A decade of marketisation has left lecturers with no choice but to strike

2021.12.04 07:15 betakropotkin A decade of marketisation has left lecturers with no choice but to strike

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2021.12.04 07:15 rubydragon44 Handling Modify Memory Logistics?

Whether adding, changing, or removing memories, I don't know how it would feasibly work.
Let's say you remove the memory of someone's parents being murdered. They'd still remember messaging their friends "My parents passed away", their grieving, the funeral, trying to get accountability against the murderer, etc. At best, they would still know the event happened, they'd just think that they blocked out the details due to trauma.
If you add a memory of someone being betrayed by someone, they would have no memory of ever ignoring, confronting, or being angry at them.
It says "Its mind fills in any gaps in the details of your description", but that's only pertaining to details of the 10 minutes.
And what about the vocalizations and gestures you make 30 feet away or closer, the minute you spend describing the memory, or the process of hypothetically capturing them and having them tied secure so that you can cast the spell without interruption? They'd remember all of that, too.
Some of the only viable applications I see are casting it on a sleeping target and planting an idea in their head Inception-style for future gaslighting, or using it to forget a recent memory that doesn't have a bunch of following moments.
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2021.12.04 07:15 ray_web Buying the Dip: Best exchange to purchase Nano on? Lowest fees?

We all love Nano for it's fee-less, fast operations—but where do you buy a chunk of Nano fast with as few fees as possible? There's a deep dip afoot and—while none (few) of us are into Nano for the gains—where do we invest more in Nano without paying fees that are more than the upcoming value increase from the next uptick
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2021.12.04 07:15 NeedNoEducations Is this real shopping?

Does anyone know what kind of platform is SR? This is website
For signup, you don’t need to put real name or number or address or email. I put everything fake. The only thing you need is to use WhatsApp with same number as signup number just to get bonuses and rewards
According to them, they perform virtual buying and selling of the products from amazon, ebay, macys and best buy etc. After order, they cancel the order and get refunds. They get commission from this way.
They tell us how we are going to make money is two ways: 1) Completing daily tasks. just need to click. It will take 5 minutes per day 2) bonuses and comissions
At first I ignored it because website looks scam. But, myself being crypto for so long, trading shitcoins, getting rugged by scam coins and liquidated many times in derivatives, I thought to give it a go. They have many membership levels, obv I chose the lowest one, VIP1 by paying USDT via Binance. In 20 days, I withdrew all of it by completing daily tasks. After getting certain profit, I upgraded myself to level 2 and earn daily income of $25 just by clicking. I know it seems scam but who cares? I withdraw $25 everyday to my Binance. So what is the risk?
What makes me curious is what kind of model is this? How is this possible to make money? The highest membership level is $6000 with daily earning of $350 just clicking.
My risk appetite is high because of trying random shit on internet, I found Bitcoin and ethereum and made enough.but with too much news, I put all those in cold storage and experiment with new things l. So I found SR
I EVEN checked their website is being hosted from Chicago by Cloudfare with people talking in groups having fake Chinese profiles from Chinese porn website
You already know its risks. But they been here atleast from April. Here comes my questions
1) if they are scam, why they have bank transfer facility. Bank is in korea. I can give details upon request. FYI it’s not easy to open bank in korea, especially it is being constantly monitored for foreigners or Korean with large daily transactions like SR
2) if they are scammers, why do they allow daily withdrawal directly into crypto? We can withdraw usdt , dai , ltc or any Korean bank
Please somebody help me understanding this kind of scam or new type of work opportunity. I just don’t know it yet
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2021.12.04 07:15 BaraaHalak i-

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2021.12.04 07:15 Shadow-727 Join for free giveaway’s and events fkn ape club perks and membership for nft holders link in the comments

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2021.12.04 07:15 jat06060606 What is the smallest (in dollar) coin I can trade on crypto.com

It's a stupid question, I know. But I am genuinely curious. Does anybody know?
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2021.12.04 07:15 ZoolShop Call of Duty made $3 billion in 2020, so of course Activision Blizzard is laying off QA

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2021.12.04 07:15 RedPenguin_YT Where is a good place to post my discord bot making service

I remember someone mentioned a discord bot advertising server, but what is a good way to get people to know about your discord bot service?
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2021.12.04 07:15 Youvebeengnomeed Cursed Euphoric_Annual2513

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2021.12.04 07:15 pedal_deals_bot Gibson ES-335 Dot 1986 - 1990 - $2,725 ($2,650 + $75 S/H) 72%

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2021.12.04 07:15 Cykku A pair if scissors attack you, what do you do?

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2021.12.04 07:15 aandheden Cat show down

Do you think cats meet up at night like in Pitch perfect but instead of competing in singing they compete in who can put things closest to the edge without the item falling down, to compete for territory? And that's why they are constantly practicing it at home?
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2021.12.04 07:15 procryptoclass 2021 ends with a question: Are NFTs here to stay?

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2021.12.04 07:15 Downtown_Ad_2719 Pearl dragon scales in D1.

Version 0.28-a0-895 Seed 202011204.
+0 Pearl Dragon Scales just lying on the ground on D1. On D2 is a shop with two rings of slaying, about 900 each. Got splatted soon afterwards....
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2021.12.04 07:15 fleshpurse Where should my friends and I be to experience this event?

Long time player, always miss the events, missing everything but Ariana. In terms of timing, is it somewhat blind chance queuing up into a normal lobby and landing towards the middle, or more like Ariana's dedicated servers with "waiting rooms", I haven't seen Skyfire's so I am not sure
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2021.12.04 07:15 PieterHoog Another GME Looptroop connection

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2021.12.04 07:15 AnosMoriaty This is too convenient

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2021.12.04 07:15 DespacitoBepis :KEKW:

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2021.12.04 07:15 djlee700 Bug found in bedroom of apartment, which has a lot of cockroaches.

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2021.12.04 07:15 Bad_Bleep_1234 Fun fact 69:

The longest recorded time for someone to have the hiccups is 69 years
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2021.12.04 07:15 Perez4 GRLLA THE KING IS COMING SOON!

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2021.12.04 07:15 Thundering_night E

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2021.12.04 07:15 pretty_cuteprincess (31)Morning Everyone

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2021.12.04 07:15 HaileyIsGod I've created a Majungasarus

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