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I wonce new a man from Utopia Planitia

2021.12.03 01:29 AmbassadorWorf I wonce new a man from Utopia Planitia

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2021.12.03 01:29 Frosty_Data_319 myTime app

myTime down for anyone else?
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2021.12.03 01:29 TypeHunter "It's as we feared yugh, the respite afforded this land is but fleeting, the end draws nyehhh"

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2021.12.03 01:29 youngtrader181 Dm to trade young girls mega links/dropboxes not going first

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2021.12.03 01:29 Biggerthanfun Is this a real Amazon text or a scam?

I've placed 2 orders via Amazon.com. One was unable to be delivered due to flooding, and the other has the status of, "this package may be lost" (I think it's just an automated status, but really not coming due to flooding).
Amazon now has a button on my order allowing me to cancel the order and get a refund but when pressing it, there's an error message telling me to contact customer service.
Then I got This text. Does Amazon (USA) deal with things like this via text? If not, what's the scam?
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2021.12.03 01:29 Irv93 MB660

I'd like to say thanks to Raider53005. I bought a set of the mb660 headphones from his ebay listing. He was able to ship out as soon as payment cleared and the headphones were packaged tightly. These are worth what he's asking. Thanks again Raider.
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2021.12.03 01:29 druonysus LOPSA Booth @ OLF

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2021.12.03 01:29 jolly-green-shauni Found one in the wild.

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2021.12.03 01:29 Matlabguru How to Learn Javascript

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2021.12.03 01:29 DameofCrones Mastery of the English language is best achieved by thinking of it as playing a text-based game with a cousin who cheats.

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2021.12.03 01:29 CulturalWindow Coldreads Episode 7 Improv And Sketch Comedy

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2021.12.03 01:29 siss-angie Kisses for everyone! 💋

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2021.12.03 01:29 AmbassadorWorf Probably already done but meh

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2021.12.03 01:29 Grizz1984 Looking for a little advice

Hello and thanks in advance for your input, my apologies for the text wall but I want to be thorough. I'm in need of a bit of advice to get ahead of a problem.
I have a few rental properties, one of which has had a recent and persistent German cockroach problem. We finally got some bad tenants out who were living like they wanted to keep them as pets. Since they've been gone, we have had pros out a couple of times, once for a thorough spray and once for a gel baiting and it appears that we're winning the war.
When visiting the property to work and remove garbage, we were careful - outer layer clothes into a garbage bag before we got into the car, vacuum the air out once home and let sit for a week. Any items we brought home went directly into the deep freezer for a couple of days. Inner layer clothes straight into the laundry machines.
Well, today I caught an adult male German cockroach near my sink (which is built in to an island in the kitchen), so I need to get ahead of this problem. It seems like the pros in this area are booking about a month in advance so I'd like to do what I can myself in the meantime. For context, I live in a detached brick house that was built in the 1980's and is fairly well distanced from neighbors, 10-15 feet between buildings. It's only been 3 weeks since I first visited the rental property with the issue, so it seems very strange that we could already have an adult in our home, but it's also been below freezing at night outside and we've had some snow on the ground so also seems like the wrong time for them to come in from outside.
Here is what I've done so far: - cleaned out the food storage areas of the kitchen, anything not in a sealed container went into a fridge or freezer, mostly in the garage (I'm near Toronto, it's hovering above freezing but will go below this weekend) - gotten ride of any sources of water - Keurig, tea kettle, tray for the drying rack, etc - a fairly thorough cleaning of the stove hood vent which was oilier than expected - inspected the whole kitchen including moving almost all of the appliances (have not moved the fridge yet) and looking through the backs of cabinets/around the under side of the sink, into the grates of the microwave, stove, etc. No further evidence spotted other than the one live adult male. - done an edge spray along the inside of the cabinets and trim with a 0.25% permithrin insecticide (general use indoooutdoor perimeter stuff that I had around) - used a duster bulb to spread some diatomaceous earth into spaces in the island that the dust wouldn't be an eyesore like through the plumbing cutouts under the sink and behind the microwave (which is built in to the island below counter level) - left out a monitor with a little dab of peanut butter where I caught the first one - left out some upward facing tape as a monitor in different places around the kitchen
Here are some additional things I could do, just want to see if they're a good idea: - we have some left over gel bait from the rental property that I could use. It's off the shelf variety. - we have a cold cellar area with some food storage, everything is in sealed containers but a few items like oats and flour are just paper bagged. Most of the accessible stuff like pasta is being stored in sealed plastic tubs so I'm going to get a few more of those to make sure there's nothing accessible there.
Any advice or anything I missed would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
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2021.12.03 01:29 SageOfReality Yes :'(

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2021.12.03 01:29 theasialive Nepal imposes ban on entry from 9 countries, amid ‘Omicron’ scare

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2021.12.03 01:29 mcdyl Current collection

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2021.12.03 01:29 AbsoluteNinja What's the actual reason you're single?

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2021.12.03 01:29 Jaymo44 This chameleon world turns the gold on my starship turquoise, and my blue ship trail rainbow

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2021.12.03 01:29 Local_Octopus discord moment

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2021.12.03 01:29 jonathanpanetta The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows - Brand New guitar cover

https://youtu.be/ng_Jo79m1Co hey musicians that are fans of rock. It would mean a lot if you could check out my new cover of the quiet things that no one ever knows by Brand New. Make sure you subscribe if you enjoy.
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2021.12.03 01:29 TheOneEmoEnbyKyler New song HIDE on SoundCloud, check it out

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2021.12.03 01:29 OkPlant2595 New client with cerebral palsy. Need advice.

Hello, everyone I'm in need of some advice. I have a client who has cerebral palsy. The entire left side of his body is effected. His left shoulder is raised slightly higher than his right shoulder. He can only rotate his left wrist slightly. He cannot rotate the left wrist so that his palm faces the ceiling. He has a slight limp when he steps on his left foot. His hamstrings are extremely tight. And on top of all that, he is flat footed. He wants to lose weight. His diet is awesome. He's already lost 13lbs in a couple of weeks from proper dieting alone. He wants to incorporate exercising into his regimen, which is why he came to me. I've being doing nothing but research since we had our consultation, but, again, I woukd love some advice from anyone who may have experience in dealing with similar conditions. Look forward to hearing from any of you. 👍🏻
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2021.12.03 01:29 kube-k8 CKAD Exam - good ref materials for on k8s.io?

Practicing for the exam, but I find that when it comes to pulling up a reference page on the kubernetes.io, it's really lacking when it comes to things like PV, PVC, NetPol. Stitching together from kubectl explain can sometimes be slow.
Question - is there a good section in the allowed docs where more yaml examples are available? Ref docs can dump ton of info, but forget the most basic example often to start with.
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2021.12.03 01:29 The-WoKPot Tips(Help) wanted please

Are there any tips you guys would like to give me, I just converted a k969 to RWD and I’m struggling to drift so any tips would be much appreciated:)
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