does prioritizing myself over my brother make me a bad person?

2021.12.03 01:13 Ambitious-Tie-9629 does prioritizing myself over my brother make me a bad person?

for some context, my(m 23) brother (m 23) has severe depression. he has since early childhood and our parents never paid attention to him. because of that, i did. like since i found out he started ctting himself (I found out when we were 11-12 ish, I’m not sure when it started) i made it my duty to take care of him. somebody had to. from the get go he was annoyed by this. he always told me that he wasn’t a baby and that he could take care of himself, even if it was obvious it wasn’t true. whenever he ct, I was there to patch him up. even if it’s not what he wanted. (He didn’t like it when people touched him, as he was r*ped several times by close family members and friends) as we got older, he was more and more frustrated with me. he would insult me constantly. (I think part of this was because i was my parents favorite and always got the attention he didn’t) he would point out my biggest insecurities as well. none of this bothered me, though, because i knew how badly he was hurting. I’m clarifying this because I don’t want anyone blame my brother for how much attention I’m giving him. this was all my choice.
more recently, I have realized how emotionally draining this is. now that we aren’t living under the same roof, i can’t make sure he’s okay. I have anxiety and PTSD from walking in on failed sicide attempts (one of the occasions he sot himself, but made a more than decent recovery) whenever I’m not with him, he always on my mind. this is frustrating because I am married with children, my kids should be my top priority. not my brother, a man that constantly tells me how much he dislikes me. I’ve went on meds and I’ve went to therapy. nothing had made me focus on anything but my brother. i decided that i should cut him off (not completely stop talking to him, he is my brother, but more like just for a few months until it becomes a regular routine) but it scares me. he doesn’t take meds and refuses to talk to a therapist, if I had him put on scide watch, he would never speak to me again. if I’m not there to stop him, I’m afraid he’ll kll himself. I’m not even sure why I care so much. he doesn’t love me, I don’t think he’s capable. I guess I’ve just wanted a normal relationship with him. we’re twins, isn’t there supposed to be some bond between us? if I did something I knew would negatively effect his mental health, would that make me a bad person?
TLDR: I’ve been taking care of my brothers mental health and it has been hurting me as well. Should I stop?
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2021.12.03 01:13 TheRealTFreezy This was my first time doing team matchmaking… is this normal?

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2021.12.03 01:13 star_razer A chapter-long short story I plan to use as a predecessor to other short stories. Might be a bit of a long read. And sorry if the formatting's hard to read.

Unbeknownst to many, Talos has six moons. The five closest to the planet are well-known, of course, for being extraordinarily rich in valuable metals and minerals that are mined, then delivered, processed, polished, and sold on Talos itself. The sixth, however, the farthest and smallest, could be mistaken for nothing but a stray meteor. The moon is as barren and empty on the inside as it is on the surface. Nothing of value has ever been found within, and thusly, mining operations on the moon were halted soon after they started. Such an unassuming, easily-forgettable chunk of space rocks, especially surrounded by its flashy, shiny, eye-catching siblings.
Perfect place to hide a secret evil factory inside, am I right? Sitting in near pitch-black darkness, illuminated only by the dim red glow of the holographic touch screens and sickly radioactive green of the canisters created before him, a shady figure was wildly yet calculatively flying his hands across the projections, managing the maze of conveyors and cranes before him. Sets of the canisters, each one stuffed with a sickly, pale insect with an exoskeleton resembling an organism’s brain, were loaded into jet pods, then into cannons. Once the cannons were loaded to their extent, they would be fired off into space, converging onto their shared targets. The mysterious operator was suddenly distracted from his micromanagement marathon from the projection of a new screen from his holographic set-up. It was a message board; it read T5-2235
Open up. A wide smile and incredible excitement grew upon the dark creator as he read the message. He excitedly grabbed a remote from his table, turned in his seat, and pressed a large red button on it, pointing it towards the gigantic double doors that lead to his control room. They slid open slowly. Beyond the door there was even less light than was in the factory, and the figure in the doorway was barely illuminated by the maker’s red screens. The light befalled upon a shiny gray face guard with glowing yellow eyes behind the mask. Just below the face, near what appeared to be the shoulders, were two molten-hot masses of armor, glowing like magma. Between the shoulders was a faint red circular pattern, displayed straight on the chest. A small glimpse of the figure’s right leg could be seen in the shade, a mass of shining, gunmetal gray. As the figure glanced the shady operator’s mug, a wide smile of its own split behind its face guard. It stepped further into the control room, letting the light shine over more of the towering mass’s features. Its legs, while heavily plated towards the feet and shins, were damn near bare around its bright-orange thighs, giving the figure the look almost like that of wearing boots. Above that, the torso was donning armor primarily in silver, topped by the aforementioned red shock absorber as a breastplate. Its right arm was heavily guarded with a massive shield affixed to the wrist. If anyone of lesser size tried to wield it, they may very well collapse under the weight. Being held under that arm, as well as its less notable left arm, were several unmarked black crates. Gracefully cresting off of either side of its masked head were gargantuan horns in a brilliant red. Its mouth opened, and for a creature fueled by flame, its voice was quite cold. “So pleasant to finally meet you, mister.” A pleasant chuckle escaped the operator’s mouth. “The pleasure’s all mine, ‘T5-2235,’ or as I’ve heard they’re calling you these days… Fire Lord.” The once-mining-bot laughed a hefty laugh and approached the dark creator further, dropping the crates near the hologram-displaying desk. A steady squeaking noise grew from the entrance, and soon after entered another bot. This one was shorter, but looked like an embodied explosion. Its arms and legs looked mostly red, but were covered by much gunmetal plating, as well as yellow spikes adorned all over the legs. The left arm was the size of its torso, being heavily supported by a support beam springing from its back. A giant silver hand laid on the end of it, and a giant gunmetal plate covered the support beam, adorned with a red shock absorber of its own. On top of that, a massive fuel tank glowing in a brilliant, yet hazardous orange was stuck on the beams, and a wire ran from it into the arm. The bot looked as though it was permanently hunched over, but actually, its bright red head extended far forward from where it was attached to the neck. Its face was sinister, sporting a wide maw and a bright, glowing, green left eye that forced the right one into a permanent squint. The right arm was longer and skinnier than the brutish other, and was very lightly plated with just a bit of gunmetal around the shoulder and elbow. It was busy pulling something from behind: the source of the squeaking, a large silver cart on wheels. The cart was stuffed with brilliant blue fuel cells, as well as a couple more of the same black crates the Fire Lord was carrying. The shorter bot dropped the cart’s handle and spoke in a sneering voice that sounded as though he was barely containing laughter. “So, this is who we have been working with! Shorter than I expected, hahahahaha! The dark figure’s smile faltered for a second, then he looked to the newcomer. “Heavy left arm, orange fuel tank, green eye, obnoxious laugh… I take it you must be T5-2194,” he said, “nicknamed… TNT?” “Not even close!” The shorter mining bot exclaimed, laughing stupidly. The Fire Lord waved a signal to his friend, cutting off his laughter. “This is Nitroblast, my most loyal and intelligent underling, if a bit stuck-up.” The towering robot explained. “His little expedition on Moon -3 proved bountiful, and he was even kind enough to hijack a cargo ship and pick me up on -1.” “Heh, and what about your other cronies? Aren’t there two more?” Asked the operator. “Right,” responded Fire Lord, “Drilldozer insisted on digging some more before hittin’ the sack. As for Jetbug, none of us have been able to get a signal from him since yesterday. We’re afraid whichever Hero was sent to grab him may have succeeded.” Because of the recent mass breakout from Hero Factory’s Villain Containment, individual Heros have been sent after various criminals in an effort to keep as many baddies busy as they can. Each of the mining bots were able to fend off the first Hero that was sent to capture them with ease. Not a week after, a second set was sent after the gang, which they fended off to the best of their efforts, but more and more Heros were just constantly sent their way over the course of the year. Most of the fire gang triumphed in their most recent skirmish yesterday, but Jetbug’s signal was lost to the rest after the dust had settled. “Shouldn’t come as a surprise, really, that failure couldn’t stop a lone MK1 Hero from hijacking a cargo ship!” Nitroblast sneered, recalling their last misadventure before having been captured the first time. “Right, and that was the same day a Hero saved you from falling to your death.” the Fire Lord retaliated. Nitroblast shut up and withdrew from the conversation, suddenly finding the fuel cells very intriguing. “Jetbug’s only one minion. I can assure you, this will not halt our expedition substantially,” said the Fire Lord to the dark operator.
“I’d hope not.”
The creator stood from his seat at last. Sure enough, he was only around as tall as Nitroblast himself was, coming only up to Lord’s shoulders. He approached the crates the mining bots had left by his desk, kneeling to open them. A black mist lifted from the crate as the lid was slid off. Inside was a shapeless mass of a white mineral glowing so bright, it didn’t even look solid. It could almost be mistaken for pure quaza, had it not been for the thick black mist the ore omitted. This was no quaza. This was something worse. Something sinister. It started as a chuckle. The chuckle grew into a laugh. Soon, the dark maker was cackling wildly, the most evil of grins plastered across his face. “You boys did a fine job!” He said to the miners amidst the uncontrollable laughing. The silvered-clad bots looked to one another, then joined in on the cackling. The maker reached for the mineral before halting, remembering the dangerous instability it possessed-- touching it bare-handed would fry his circuits instantaneously. He grabbed his remote again, and pointed it to a small door to the left side of the room in relation to his desk. He pressed a button, and it opened to reveal a staircase. “Carry as many of these crates as you can, and follow me,” said the operator to the miners, closing the very crate he was examining and lifting it in his arms. Past the staircase was a long hallway. The right wall was composed of glass, made to give a nice view of the brain-bugs getting grown, cased, and loaded by the conveyors, claws, cranes, and other clockwork amidst the mysterious factory. The left wall was mostly barren rock and metal, but some doors were sprinkled throughout in some places. As the end of the hall approached, a particularly large, particularly reinforced door became clear to the optics. The operator pointed the remote at it, and pressed two buttons at once. A loud buzzing emanated from the door, and it slowly began to open. The room before them contained a massive smelting pot, and many tubes ran throughout the walls and ceiling. “What’s all this, huh?” The lead mine bot asked. “It looks to be a smelter, my lord.” Nitroblast answered. “No kidding it’s a smelter,” retorted 2235, “but why’s it empty?” Sure enough, no molten liquid sat in the pot. “It will be in a few seconds,” the maker responded cheerfully. He slid the lid off of the crate he was carrying, and dumped the solid chunk it contained into the smelter. He proceeded to gesture to the miners to follow suit, thus they carefully put their crates onto the floor and started opening them, throwing the contents into the pot. Just as Nitroblast was about to heave the last of the ore, the shady operator quickly stopped him. “We’re going to need this one for something else,” he explained. “What now?” asked the Fire Lord. “How do you expect to cast anything like this? It’s more solid than a diamond! I couldn’t even break it accidentally as I was diggin’ it up!” “That’s (also) where you come in.” said the maker. “Unlike most other robots, you could handle the anti-quaza because you’re already built for supporting and handling dangerous or unstable minerals, yes? Now, I don’t think I need to remind you that those special hands of yours are good for more than just holding dangerous stuff. You can absorb power. And that means… The operator pointed to the last piece of the mineral in Nitroblast’s arms. “...You can absorb the power of the unrefined anti-quaza.” Nitroblast’s mouth gaped open. “No kiddin’?” asked the Fire Lord. “Not at all! Anti-quaza is damn near unbreakable, as you mentioned earlier. One of the only things that can reshape it is itself. So if we can wield its power, we can melt this down. Nitro-kid?” The cycloptic miner nodded. “Arm that flamethrower you got there. You’re going to experience power like no other!” Getting a bit ecstatic, Nitroblast held the chunk of anti-quaza in his right hand, while pointing his wrist-implemented flamethrower in the smelting pot. He flexed his fingers around it, and steadied out his electric pulse, a bit nervous and hesitant. He braced himself, and activated his fingertip’s fuel absorption. Unimaginable, raw, unrestricted power surged through Nitroblast’s circuits. Holes sprung in the fuel tank on his support beam, spewing out flammable gasses. The spikes that littered his legs lit ablaze. His left eye glowed incredibly bright, almost blinding himself. He screamed. “Come on, come on!” urged the maker, “If you’re gonna shutdown, at least melt some of the anti-quaza before you’re out!” Amidst the pain, Nitroblast flared his flamethrower to life. But the flames that emerged certainly weren’t normal. They were all white, not a trace of orange, or yellow, or even blue to be seen. And boy, were they hot. They shot out of the thrower with such force that some of the metal the pot itself was made from started to melt without even being touched by them. The anti-quaza itself was being liquefied fast, unable to withstand the power of one of its own. Fire Lord was watching in a mix of awe, suspense, panic, and caution. Part of him wanted to yank the powerful mineral out of his minion’s hand, but he was afraid that could possibly make the situation worse. The dark creator was ecstatic, watching the flames like it were a fireworks display, watching in awe as the impossibly indestructible material melted like snow, making an extremely thick cloud of the black mist above the furnace. Just as the last of the anti-quaza was turned to liquid, the black haze from the piece in Nitroblast’s arms died out, and the overcharged bot’s left eye exploded. The flamethrower stopped shooting, and the mineral fell out of his hand. Both his arms lifelessly swung at his side, and he stumbled back a bit, just enough to avoid taking a dip in the molten pot as his body fell forward to the floor, lifeless. The Fire Lord stared aghast, not making a peep. The shady operator peered eagerly past the mist into the smelter, the unbearable glow of the molten mineral not phasing him in the slightest. The mining bot fortunate enough to be functioning slowly approached his underling’s body, kneeling closer for a better look. He had barely brushed a hand against Nitroblast’s back when a small explosion occurred at the point of impact. Even in death, he managed to be an unstable hazard. “He’s… he’s dead! His circuits, his modules, they’ve been blown!” The Fire Lord cried tragically, anguish coating his face beneath the guard. “Relax,” the operator said carelessly. He turned from the smelting pot at last and tried to usher the miner out the door. “Now wait a damn second!” roared the taller of the two. “You have just killed one of my own minions, my closest acquaintance! You cannot just expect to walk away unscathed, can you!?” The miner flared his wrist-mounted shield’s blaster to life and pointed the dangerous end at the creator, who didn’t even flinch. “I didn’t kill him,” he responded, “he’s the one who attempted to wield unimaginable power. And he won’t be dead forever, you know.” “What in blazes is that supposed to mean?!” “I can show you.” The fiery spirit stared down the shadowy figure before him a while longer, unmoving, then powered down his fire blaster. He was skeptical, but if this guy knew a way to revive Nitroblast in his current state, it was the best he was gonna get. “Carry your friend.” instructed the operator. “We’re going to need him, of course.” Fire Lord picked up his minion’s corpse and slung him over his shoulders. The shady maker exited the room, and made a head gesture to imply the miner to follow. As he entered the hallway, the Fire Lord immediately felt like something was off. “Notice anything different?” asked the maker with a grin. “All production of the Brain bug has stopped. The last of them are likely getting loaded as we speak.” Sure enough, through the glass, the Fire Lord could see that the conveyors, claws, and cranes weren’t moving or carrying anything anymore. The factory appeared lifeless, empty. “Just like the hunk of metal on your shoulders,” the miner cruelly told himself. The dark creator suddenly dipped into a nearby door on their right. Before the Fire Lord could peek inside, he came right back out again, holding something sharp in one hand. “Drop your friend for a second,” he commanded. Fire Lord obliged. In a single, swift motion, the creator grazed the entire scalp of Nitroblast off his head, exposing a mess of burnt motherboards, wires, and modules. Fire Lord winced at the sight. Working quickly and efficiently, the operator cleanly sliced out the destroyed bot’s memory drive. It was enormous, part of the reason the bot’s head was so elongated to begin with. Scorch marks littered its surface, and it was clear there was no way it would function ever again. Tears of oil welled in Lord’s optics as he observed the scene. “How’re you ever going to fix that?” “Fix it?” questioned the maker. “Oh, no, I simply aim to make it anew.” 2235 was infuriated. “IT AIN’T NITROBLAST NO MORE IF YOU REPLACE HIS MEMORIES, NOW, IS IT?!?” The dark maker chuckled. “Once again, you don’t quite understand. I assure you, Nitro-buddy here won’t have his memory scrambled. But you’re right, I can’t quite fix this. Follow me, you’ll understand soon enough.” Growing more and more skeptical, the mining bot picked up his scalped comrade once more and continued following the shadowy man down the corridor. Soon, they entered the original control room in which they met face-to-face for the first time. The operator swiped and tapped at his displays for a brief moment, and a loud noise was heard resonating throughout the factory. The maker directed his guest’s attention back to the corridor’s windows. Upon glancing back, Fire Lord noticed something familiar- the smelting pot was now in the factory’s production lines, suspended just over a conveyor. On that conveyor were molds, it was difficult to tell exactly what they were supposed to be. Nevertheless, the smelting pot was slowly tipped forward from the chains, and the molten anti-quaza spilled from a tiny funnel on the side into one of the molds below. The dark maker laughed viciously upon seeing the site. “It’s operational, it’s finally operational!” He exclaimed among the wild cackling. He pointed his remote at a door on the opposite side of the control room, and it opened, leading to a staircase leading lower. He bolted for the door quickly, and the Fire Lord took notice, following suit. The staircase, as it turned out, led directly into the factory’s production lines themselves. As soon as the miner entered, the chambers full of Brain bug pods to be used as ammo were directly to his right. He looked around and saw the operator once again, bolting further through the factory. Fire Lord caught up with him quickly. When the creator finally stopped, he was gazing astonishedly at the very conveyor in which the anti-quaza was filling its molds. Fire Lord took a look for himself, and saw exactly just what the molds were- small, chiseled circles. There didn’t seem to be anything special about them. That was, until, he glanced further down the same conveyor and saw a strange, metal machine that seemed to encase a small portion of the conveyor belt. When a mold entered it, a giant… something… slammed down upon it. When it moved out through the other end, the mold now had a second half of its encasing added upon it. Watching even further, he saw a claw on the end of a tentacle-like cord pick up the fully encased molds, then hold them close to what looked like two spray nozzles. Sure enough, an icy mist was shot out of the hoses and directly into the mold, which made the Fire Lord flinch- ice always gave him the chills. The claw placed the mold onto a new belt as it moved to grab the next one. This belt seemed to move in short bursts, and it was easy to see why. Down the belt, a thick metal rod would press directly into a mold from the top down, holding it completely still. Then, two laser cutters on long supports would cut the mold in half from where the two halves were initially pressed together. Two extra “fingers” then emerged from the side of the metal beam, gripping the upper half of the mold and pulling it off, and moving to the side, where it dropped the half into some other contraption. With the top off, Fire Lord could clearly see what the mold looked like as it was completely cased and cooled. Surprisingly, it didn’t glow a disturbingly bright white like the unrefined anti-quaza he mined had. It was almost pitch-black, with tiny, carefully-chiseled spots of the familiar white glowed sparingly. Engraved in the center of the circle was a large letter V. The miner couldn’t get much time to examine the familiar mold before a claw similar to the ones from before plucked it from the conveyor, and nestled it upon a rack. A mostly empty rack, but one that was growing full, fast. “Ain’t it just beeee-autiful?” The factory’s creator exclaimed wildly. His voice reminded Fire Lord of his task at hand. “Right,” he started, “but how are you going to help Nitroblast?” “Come over here and see!” the shadow responded. The Fire Lord rushed back to his side, still standing by the belt where the anti-quaza was being spilled into molds. He walked further past it, right where the molds that were yet to be filled were seen. The maker then heaved the memory banks right into the nearest mold. “What in blazes- NO!” Fire Lord dropped his friend’s body to lunge for their mind, but the shadow was faster, and pushed the miner back, shoving his body between him and the mold. “Yes!” he retaliated. “Please, just wait and watch! He’ll be completely safe! “I’ve had enough of these forsaken games! Give me the banks and I might just let you live!” “And lose your one shot at getting your friend back?” “I’m startin’ to think you have no clue just what you’re doing!” At this, the operator cackled. “I don’t! This is all just a guess! I might be able to bring him back, but I guess we’ll not know, will we?!” 2235’s eyes quite literally lit ablaze. He backhanded the creator with his shield, sending them flying off to his right. Momentarily, Fire Lord forgot why he was doing this. He forgot about retrieving Nitroblast’s memory banks. He just remembered that he needed to inflict incredible pain upon this shadowy being. Getting up from the hit, the operator cackled some more, but signs of panic flashed across his face as he stared down the barrels of the miner’s fire blaster. He immediately ducked the first blast, and it flew across the production lines, narrowly missing any sort of machinery and hitting a wall on the opposite end of the factory. Deciding that dealing with any more fire would not be helpful for the wellbeing of his precious factory, the creator decided he needed to end this conflict fast. “Oh, look at that, your friend’s fixed!” At this, Fire Lord turned a 180, and realized the mold with the memory banks were nowhere to be found. A panic overcame him as he remembered the task at hand once more, and he scrambled along the side of the belt, looking at any of the molds for any sign of Nitroblast’s memories, praying silently that it wasn’t in one of the sealed molds. As he approached the end of the conveyors, losing hope fast, the top seal of a mold was unfastened in front of him. But the thing within was different from the rest of the casts. Instead of any glowing white spots, it glowed red in certain carefully chiseled segments. And at the very tip of the left side of the V emblem, a small patch was glowing a brilliant green. Without hesitating, Fire Lord grabbed the shape for himself. He almost couldn’t believe what he was looking at. “Told ya.” came a voice from over his shoulder, making him jump in surprise. The creator stood there, and the Fire Lord wasn’t sure whether to display curiosity, anger, or pleading. It’s a good thing the resulting awkward expression was hidden under his mask. “What…” “That there is your Nitro-friend. Once we patch his body up, it’ll be a simple matter of applying that Core to it, and boom, he’ll be good as new!” “Wha- Core? These are… of course…” Fire Lord understood in an instant why the shapes were so familiar to him. They were made in the likeness of Hero Factory’s quaza Cores that they equipped their soldiers with, responsible for supplying their power and personality. Considering the raw power anti-quaza held, it’s unsurprising that it would be used to power an army, just like it’s more stable sibling.
“You’re making an army, aren’t you?” The dark maker spread his arms. “Welcome to the Villain Factory! If you and your pals can get enough of this good stuff mined, we’ll become unstoppable! The likes of the Hero Factory will crumble before us!” A wide smile split across the Fire Lord’s face. “We won’t disappoint you, sir. But is there any chance the anti-quaza could be used to upgrade pre-existing models, like us?” “Oh, absolutely!” answered the operator. “I’m sure you’ll find that that Blast-guy will be quite a force to be reckoned with once he’s refurbished through the assembly line! In fact, I plan to get ahold of as many other crooks and villains as I can, and make them all-powerful! Y’know, until I can come up with a design for ‘bots fresh off the press.”
“And I can help you with that!” roared a sudden gruff, high voice.
“Who said that?” both the maker and miner asked, simultaneously. “You don’t recognize me?” The voice seemed to come from all directions at once, resonating throughout the factory. “I am a legend among your kind! I… AM…“ A mysterious wind started to blow, which was odd, considering the two were indoors, on a space rock with little atmosphere. But then, a massive blue vortex materialized in thin air, straight in the middle of the production field. The blowing wind got stronger, but unusually, the two bots were being blown away from the vortex rather than being pulled toward it. Even stranger on top of that, the factory’s machinery seemed completely unaffected by the heavy winds. From the center of the vortex, a large black shape emerged. Its spiked shoulders were raised greatly above his head, giving him a permanent hunched look. His hands took the shape of great black claws, one of them holding a staff with a swirling blue orb at the top. The legs were thick and sturdy, and pitch-black in color all the way through. His black helmet had a hefty chin, and a pair of large mandibles.
The figure finished his sentence at last. “...VON NEBULA!” With that, the vortex closed, and the wind stopped. The incredibly huge robot stood before the pair, gazing down at them as though they were ants. At last, the factory’s owner spoke up. “Y-you’re Von Nebula! You were one of the f-first Heros to c-come out of the assembly tower! And y-you dissented!” “Right you are, little one!” Nebula affirmed, pointing at the smaller bot. “I was with the Factory, so I know just about all there is to know about it!” The massive black robot drooped his posture. “...Or so I would have, four years ago! Things have changed much, and are only going to change further. Doesn’t help that I was trapped in my own pocket dimension for three years! Most I could help you make is the most basic, least effective model of a soldier you’d ever see. And so, that is why…” Von Nebula’s audience was listening intently, not knowing what to expect next. The opening of another vortex certainly managed to take them by surprise. “...I’ll be enlisting a little more insider help!” When the wind stopped blowing and the second vortex closed, a new person had joined the fray, laying face-down on the factory floor. This figure also donned much pitch-black armor, but was significantly smaller than Nebula. A fair amount of red was also popping up throughout the armor, mostly in small red spikes around the shoulders and red metal tissue beneath his thigh armor. The mysterious newcomer groaned in pain, and weakly propped his torso up with his arms. He looked up at the Fire Lord and operator, taking the two aback for a brief moment as his goggles were mistaken for three sets of eyes. He then tried to stand, showing he was no taller than the creator, then stumbled onto his rear, keeping his upper body propped up by his arms.
“Where am I?” he nervously asked.
Nebula smiled at the original pair. “I wasn’t the only Hero who dissented, you know.”
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So far I've just found movies like Enemy and The Machinist but I wanna find more
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i'm venting on reddit and it's embarrassing but i really do not want to talk about my ex with anyone at all. i miss my ex a lot, it's been almost 6 months since the breakup and i still don't feel ok. i know there's no time limit for heartbreak but i always thought i'd be over this by now. all i want to do is speak to him but i will literally never be the one to talk to him first. it's been a long time.
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I'm sure that this has been talked about before, but I feel like it's more important than ever with the release of 1.18. The rendesimulation distance on realms is way too low. It was never very enjoyable, but it makes the game almost unplayable with the new terrain generation. I know servers cost to run, so I wish Microsoft would at least add the option to pay more money for a better server. The worst part is that there aren't really any other options. It's simple to buy an externally hosted server on bedrock, but Microsoft makes it basically impossible to join that custom server on Xbox. This is really frustrating, and I'm not sure why they've never addressed this issue. If anyone has any advice on a better bedrock server option/a loophole, please let me know.
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2021.12.03 01:13 More_Perception4553 [Recruiting] [A3] [NA/EU] The Black Templars Chapter {Altaran Crusade} Warhammer 40K

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2021.12.03 01:13 cartuneslover27 [Top 15] Cartoons That Deserve Another Season

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2021.12.03 01:13 CubanInCuba A detailed story about the entire Soviet Rocket Engine Family Tree

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2021.12.03 01:13 juddin0801 AppSumo Viloud for online TV channel or livestream Lifetime Deal (LTD) Software

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Alternative to: Dacast

Best for: Video content creators who want to stream their content easily in a live, linear way

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  12. With Viloud, you can broadcast your linear or on-demand content through a customized embeddable player that makes a nice addition to your website.
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2021.12.03 01:13 OneLeggedJaguar There it is

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2021.12.03 01:13 garciaiguess trading 25$ robux gift card! lf rh halos and good adopt me pets

IA- High demand pets/ a good halo
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2021.12.03 01:13 fatstrawberrycakes bob burger

it’s a good show I liek it
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2021.12.03 01:13 sexbob-om New to Long Haul symptoms. Just want to share.

I don't even know if I'm considered long haul yet, but Im not having a good time.
I got a breakthrough case in the middle of October. I'd say it was a moderate case. I was sick for 14 days and needed a round of steroids to get my voice back and finally stop coughing. All my initial symptoms cleared up by day 19.
However since I finished the steroids I have had a non stop headache that turns into a migraine several days a week. I do not have a history of headaches or migraines. I legit thought I was having a stroke when my first migraine hit.
I also have a laundry list of other symptoms that are just weird to me but I've been reading this sub like crazy and it's comforting to know I'm not crazy and these things really are happening to me.
My other symptoms in addition to the headaches/ migraines are:
Burning nose,
Extreme right sided face pain.
What I can only describe as "body zaps"
Randomly seeing what looks like camera flashes.
Brain fog/a floating feeling.
High resting heartbeat
Excerise intolerance
Lack of appetite
Insomnia( I went from sleeping 9 hours a night to 5 hours a night)
It's only been 6 weeks, but I am so miserable. I'm going to my primary tomorrow to try to get ahead of these migraines.
Is there anything I should ask about? Anything that helps?
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2021.12.03 01:13 Severe-Werewolf-6543 Colleen: Erik didn't like his cat food advent calendar so maybe i"ll go to the store and make him one

Are these people children? Seriously . Why do you feel the need to "make" an advent calendar for a 39 year old grown ass man? When you need to be going to the NICU're thinking about MAKING a grown man an advent calendar because "he didn't like his"? These people are literally children in their mentality. Grow up. Your priorities are so messed up.
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2021.12.03 01:13 Saxonii Books on your 2022 reading list

What books are on your 2022 reading list? How many are you trying to read this coming up year?
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2021.12.03 01:13 GawdamnJoe Markakkar review in short ( 5.5/10 ) - without much spoilers

The lack of a solid script with captivating moments is the major demerit of this Priyadarshan movie. Even after having quality visual effects, great background score, commendable production design, and a pool of talented actors, Marakkar felt like a dull movie. I think the writing of this movie depended too much on the CGI and production design to cover up its shallowness. Since both Odiyan and Marakkar had elements that supported superstitions, I have a suggestion. Don't make Manju Warrier serve any food to Mohanlal in movies, especially during the month of December. . . Even though Priyadarshan said it's an emotional movie I don't think people were prepared for a slow burner.
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2021.12.03 01:13 GethenMostad Y’all I just took off my bandages to change them for the first time after my top surgery and… 😭❤️😭❤️😭❤️😭

That’s all. I just wanted to share that joy. Pics to come when I’m all healed up!
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2021.12.03 01:13 Deegedeege Today is my cake day. Long may I reign.

Ironically I made a cake last night, for the first time in about a year, having no idea what cake day even was. Cosmic.

Processing img v7z832kd69381...
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