it if I uploaded as a single post. This story contains graphic, sexually explicit details of Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission, Sadism and Masochism (BDSM) between a same sex pairing, as well as Switching and depiction of Consensual NonConsent (CNC) if you are sensitive to any of that, please read no further. With that being said, please enjoy your well flipped Pancakes

---Thran’s perspective---
She’s so sexy! Fuck!
That slender grace! Those jet black locks! That bright yellow jumpsuit! Her violet eyes! Mauve? Lilac? Indigo?
Violet, definitely violet!
I really hope I don’t embarrass myself any further!
Everyone calls me cold… it… it hurts me sometimes. I’m not trying to be cold! I just… I’m usually not sure how to act. Being stone faced is how I found worked best, growing up, to avoid embarrassing myself! Before I knew it, that was just how I was!
Is she really OK with me being a Neanderthal? She said she was… but what if she was lying? What if she’s now looking for an excuse to call the date off? This is probably going to be one of my last opportunities for a date like this for years!
It’s good that Mistress Miyazaki was so good about giving me the night off!
Is it weird that I call her ‘Mistress’?… No… there’s nothing sexual about it!… That’s just the title that fits a lady like that… right? She doesn’t have a problem with it… does she?
Fuck! I can’t concentrate with this sexy goddess staring me in the face!
At least the bar is quiet… just some light background music. It’s easier to think when there aren’t a million conversations going on in the background… It’s just her and me so I don’t have to worry about anyone trampling all over my sentences. Thats good!
Let’s just, take a swig of my beer.
I raise my glass to my mouth and open my throat to allow the last third of a litre into my stomach.
Alcohol, post workout, will reduce the effectiveness of my ability to lay down muscle but… I’m on a date! I can cut loose a little… right? A few glasses of stout wouldn’t make me cease to be the strongest unaugmented woman in the galaxy, would they?
I put my glass down and, only then, notice Xon’s bemused smirk. Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck!
“You’re a lady who likes her stout(!)” she grins.
Shit! She probably thinks I look like an idiot!
I already embarrassed myself by freaking out when she touched me unexpectedly, then I exposed her to the barman, she was so annoyed about that!
Keep it together, Thran!
“*Ahem* Yes… I like stout…”
Well fucking done, idiot(!) Way to sound exactly like the aspy cavewoman that you are!
She giggles… is she giggling at me or with me…? Does it matter?
“*Ehem* I’m… I’m going to go refresh my lager… do you want another stout?”
Fuck! She got the first round! Should I offer to get this one!? She’s already up! If I offer now, it’ll obviously be refused and make me look insincere!
OK, just smile, accept the offer and keep track of the fact that the next two rounds are yours… maybe I can get her meal, if she’s having one… that would be about right, right?
I smile, the sensation a little awkward through unfamiliarity “I would like another stout… please.”
She chuckles and heads to the bar.
OK… just… focus on the positives, you haven’t had a total freakout like you did as a kid… she’s still here…
She is still here, isn’t she?!
I whip my head to see the back of her jumpsuit still stood at the bar… that’s a shapely jumpsuit! There’s… a visible panty line! *Mmmmfff*!… And… no… could she…? Is she wearing a bodice underneath?!
It’s subtle but… I think she’s already dressed in the clothes she wants to Domme me in later!
The thought of this sexy goddess Topping me… well it’s making it difficult to think!
I should definitely bring up my… request?… condition?… desire?
I mean… if she says she’s Topping and that’s that, it’s not as if I’ll say ‘no’ but… if she could make my dreams come true…?
She returns with my stout and resumes her seat opposite me.
“Have you heard they’ve sequenced the genome of Homo lisri? We’re probably going to be getting some new cousins, soon!” says Xon, cheerfully making conversation in a way that makes it clear that she does not find it an exhausting grind, the way I do. She swims through the social graces, where I drown in them!
I have heard about them sequencing a sixth Heidelbergensian… a Neanderthal relative from the Caucasus. It sort of makes me wonder where they’re going to stop drawing lines between lineages…?
In a few decades, are they going to be saying ‘Ah, yes! We’ve sequenced the genes of the, never before seen, Southern Italian variety of Neanderthal, from here on called Homo salerno! Totally distinct from other Neanderthals because of the 17 differences in their nucleotide bases that we’ve identified!’(!?)
Apart from Sapiens, we have: Neanderthals, Denisovans, Longi and Tshwane all already cloned, samples being searched for (which would allow their genomes to be sequenced) for Irhoud, Bwato, Inhatzenguele, Danau, Khandwa and Dzhigda and, now, Lisri ready to be cloned… ready to join the big old Homo party!
I decide to attempt a joke…
“You would think our cousins already had enough friends…(!) they’ve got us, they’ve got the uplifts, they’ve got AIs and, since the Peace, they’ve had an entire Galaxy with 34,000 other species to make friends with(!)” they’ve also got a new planet of potential deathworlders on the horizon… but I can’t mention that!
She frowns. Fuck! She thinks I was being serious! If I say I was joking now, it’ll look like I’m only backtracking because I realised I said something wrong!
“You realise that, if that were how their minds worked, my species would never have been cloned? They cloned you guys so long ago that they actually still had to rely on surrogates to birth you, originally… they didn’t even have artificial wombs! If they had found one species of friends enough, then none of the other Resurrectees, uplifts and AIs would be here? Besides…” she leans in and smiles “… you know they can never have enough friends(!)”
Wait, she’s flirting!? Did she realise it was a joke?!
I decide to push my luck “Yes… they’re ‘befriending’ their way to exactly the galactic domination that they turned down at the Peace Accord(!) They ‘befriended’ both of our species to extinction(!)”
She laughs and my heart sings!
“That they did and, yet, here we sit(!) A woman who never would have existed naturally, if not for her parents being born from tubes, and a woman risen from the dead after a 220,000 year dirt nap(!) We got to sit out all the ugly history between our forebears extinction and now… Now, they’ve invited us back to the party, just as it got good(!)”
I think I want to marry this woman!... For fuck sake don’t say that, Thran! This… this is a casual hookup! This is a farewell to Terran Space before a two year minimum voyage! If you catch feelings now it will be bad… If you tell this woman you’re catching feelings you’ll scare her off! Just… maybe… when I get back… I could shoot a little message to xXxTallDark&DommyxXx… see if she wants to reconnect? I’ll have the cash to spare for a little holiday to Zanzibar Mpya… after the fantastic pay from bodyguarding with full board… plus the royalties I’ll presumably continue to pull in from my body building shoots…
Fuck… I missed the “Homo party” joke! I could have drawn some sort of humour out of the fact that I am a lesbian and we are about to engage in girl on girl!
Should I try to make that joke now?… No, the moment has passed. It’s passed, Thran! I probably wouldn’t have been able to make it funny anyway!
I just realised I’m very hungry.
“I’m going to order some food… do you want anything?” I ask.
“Oh, yes… let me have a look at the menu…”
Having realised how hungry I am, the amount of time this woman peruses the menu is torture!
Is it on purpose? Is she already Domming me? No, she wouldn’t… at least not intentionally, right?
Eventually, she settles on lab grown ostrich egg omelette and I order that and a lab grown ostrich drumstick, to be brought to the table.
As I eat, she comments that it looks like a pterodactyl shank and she would have liked to see me pick it up by the bone and tear pieces off with my teeth, rather than cutting pieces with a knife and fork.
I answer that “It’s lean protein, good for body building.” Her face falls slightly… way to be a bore Thran(!!!)
We finish our meals and, before she can, I order us another round of drinks! Ha! Now I’m definitely ahead in the money spent! I know it shouldn’t matter but… I don’t want to make her pay for me! I don’t mind being the one who’s spent more but… something feels off about being the one who’s spent less! I’m guessing she wouldn’t accuse me of mooching off her… but still!
“So…” says the goddess “…we should probably get started on working out boundaries and expectations for our… *Ehem*… activities for tonight?”
I turn my full attention to her: This is the moment to ask, Thran! If you leave it to the end then you’ll either totally lose your bottle and just not mention it, or you’ll sound like your trying to spring it on her! Ask NOW!
“Yes… I have something I want to put on the table, upfront…”
She cocks an eyebrow “Oh?”
Fuck, she’s sexy!
“Yes… you see… *Hhhhm*! I… my taste… well, you know I’m a Switch?” she nods “Well… I don’t get offers to Domme me, very much. Most girls who contact me are very interested in being tossed around and pinned down by the muscular Neanderthal but not so interested in the reverse… I’m… grateful…” shit! ‘Grateful’ is not the right word!!! ‘Pleased’? Too late, keep going! Live with it! “…I’m grateful… and pleased…” couldn’t help myself! “…that you’re interested in Domming me… but…”
“…But?” she queries, boring into me with those deep violet eyes.
“Well, you see… my most satisfying experience… comes from switching… mid-session. I like to either start out Domming then have the tables turned on me or… start out being Dommed, then turn the tables on the Domme… that is what makes me happiest… I wonder… if you might… be amenable… to leaving the possibility open… for me to turn the tables on you…?”
She leans back and pulls an expression I can’t read…
---Xon’s perspective---
I’m flummoxed.
I almost shut her down out of reflex but that swooping thrill in my stomach stopped me, made me consider it!
She’s fixing me with that inscrutable stare. I feel like I need half an hour or so to get my thoughts in order!
“Are you…”
“I’m thinking about it!” I interrupt.
I really need a time stopping stopwatch, right now! Something that would allow me to put this conversation on hold, go away and think, then come back to it without her being aware of the time passing!
I’ve never had any inclination to sub… just earlier I was thinking about how horrifying I’d find it… though that… was in the context of being violated against my will…
I was also bewailing the fact that, with the need for negotiations, like this one, it can often feel like there is no spontaneity in BDSM… only the illusion of spontaneity…
If I give her permission to turn the tables on me… well that would certainly let me feel like things could get… spontaneous…?
I’m definitely interested in Domming this musclebound woman but… being Dommed by her?
“How would it work?” I ask “Would there be like a kind of organised hand off of the Domme baton from me to you?”
She shakes her head, deliberately “It would be more like… if the moment is right…? Given that you’re naturally a Domme, I would like to start with you Domming me (I’m heavily brattish when subbing, by the way) then… If the mood strikes me… I would throw you down and make you into the sub… obviously, you’d have a safeword. We could share a safeword, if you like?”
Fuck… that’s actually pretty hot! Playing with a sub who could at any time turn Domme!
“If you had to put odds on you turning Domme…?”
She shakes her head, more forcefully this time “I’m sorry, I can’t. It’s not the kind of thing I can predict in advance… if the moment never comes where I feel like I want to, I won’t. I just… I really enjoy having the option available…”
Fuck, now I really want the option left available!
“Alright, Ms. Hunter, you have my permission to turn the tables on me if the moment strikes you… and if I am equipped with a safeword!... I can’t promise I won’t hate it and call it off immediately. How is that for you?”
Her face breaks into a broad, genuine smile, revealing her large teeth. It’s the most work I’ve seen her face do, all night! I was beginning to suspect she might have some sort of mild facial paralysis(!)
“I’m very pleased.” she states, enthusiastically… comparatively enthusiastically, anyway…
“Great!… With that out of the way, let’s move on to the rest of our hopes for the activities, shall we?”
She nods and we begin hashing out terms.
We agree on consensual non-consent, gunplay, bratplay, bondage, gags (including pantygags), breathplay, cutting/tearing off clothing, orgasm denial/forced orgasms, buttplugs, throat fucking, vaginal penetration, humiliation/degradation and, most exciting, heavy impact play (she assures me that it takes a lot to hurt her… maybe I’ll try out my bullwhip! It’s not seen much use in anger!).
That’s… pretty much everything I wanted! The only thing she vetoed was figging!
I agree to all the same but I really don’t know how much I’ll be able to take before I break and have to call things off! I’m used to dishing it out…
We agree that ‘Kumquat’ will be our safeword and ‘Mmh-mm, mmh-mm, mmh-mm’ is for if we’re gagged.
“Well… now that we’ve arranged all that… do you believe us sufficiently close to allow me to put my hands on you, Thran(?)” I ask, smirking.
She gives an abashed microexpression before saying “Yes… I’d like that…”
I stand and she follows suit.
“Well then…” I say, placing my left arm on her left shoulder and bringing her body to press against my side “…Why don’t I show you to my place?”
She smiles and the two of us leave the bar.
Pt.1 | Pt.19 | Interlude I | Interlude II| Interlude III [1/3]| Interlude III [2/3] | Interlude III [3/3] | Interlude IV [1/2] | Interlude IV [2/2] | Interlude V | Interlude VI | Interlude VII [1/5] | Interlude VII | Interlude VII | Interlude VII | Pt.20
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2022.01.20 20:47 1yre hey guys shhhh hey hey i have a secret

i have a crush on this boy
type quietly though or you’ll wake him up and he’ll see this
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2022.01.20 20:47 -Perzival Should I read The Cursed Child?

After re-reading the series yet again, I once again find myself predictably sad and longing for the characters, the world, and more. Having never read the cursed child, I’m wondering what you all think? Should I give it a read?
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2022.01.20 20:47 Bigbalddad 4k60 pro/ps5/Astro TR mix amp party chat recording help

I have the 4k60 pro/ps5/Astro mix amp pro. I'm trying to record my party chat. Anyone know if/how this can be done? Using OBS as streaming software. Ty
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2022.01.20 20:47 PorkshireTerrier Dog friendly hikes

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2022.01.20 20:47 tacobellycat Sharks are cute too, okay?

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2022.01.20 20:47 Numerous-Lemon Thunderball (1965) and The Living Daylights (1987) both have sensitive objects labelled "handle like eggs".

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2022.01.20 20:47 BaconCheemseburger Fack is the worst song

The only part I liked way the part where he was mumbling in the middle of the song
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2022.01.20 20:47 GuanglaiKangyi-Age15 Polpo’s Lighter Replica?

Is there anywhere I can get a replica of Polpo’s Black Sabbath lighter? Like it seems like a pretty obvious novelty. At least is there a case that can make it look like Black Sabbath?
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2022.01.20 20:47 PicnicPop123 Decided to make this. y cant it crawl?

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2022.01.20 20:47 ZoolShop West Virginia Reporter Is Hit by Car on Air, Striking Nerve With TV Journalists

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2022.01.20 20:47 juliancres Whens GMM live? I’m a bills TTer.

I gotta see this Josh Allen in all it’s glory.
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2022.01.20 20:47 BoolaBeatz They found me but they shouldn't have

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2022.01.20 20:47 joejoe135791 I was doing research on Bitcoin mining pools for a school project and then my schools extension blocked access to the website for "porn". It shows mining information for this mining pool

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2022.01.20 20:47 enti_34 a before and after~? slowly improving my look towards some real dark shit :p

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2022.01.20 20:47 inoxxenator ITAP of a building in Brussels

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2022.01.20 20:47 Affectionate_Cup_272 Is it because I'm ugly

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2022.01.20 20:47 NoGoodDM I’ve read NotW and WMF over a dozen times…

Do I have a problem?
That question was rhetorical. Please don’t answer it directly and thus hurt my feelings.
But in all seriousness, I’ve read maybe NotW 16 times, WMF 14 times, The Lightning Tree 12 times, Slow Regard of Silent Things 4 times, and How Old Holy Came to Be just once. I’ve been able to catch so many minor details with each new reading. I have what I believe are some solid theories regarding what will happen in DoS.
Feel free to ask me any questions regarding the series, and I’ll tell you my best educated guess.
And for those interested in how someone can possibly find the time to read the books so many times, my secret is audiobooks and I commuted a lot for grad school for a few years.
Anyway. Enjoy your time with Rothfuss’ writing. It’s like a slow dance with a loved one.
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