Balance changes for the future of AI e-sports

2021.12.04 08:11 magnetoise1 Balance changes for the future of AI e-sports

I've watched the latest video of Indes and he pointed some interesting ideas on some possible change to AI for a better e-sport environment.

He also stated that crits should occur lesser and shouldn't be game changing, but I think disabling crits for good on a tournament would be better.
What are your thoughts on these? You guys should also watch his video, he tackled with this topic near the end.
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2021.12.04 08:11 Pleasant-Career9624 I reserved this beauty 😇 What do you think ? How to decorate it ? I am in love with mid century together with bohemian

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2021.12.04 08:11 Keczuow I'm in a loop and it's hard to increase meditation time. Any tips?

I meditate usually for 5 minutes. I want to keep meditating like that for 30 day and slowly increase time after that, but I can't get to that number of days. I'm having a streak of around two weeks and there's one day I forget, or something and the streak is lost, but after that one day I come back to meditating. But the streak is lost. One time I tried to increase one minute/day but something happened and I missed a day and had to start over again. They say start small, but I can't get out of it. It's been two months since I started meditating regularly (with a few days of failure) and even made a deal that if I skip meditation day I'll give 5$ to my friend. Even before that I once had 58 day streak of 5 min. meditation, but abandoned it for a week after failure and even had unregular days like one year ago or two of 1h or 30min. meditation. Now that I look back at it I don't know how I managed to meditate for so long (1h or 30min.) - it's so difficult. Maybe I'm not even looking for an answer, maybe I just wanted to express my frustration, maybe I'll eventually figure it out. I don't know. I'll appreciate any word of advise or your experiences and insights <3
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2021.12.04 08:11 Purpose-Top The runeslayer. The only way to try the inferno.

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2021.12.04 08:11 Anwita333 Trading 200 robux with tax for royale high sets or diamonds

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2021.12.04 08:10 Ghostly_LG Zekrom raid 0713 5776 5974

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2021.12.04 08:10 Independent_Steak_98 pa ⬆️ vote

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2021.12.04 08:10 Neha_g1 The mantra of the worship of Sachidanand Ghan Brahm is " Om Tat Sat " . " Om " mantra is of Brahm , " Tat " - this is coded and is of Akshar Purush " Sat " mantra is also coded and is of Param Akshar Brahm . By chanting these three mantras.

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2021.12.04 08:10 RagedFuzzball Just got these beauties today!

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2021.12.04 08:10 CapriKeenWater Galatée

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2021.12.04 08:10 _pengwyn [Wallpaper] Rise - 2 new walls added (2160x4680)

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2021.12.04 08:10 Weelie92 Halo: Infinite is my first halo experience...

And that whole tea-bagging thing you guys told us about.
I'm disappointed in the amount of tea-bags I've been given.
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2021.12.04 08:10 Gregpahl97 Best bac 4000 and 72v kit

Looking to upgrade
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2021.12.04 08:10 _Musi Shioriko-chan

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2021.12.04 08:10 CtoI_Singapore Singapore world's second most expensive city to live in; Tel Aviv tops the list

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2021.12.04 08:10 tittyswan Buddy helping me crochet! Making him a rug to hop around on :)

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2021.12.04 08:10 JustOryx H: B2550 Aligned Automatic Enclave Plasma Rifle W: Legacy or Offers

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2021.12.04 08:10 ImportantIce9038 [UNI] smu early admissions

hi all!
i received an email from smu a few weeks ago inviting me to apply for early admission into smu as my school thinks im high performing (?) does anyone have any experience with this? and can anyone clarify whether my final a level results are still needed to enter my desired course and if so how is this early admission beneficial to me? thank you!! also does getting into my desired course via early admission limit my choices when i finally get my actual a level results? like if i change my mind and instead opt to enter a course in nus... thank you!!
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2021.12.04 08:10 RedSlipperySausage I'm so lonely doing no contact

We'd text all the time, voice messages, calls. If we couldn't see each other.
I miss hearing from her, telling her what's happening, just chatting shit.
I'm so lonely. Any time my phone buzz's I'm desperately hoping its her. But she made it clear, it's the end. No future chance either.
She said she wasn't ready for the commitment, I deserve someone who can give me their time. I don't want them though!
I feel so ashamed and like I've fucked up. I have great support from friends and family but I hate to be a burden. Feel so foolish.
I just need to vent I guess. Everything reminds me of her.
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2021.12.04 08:10 Maosauriomon My (M35) GF (F24) have a speciel friend and it's getting me crazy.

-long story, the title is just the tip of the iceberg-
So, I've been with my GF three years and a half. We moved together like, six motnhs ago, and suddenly, abouth two months ago she asked me for an open relationship. As you can see, she's a lot younger than me and she just wants to explore new things, new bodies, etc. It's not an active open relationship, but a passive one. I agreed under certain circunstances, we discussed things a bit from time to time, and came to an aggreinment. But suddenly, there appeared a new friend. Suddenly our relationship became boring; almost no sex, she got depressed, dates became dull, etc. But when she talks about this guy everything is great. She's a very sincere and upfront girl so I talked to her directly about this guy, since I've been feling weird vibes about him since day one; I'm not a jealous man, but this guy got under my skin since day one. She assures me she's just a friend; yes, she kind of likes him, but doesn't see him as a partner for life. Now, we're on an open relationship, they kissed once... but goddamn, every single time she talks to me about thath guy I feel bad. Like really, really bad. And fight's have been escalating. At this point we decided to separate beds.

Now, I pay for everything at home. She's at college and doesn't work. And... how to summarize this... let's make a list.

She doesn't want to date me becuase she doesn't feel like realy wanting it. And last dates as I said were terrible. Whit this guy she dated three times in the last two weeks, and were dates that lasts 7-8 hours, minimum, and she gets home pretty late- She tolds me nothing about what they did becuase I've been controlling her life, according to her. She assures nothing happened, and that he's just a temporal friend and she'll get bored from him eventually. But damn, it kills me everytime they hang out. Mainly because that's exactly how we started dating.

About our terrible dates and lack of conversation: Since we don't get out with other people a lot, we have noting to talk about. Of course, it's my fault... or sho she says.

She's tired of me since I'm too insecure since the open relationship theme arrived. Things get worse if I talk about this guy (she decided to ban the theme entirely) since, again, she's just a passing friend and things will burn out soon. She can even just block him and everything would be fine, but, why would I ask her that?

Now, things are at it very low... and she decides to love me, and assures me whe wants to relationship to work, and we're working on it together, and kisses, and hugs, and... I don't feel like that. Not that I don't want it to work, but that she isn't really commited to it. It feels like I'm on a poliamorous relationship, where she founds peace and safety (and economical safety) on me, but have great dates and talks with that other guy. It feels like she's having fun with everyone but me, while she tells me "I love you" just to keep a home and food. And goddamn, I believe her. I DO WANT TO BELIEVE IN HER. That he's just a regular friend with a strong connection, that she wants to save our relationship... but it feels like she wants to lose nothing on the process, and I've lost everything. I feel insecure, i feel vulnerable, I dont have money, I don't get out very much, I've been depressed from two months now, I can't talk about this with her becuase I'm adding to her stress and I'm supposed to be there for her...

I don't even know what to do. Should I blindly believe in her? Should I try to save this? What the hell is going on here?
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2021.12.04 08:10 RaevanBlackfyre What similarities do you share with your father, and do you like them?

This can be a very heavy question. I (21M) have started to realize how similar I am to my father, and I feel it is a battle to not be him in the future. I know he has always been a part of my life and is supposed to influence me, but I can see some of his bad habits creeping too and other stuff as well. He is not that competitive (never really was), and gets satisfied very easily (or settles for inferior things). He is very somber and melancholic, a very quiet introvert guy and I can see myself in him now.
However, there are some great things too. He's still very active and loves sports. And we share very similar food preferences. So what are yours?
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2021.12.04 08:10 nkizzlego Uhh might need to keep an eye out for young Ashley

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2021.12.04 08:10 ZoobBot 190352

This is the 190352nd time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.12.04 08:10 Tee_Tee_8sum Fambase

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2021.12.04 08:10 alphamikedelta On further inspection, an onlyfans ad.

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