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Airumã - Manhã

2022.01.20 21:24 airumaproject Airumã - Manhã

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2022.01.20 21:24 SuccotashWorried9124 Crystal Eyes - Wishes [Official Video]

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2022.01.20 21:24 yummymangoyum Late Brown portfolio video

Ive been having a bunch of tech difficulties and forgot about the video but now im able to upload. Is it better I submit or no. The option to upload is still there so...help
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2022.01.20 21:24 AnotherAnon91 Quick question: is this guy pro or hacking?

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2022.01.20 21:24 pokefan-kyle I’m looking for evolution trades

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2022.01.20 21:24 To_me_my_board Can we take a moment to appreciate Chris Webber?

I was blessed to grow up in what may very well be the golden age of basketball. Watching the tail end of the Showtime Lakers and the Big Three in Boston, transitioning through the Bad Boys and into the Jordan's Bulls era.
And in that time we saw some of the best power forwards and centers (Barkley, Malone, Malone Hakeem, Robinson, Ewing, Shaq, Kareem, Mourning, Mutumbo).
And in that mix, Chris Webber came.
And he killed it. He was such a rare talent and could go head to head with Barkley or Malone. He was likely the best passer of the three. He took full advantage of that moved-in three point line (short lived though it was). A solid defender.
But he seems to be left off a lot of lists, likely in part due to a lake of a ring or even a finals appearance.
But he did something nobody else has done: He made the Kings relevent.
At not time before or since have the Kings been able to replicate anything near the success they had with Webber.
He had six season with them, and in four of them he got past the first round, and once got to the conference finals (and we all know that should have been a finals appearance).
In nearly two decades since his retirement, that franchise has not one a single playoff series and it hasn't even been in the playoffs since 06.
And it isn't from a lack of quality players. DeMarcus Cousins was a beast.
And before Weber?
The Kings had one of the best two-way guards in NBA history: Mitch Richmond. In Richmond's time: One playoff appearance (a first-round exit).
If you combine all of the King's playoff series wins without Webber going back to the Kansas City days, they are less than the playoff series wins WITH Webber. And he only played there for six year!
In fact, between 1953 and today, the Kings have only won 9 playoffs series: 4 were with Webber.
The fact that he was able to turn a a franchise around that has such a depressing history of losing and moved from city to city (Rochester, to Cin City, to Kansas City, to Sacramento) and that has constantly been rumoured to be moving since, and actually turn them into a winner speaks volumes about how rare a talent he truly is.
And the fact that the franchise immediately returned to irrelevance as soon as he was gone just reinforces that.
In my mind, Chris Webber is honestly up there with the very best: Malone, Barkley, Duncan, Dirk, and KG (in no particular order), and though he might not be at the top of that list, deciding where he does go is like splitting hairs.
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2022.01.20 21:24 Glasss_kiwii Bioactive tanks set up!

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2022.01.20 21:24 greener_lantern Cold Weather Tips and All Dat

It's gonna be cold, yo! I figure as a transplant from the Last Frontier I can help by reminding people how to deal with freezing temperatures - skills I was kinda hoping I could forget, but here we are.
Dressing For Cold Weather
Layers. More than anything, layers will be your friend over the weekend. You don't have to have fancy-ass snow gear. Do you have pajama bottoms? Do you have a pair of pants you can wear over them? Look at that, you have instant long underwear. Even frat bro styles like a short sleeve T over a long sleeve T keep you warmer. Don't be shy about this; I see what some of y'all wear everyday.
Hats. A beanie is best, but any hat is better than no hat. You can fix your hair when you get home.
Gloves or mittens. Mittens are better than gloves, but gloves are better than nothing. Even a pair of socks worn like a puppet (thumb in the heel, fingers in the toes) can keep you comfy while you wait for the bus.
Prepping Your House
The biggest thing you should worry about is pipes freezing. It's a bigger deal here because most pipes run under the house instead of in the walls. Do all of these things before you go to bed tonight:

If you're super paranoid or an overachiever, do these things too:
Don't do this
Don't turn your gas stove on. Cookers don't work the same way as space heaters. If you get it wrong, you might end up with the carbon monoxide and all dat.
Don't forget to blow out your candles. Open flames after you go to bed, apart from space heaters, are not a good idea.
Don't freak out if you're not 100% prepared. We don't deal with freezing weather often here, so it's normal to see this as a freak occurrence. In Minneapolis, they have a plan to plow snow out of every single city street in 3 days - but they're incredibly stupid at crowd control for large gatherings. Personally, I'm only ready because there was one box of winter gear we kept for sentimental reasons.
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2022.01.20 21:24 hypermarv123 Everybody kisses a titty at some point in their life.

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2022.01.20 21:24 sunisgolden Cosmic Tree 🌟

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2022.01.20 21:24 Alkazmo90 Squid game بندر

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2022.01.20 21:24 i_never_ever_learn Stow Fire Department's controlled burn

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2022.01.20 21:24 capnhttyd Sick of being called innocent at work for trying to keep things positive

I'm sorry if this is long and all over the place, this has been bothering me for a while and I need to word vomit it out.
Let me start out by saying that I fucking love my job and have some amazing coworkers, everything about it is great, most of the time.
There are a few coworkers who occasionally get on my nerves, which is normal when working with anyone really, but I try to keep things positive and get along with anyone no matter what. Got something/someone to rant about? Got you, though I try to be fairly neutral and stay on peoples good sides. Stressful situation? I'll crack a few jokes to lighten the mood as long as the situation permits. etc. Working in vet med is hard and I am always trying to make things a little easier for the people around me, but I find its getting slightly more difficult and I felt myself changing recently.
Clients am I right? They do stupid shit, a lot, though not usually on purpose. Are there bad owners out there? Yes, and I've seen lots of them, but I try to give them the benefit of the doubt before assuming the worst. But oh boy is that getting hard, and not because of the owners, but a few coworkers. Its hard to stay positive when I CONSTENTLY hear negative things about people and their pets. And recently I found myself joining in on these conversations, which I recently realized and decided I should do something about.
Some examples of things that have really bothered me recently
Calling an owner stupid and a host of other things for not knowing lilies are poisonous to cats and as a result a 10mo kitten died. This was the owners first cat, was trying her best and was absolutely devastated. Hell, I didn't know lilies were toxic until I was in college.
Being pissed at owners for not euthing pets. This one I get sometimes, there are a lot of animals that need to be euthed that aren't, but christ not every dog who has seizures sometimes or has mobility issues automatically has poor QOL. There is no need to call an owner multiple shitty things behind their backs because you happen to think its the dogs time and they don't.
Angry that an owner gave her dog chocolate an hour before he was euthed. This one really pissed me off, the poor guy was going to die, hadn't eaten in weeks and decided he would eat some chocolate. Mind you this was one who they were pissed didn't get euthed sooner, sometimes i wonder if people are searching for reasons to be angry.
Saying they hate all dogs/ hate a specific dog for something said dog did. That dog is scared out of its fucking mind, he is away from his owners and in a strange place, of course he is going to act out.
And finally, talking behind peoples backs and saying they outright hate coworkers. Listen, I get it, we all need a good rant sometimes, but there is a difference between a healthy rant and being an asshole.
Of course their are a few other things but this is the main shit
So, in light of all of this shit I noticed myself becoming more negative, that I am now trying to curb. I never use to be a glass half full kind of person but I try to put effort into being that as negativity only makes everything worse. It brushes off on other people and makes for a very shitty environment.
So what do I do? Try and keep things positive, and what do I get for doing so?
"Oh, your so innocent and pure"
Um, no. I see the same shit you do every day. I'm not a baby tech anymore and though I have not been out as long as some I've seen a lot over the last two years. The difference between us is that I look for the good and some look for the bad. That emaciated dog you saw at a glance and decided the owner must be the worst person ever? Well I was the one who spoke to the owner and know how damn hard they tried to keep weight on him and treat him over the last few months. That allergy shih tzu you decided needed to die? She is now doing phenomenal after they tried countless diet trials and had allergy testing done.
And yes, I understand that two years is not that log compared to many, and that I may fall victim to this mentality yet, but god, why the hell am I being ridiculed for not being an absolute bitch. Why is it a bad thing that I am putting effort into not assuming the worst in any owner that ever makes a mistake? I get it, some people are genuinely bad, but their are just as much, if not more amazing owners out there, and if not amazing they are trying their damn best for their animal.
This is not to say that I wont ever get compassion fatigue, or burn out, I actually experienced it to a lesser degree at another work place, or am I angry that others may be struggling. My issue is when people actively bring others down with them. The people I reference have been spoken too about their attitude in the past, its really fucking with the rest of us and really affecting the atmosphere of our work place.
Its ok to have compassion fatigue, its ok to be in a bad mood, just please, for the love of god, don't drag the rest of us down with you.
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2022.01.20 21:24 KevKevinchabob This was set in place since last year!!!

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2022.01.20 21:24 wolfpack86 Game Thread - WBB - #4 NC State vs. #3 Louisville - Thurs. 1/20 - 7:30p - ESPN

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2022.01.20 21:24 __Waterboy Basic problem with 2.0 widget pin selection.

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2022.01.20 21:24 Nohan07 Wallis : un centre de loisirs pour les tout petits

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2022.01.20 21:24 East-Manufacturer-95 Haul for this month prob won’t get some for a while expect for my rs order

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2022.01.20 21:24 StrengthPractical I support her 🥰

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2022.01.20 21:24 randdinne A query about healing

A quick query to check that I understand the rules. One of my party was injured outside of a combat situation and we took them to the doctor (who is another player) the doc treat the wound by rolling against the healing hands dc of 14 as described in the book and passed easily as her base was already 14! (Craft 9+ Skill 6+ roll). Is this really all there is to it? It seems too easy to me with that level of base. Thanks
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2022.01.20 21:24 takemetodeath Got a focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and this hoe making my shit crackle

Already returned it cus all the fixes I found didn’t work. Looking for a badass audio interface + headphones that come with that power.
I had to face it, apple earbuds were ass to mainly produce on at home so I want some good headphones. I needed a audio interface so I can get the most power out of them.
Tl;dr: need an interface for 3.0 usb preferably with 2 headphone outs and 2 inputs. Also need some badass headphones. Price reasonable
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2022.01.20 21:24 Sweetfeet06 Workout ✔️ Time to sit back and relax..What are you up to tonight?😏

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2022.01.20 21:24 Treshcore Walking is a part of immersion, but many games allow it only via gamepad sticks. Is there a way to emulate them on keyboard?

Maybe it can be considered stupid by the most of the people, but any game where I control a character will be ruined for me... If I can't walk in there. I suppose, we all have our gaming fetishes, and this one is mine. Why do I have to run in a crowded place or when there's no danger around? Or what if I just want to perform a slow, epic walk to my target? It's beautiful, as I see it.
Sadly, most of the games doesn't allow you just to walk. A hardcore example for me is Tyranny - a great game, no question, was thrown away by me because of lack of this ability, sorry Obsidian. The most common examples are first person and third person games which are supposed to be played on a gamepad - and gamepad can give you an ability to walk... But what should a person do, if they doesn't have a gamepad right now?
And it's not only about not having something. When we're playing a shooter game (like Far Cry 5 or SAO: Fatal Bullet, from my personal list), it's obviously more convenient and fair to shoot using mouse. However, it's definitely not convenient to use both keyboard+mouse and gamepad for different sections - especially when game doesn't border them from each other.
To be honest, I came here with a question. I tried to ask it in some other subreddits, even keyboard-specific, but never found an answer - and this subreddit looks like a right place for that sort of specific questions. I'm looking for a software or other decision which will allow player to emulate left stick behavior with WASD and be able to change it by pressing some switch button (like "Caps Lock" in Bethesda games). Right now, I see two solutions:

While the whole discussion about the impact of being able to walk in games and it's value is highly welcome (because, well, I see it as a problem of PC gaming PC gamers don't deserve to have!), I still would've love to see the suggestions on my request. Not every gamer can have a gamepad right now to enjoy their games with the full power of control over their character.
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2022.01.20 21:24 PracticalWrongdoer99 Anal é bom né?

É isso aí mesmo, eu nunca tinha feito anal com mina alguma antes porque nenhuma deixava e agora acabei de fazer e maluco o trem é bom dms, me deu um tesão do caralho kkkkkkk
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2022.01.20 21:24 cheetahgirl-17 literally bled thru my pants at school lmao

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