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2021.12.03 00:45 failingitright What do you do to cheer yourself up after having a really bad and how much does it improve your mood?

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2021.12.03 00:45 sloppyslapper222 My beautiful 2007 Hybrid Camry. She came back after a deer hit and I couldn’t be happier with the repairs.

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2021.12.03 00:45 Surly_Surt Joustus: Does the game expect you to cheat?

I finished KoC a long time ago (I love King Knight, though my favorite is still Specter) but left Joustus mostly alone. I decided to fire up Treasure Trove today to check my save files and noticed the Crag of Joustus and the Tower of Joustus are still incomplete in my save.
Since Chester outright sells cheat cards (of which I never used thus far) is the game designed in a way that you are supposed to/expected to cheat to win? because I'd rather not, if I can help it.
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Add me
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2021.12.03 00:45 -Crim Underworld | Apocalyptic Modded SMP

In the year 2024, Mutated Mycoviruses affected the fungus in the world. Causing the fungi to mutate into a deadly virus that took over the world by killing humans, mutating them and reanimating their dead corpse. The year is now 2032. You and a couple of other survivors are trying to live in a city overtaken by nature and the dead. things were going well until other humans showed up... Welcome to the apocalypse.
A Modded SMP built around team effort and survival in an apocalyptic theme where the generation of the world is cities. Craft yourself a gun and equip it with attachments and prepare yourself to face smarter and more powerful zombies as they will now follow your blood scent, sounds and light to try and get you. They also move in hordes now! DM me for more info if you have any questions or want to join.
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2021.12.03 00:45 bilutarobert Freezing flour

I bought a chest freezer and I wanted to freeze 20 lbs of flour and put that at the base of the freezer to fill up some space. What would be the most economical container to store them in? Also how long should frozen flour stay good?
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2021.12.03 00:45 BBGun92 Got 3 quotes for $950, $1500 and $3000 to fix this dent (likely caused by a bicycle/scooter) and replace the broken headlight. The fender has moved slightly and the door scrapes it when opening. Is it fair? Anything I can do on my own here to bring that number down?

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WTF isn't this fixed. I was disconnected in the final 3 of a ranked game. Now I have 10 min abandonment penalty and lost the entry points. Super f'n annoying
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2021.12.03 00:45 BadgerWithTheBadge Takanashi Kiara Injustice 2 Dialogues

As you can probably tell, I have been getting a lot more creative in my posts here as of lately, not making too many shitposts anymore. So if you have played Injustice 2 (or at least seen videos), you would know that characters actually have a banter with each other before fighting and even have banters in clashes. With most of the character, I'm gonna make twelve dialogues in total (six for character banters and six for intro dialogues) that Kiara would have with the Injustice characters. Since I know this post is gonna be long, if you don't feel like reading them all, just skip to the interactions you're interested in. I don't feel like wasting too much time on the first paragraph so I'll get straight to the main course.
Player 1 intro: A flame tornado appears and a sound of a phoenix can be heard from it. When the flames disappear, Kiara is seen glaring at her foe. When she says her line, she raises her sword, showing that her sword is on fire.
Player 2 intro: She is seen walking into the fight while eating a drumstick. When she goes to say her second line, she takes one last bite out of the drumstick before throwing it to the side and taking a fighting stance.
Red Hood (Jason Todd):
Red Hood: You're actually really hot
Takanashi Kiara: And you're really cold
Red Hood: And this is why I don't give compliments
Red Hood: I feel an urge to crush your dreams
Takanashi Kiara: Wouldn't be the first time a dream of mines was crushed
Red Hood: And it won't be the last
Red Hood: What was with the lightshow?
Takanashi Kiara: I am a great phoenix
Red Hood: You don't seem all that great
Takanashi Kiara: Can you not be angry for five minutes?
Red Hood: I got plenty to be ticked off about
Takanashi Kiara: Is your nine millimeter one of them?
Takanashi Kiara: Can we talk about how badass that backflip was?
Red Hood: Can we also talk about how you eat so much?
Takanashi Kiara: Hasn't anyone told you to never talk about a girl's weight?/ Now that's just uncalled for!
Takanashi Kiara: I hope you don't plan on using just your silly guns against me
Red Hood: It just takes one bullet.
Takanashi Kiara: Against a phoenix, it takes a lot more than one bullet/ You are so sorely mistaken that it's laughable.
Red Hood: I am vengeance!
Takanashi Kiara: You are edgy!
Red Hood: Don't make me snap your neck!
Takanashi Kiara: Those are some bold words for someone in sparking range
Red Hood: Now we do things my way!
Takanashi Kiara: Who decided that?
Takanashi Kiara: We can take a break if you like
Red Hood: I'm standing my ground
Takanashi Kiara: Destiny has a way of repaying me
Red Hood: And it will be here you find your destiny
Takanashi Kiara: You're kinda cute when you're angry, kinda like a tsundere
Red Hood: Wha-?!
Hellboy (Anung un Rama):
Hellboy: Are we really doing this?
Takanashi Kiara: Afraid you'll get burned?
Hellboy: Like hell if you can even put a scratch on me
Hellboy: And you're supposed to be?
Takanashi Kiara: I am a great phoenix
Hellboy: Phoenix? That's a new one.
Hellboy: Are you an idiot or something?
Takanashi Kiara: Already starting with insults?
Hellboy: If you weren't, you would have turned around and walked away by now
Takanashi Kiara: I feel like I should know who you are
Hellboy: Name's Hellboy, dumbass
Takanashi Kiara: Looks like someone hasn't reached manhood yet
Takanashi Kiara: Kikeriki!!!
Hellboy: You sound like a damn chicken
Takanashi Kiara: Why does everyone keep saying that?
Takanashi Kiara: I would be willing to give you a discount for the next time you eat at KFP
Hellboy: I think I prefer KFC
Takanashi Kiara: I think you will also prefer the usual room
Hellboy: You got a snowball's chance in hell
Takanashi Kiara: Good thing I'm never going to hell
Hellboy: Had enough yet pal?
Takanashi Kiara: I will never give up
Hellboy: God damn it, impress me!
Takanashi Kiara: Guess I should stop holding back
Takanashi Kiara: Ready for a trip to the usual room?
Hellboy: Do your worst!
Takanashi Kiara: I am the mighty phoenix
Hellboy: That craps getting old
Takanashi Kiara: Where's your fire mister?
Hellboy: I am SO over this crap
Scarecrow (Jonathan Crane):
Scarecrow: You don't seem anything like a phoenix
Takanashi Kiara: And what makes you say that?
Scarecrow: A chicken is braver than you
Scarecrow: This fight isn't fair without your little comfort shark
Takanashi Kiara: I don't need Gura to kick your ass
Scarecrow: You're right, you're gonna need more
Scarecrow: I'll make you experience fear far worse than what you felt back in Outlast
Takanashi Kiara: Good luck, I don't have any fears
Scarecrow: And Kiara lied/So if I were to bring Chris Walker here, you wouldn't scream?
Takanashi Kiara: Considering I'm looking at a brainless straw doll, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that we are definitely not in Kansas.
Scarecrow: Brainless? What possessed you to make such a bold assumption?
Takanashi Kiara: You're a doll trying to take on a phoenix. Ina, who has only one brain cell, knows that this is a complete mismatch.
Takanashi Kiara: Your gases don't scare me
Scarecrow: I reckon the same can't be said for your Mumei-friend
Takanashi Kiara: Touch her and you'll know what fear really is
Takanashi Kiara: I'm actually kinda scared
Scarecrow: Go on. What's scaring you dear?
Takanashi Kiara: I'm scared that I'm gonna accidentally burn the entire place down when I'm trying to burn you
Takanashi Kiara: And you are?
Scarecrow: The boogeyman in your closet
Takanashi Kiara: Can OP be any less creative?/I would have thought that our dialogues would have been better considering that your OP favorite villain.
Scarecrow: Enjoying the mind games?
Takanashi Kiara: They're boring me to death
Scarecrow: Are you distressed?
Takanashi Kiara: Not in the slightest
Scarecrow: This nightmare will no stop
Takanashi Kiara: Who decided that?
Takanashi Kiara: A phoenix has no fears
Scarecrow: You lie as naturally as you breathe
Takanashi Kiara: You're a sicko
Scarecrow: A freak judging a freak?
Takanashi Kiara: I'll make sure you are nothing more than ashes
Scarecrow: That sounds terrifying!
Poison Ivy (Pamella Lillian Isley):
Poison Ivy: Have ever kissed a girl?
Takanashi Kiara: I have done more than just "kissed a girl"
Poison Ivy: Can you demonstrate on me?
Poison Ivy: Hello lover
Takanashi Kiara: Sorry Ivy, I'm already taken
Poison Ivy: Who says you can't have two lovers?
Poison Ivy: How did a hot babe like you end up with a cold bitch like Calli?
Takanashi Kiara: Talk shit about Calli in front of me again and I'll incinerate you and your garden
Poison Ivy: I'm gonna assume you like being choked
Takanashi Kiara: What are you doing out here?
Poison Ivy: Looking for a hot date
Takanashi Kiara: I'm not into NTR, sorry
Takanashi Kiara: Maybe if you didn't try to kill every man you meet, you wouldn't be single
Poison Ivy: All humans are disgusting. I have no interest in being with one.
Takanashi Kiara: Batman was right, you do need help/ Is that projection I see?
Takanashi Kiara: You're kinda like Ceres Fauna, but meaner
Poison Ivy: You mean the Keeper of Nature? She was always too soft to do anything
Takanashi Kiara: I wouldn't be so sure about that Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy: One kiss and your dead
Takanashi Kiara: I'll just come back from the ashes and kiss you some more
Poison Ivy: Ever had a kiss from death?
Takanashi Kiara: More times then I care to admit
Poison Ivy: Kiss me lover
Takanashi Kiara: Come closer
Takanashi Kiara: Looks like your wilting away
Poison Ivy: That's debatable
Takanashi Kiara: I can turn down the heat if you want
Poison Ivy: Tempting, but no
Takanashi Kiara: Are the sparks burning too bright for you?
Poison Ivy: I'm no wilting flower
Enchantress (June Moone):
June: If you can kill me, please do it
Takanashi Kiara: Why would I want to do that?
Enchantress: Yes, tell her June. Why would the great phoenix want to kill you?
June: She can smell death on you
Takanashi Kiara: Does she like Calli's new perfume?
Enchantress: And then you wonder why everyone calls you bottom-left
June: You really think you can take her?
Takanashi Kiara: Are you forgetting who I am?
Enchantress: An owner of a KFC ripoff?
Takanashi Kiara: I have been looking everywhere for you
Enchantress: What do you plan to do now?
Takanashi Kiara: Something I should have done thousands of year ago
Takanashi Kiara: If it ain't the magical bitch
Enchantress: Do you plan to throw me in that Usual Room Kiara?
Takanashi Kiara: Oh, trust me, I have a "special" room just for you Enchantress
Takanashi Kiara: You treat June like if she's a slave
Enchantress: And that's somehow different from how you treat your employees?
Takanashi Kiara: I treat my employees as if they were my own children
Enchantress: I put a spell on you
Takanashi Kiara: And now you're mine
Enchantress: Exanimo magica ex mortem!
Takanashi Kiara: Wanna run that by me again?
Enchantress: I hope you're the submissive type
Takanashi Kiara: Don't we all
Takanashi Kiara: I think I see a sweat
Enchantress: Not even on my worst days
Takanashi Kiara: You're gonna go straight to the usual room
Enchantress: You're welcome to try
Takanashi Kiara: You're getting more than just a few sparks
Enchantress: I hope you like to be dominated
Bane (Dorrance)
Bane: I spent ten years confined alone
Takanashi Kiara: Does somebody need a hug?
Bane: You can help me tame Gotham
Takanashi Kiara: Woah!! That's interesting, but I sure don't care!
Bane: It is unwise to make an enemy of me.
Bane: I'm was more of tatsunoko than a KFP Employee
Takanashi Kiara: Must have broken your heart
Bane: Broke my heart like how I will break your back
Takanashi Kiara: You're a big fan of Senchou, aren't you?
Bane: What gave it away?
Takanashi Kiara: The physique
Takanashi Kiara: Drugs aren't very good you know
Bane: Yet, you're fine with Watson Concoction and Asacoco
Takanashi Kiara: Doesn't mean I take either one
Takanashi Kiara: Is your obsession with breaking people's back because your heart is broken?
Bane: You are very funny
Takanashi Kiara: I get that a lot
Bane: I'm here to be king
Takanashi Kiara: I wouldn't even call you a prince
Bane: You are hard to kill
Takanashi Kiara: You can't get me down, I'm a phoenix
Bane: Even a phoenix breaks
Takanashi Kiara: Easier said then done
Takanashi Kiara: All that muscle and no strength behind them
Bane: Do not insult me
Takanashi Kiara: Quit going easy on me
Bane: Careful what you wish for
Takanashi Kiara: You're going to the usual room after this
Bane: An amusing delusion
Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Batman: What are you doing in Gotham at this time?
Takanashi Kiara: Thought I'd go for a night walk. Is there a problem?
Batman: Gotham isn't the most friendly at night
Batman: The way you treat and punish your employees is questionable
Takanashi Kiara: As if giving people traumatic brain injuries before sending them to a maximum security prison isn't cruel too
Batman: That doesn't justify your cruelty Kiara
Batman: What you did for that girl was noble Kiara
Takanashi Kiara: I was only doing the right thing. It's common sense to help people like her
Batman: When doing the right thing, what might not seem much can change someone's entire life/ I'm glad to have you on my side
Takanashi Kiara: Would it go against your no-kill policy if you killed me?
Batman: What type of question is that?
Takanashi Kiara: Just asking because I would just rise from the ashes.
Takanashi Kiara: What's with the glare?
Batman: If you continue to be so reckless, you'll get yourself killed
Takanashi Kiara: Oh sweetheart, you obviously don't know what so ironic about my relationship with Calli
Takanashi Kiara: You know you don't have to hold back against me
Batman: This is just a sparing match, why would you want me to use my full-force against you?
Takanashi Kiara: I'm immortal. You couldn't truly kill me even if you tried
Batman: Ready for more?
Takanashi Kiara: Hit me with your best shot
Batman: I want to trust you
Takanashi Kiara: Then listen to your heart
Batman: I hope this isn't your best
Takanashi Kiara: Guess I'm gonna have to turn up the heat.
Takanashi Kiara: I'm a majestic phoenix
Batman: I'm Batman
Takanashi Kiara: You fight rough
Batman: How'd think this would go?
Takanashi Kiara: Don't break
Batman: I'll never give up
Sub-Zero (Kuai Ling)
Sub-Zero: You fight too recklessly
Takanashi Kiara: That's because I can't stay dead
Sub-Zero: Does that statement hold true for those close to you?
Sub-Zero: You may retreat with no dishonor
Takanashi Kiara: I'm a phoenix, I'm not afraid of a snowball
Sub-Zero: The cold will freeze your flame
Sub-Zero: You have much to learn Kiara
Takanashi Kiara: I'm way older than you though
Sub-Zero: That is besides the point/ yet, you lack discipline
Takanashi Kiara: So you some sort of ninja or something?
Sub-Zero: I am Sub-Zero, Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei
Takanashi Kiara: Sounds scary
Takanashi Kiara: I'm not sure this is a fair fight
Sub-Zero: I would not underestimate a Lin Kuei if I were you
Takanashi Kiara: I don't know, I just think this fight would be more fair if I was fighting against Scorpion instead
Takanashi Kiara: You were looking for me Sub-Zero?
Sub-Zero: Hololive must prepare for kombat
Takanashi Kiara: Thing is, I'm always ready for a fight
Sub-Zero: I do not wish to kill you
Takanashi Kiara: You couldn't kill me even if you wanted to
Sub-Zero: Is there no end to your magic?!
Takanashi Kiara: None at all
Sub-Zero: Can you take the cold?
Takanashi Kiara: Can you take the heat?
Takanashi Kiara: You look like you're melting
Sub-Zero: The cold impairs your judgement
Takanashi Kiara: Your ice is getting thinner by the second
Sub-Zero: To that, I am painfully aware
Takanashi Kiara: Wanna tap out yet?
Sub-Zero: I will not yield
Black Manta (David Hyde)
Black Manta: The hell are you supposed to be?
Takanashi Kiara: I am a mighty phoenix
Black Manta: You're about to be a dead phoenix
Black Manta: Why do you stand in my way?
Takanashi Kiara: Because Atlantis is Gura's home, even if she abandoned it
Black Manta: Then after I kill you, I'll hunt her next
Black Manta: Everybody dies
Takanashi Kiara: But not everyone stays dead
Black Manta: Wanna test that theory Kiara?
Takanashi Kiara: Please! Take off that helmet! It looks ridiculous!
Black Manta: The helmet stays on
Takanashi Kiara: Then don't expect me to keep a straight face
Takanashi Kiara: How have you been Black Manta?
Black Manta: Didn't I kill you?
Takanashi Kiara: What part of "I'm a phoenix" did you not understand?
Takanashi Kiara: What do you have against Atlantis?
Black Manta: It's for vengeance
Takanashi Kiara: I have seen many people fall because of their obsession with revenge. You won't be any different Manta
Black Manta: You're about to get burned
Takanashi Kiara: Says the guy fighting a phoenix
Black Manta: I'll fillet you like a fish
Takanashi Kiara: Now that's uncalled for
Black Manta: Why don't you just give up
Takanashi Kiara: I will never give up
Takanashi Kiara: *Visibly laughing at his helmet*
Black Manta: Choke on a harpoon!
Takanashi Kiara: You never faced anything like me!
Black Manta: A fool like you can't stop me
Takanashi Kiara: You looking to get cooked
Black Manta: I'm not the victim here
Superman (Clark Kent/Kal-El)
Superman: You don't belong here
Takanashi Kiara: Says the alien
Superman: So somehow, an alien is stranger than a mythical creature?
Superman: What you did for that girl was noble Kiara
Takanashi Kiara: I was only doing the right thing. It's common sense to help people like her
Superman: Not all heroes wear capes and beat up supervillains/ it's a shame you're on Batman's side
Superman: This world needs me
Takanashi Kiara: It doesn't need a psychopath to "protect" it
Superman: I can't see how Tweety Bird can do a better job at protecting it
Takanashi Kiara: This Regime of yours has gone too far
Superman: Justice requires order
Takanashi Kiara: You make a better superhero then a politician/ tell that to the thousands of innocent lives you took
Takanashi Kiara: You used to inspire people
Superman: And now they fear me
Takanashi Kiara: And you call that being a hero?/ I certainly am not scared of you superbitch
Takanashi Kiara: If you try to kill me again, I'll make sure to kill you
Superman: You don't scare me
Takanashi Kiara: You should
Superman: I'm the Man of Steel
Takanashi Kiara: Fire melts steel
Superman: Give up or get hurt
Takanashi Kiara: I'll never give up
Superman: I killed Joker, I'll kill you
Takanashi Kiara: The difference is Joker stays dead
Takanashi Kiara: I have a special place in the Usual Room for you
Superman: And this is where I fly over it
Takanashi Kiara: You're delusional!
Superman: This world is mine
Takanashi Kiara: I got some kryptonite to make sure you stay locked up
Superman: Bad idea to tick me off
Aquaman (Arthur Curry)
Aquaman: Not smart challenging an Atlantean
Takanashi Kiara: Not smart attacking Gura either
Aquaman: She will face Atlantean justice for what she has done
Aquaman: We have no quarrel
Takanashi Kiara: After how you tried to hurt Gura, we do
Aquaman: What a poor judgement to make
Aquaman: So you're the phoenix I have heard about
Takanashi Kiara: Fighting me is like playing with fire...literally
Aquaman: You might think so
Takanashi Kiara: Wanna talk this out?
Aquaman: There is nothing to say to those who harbor criminals
Takanashi Kiara: Fine. I will cook you instead
Takanashi Kiara: I fought Black Manta for your kingdom's sorry ass
Aquaman: What's your point?
Takanashi Kiara: This is the "thank-you" I get in return?
Takanashi Kiara: You don't belong here
Aquaman: You question the king of Atlantis?
Takanashi Kiara: We are gonna play that game? Ok, why a dick for a head?
Aquaman: Should I summon the shark?
Takanashi Kiara: I have seen worse
Aquaman: You're in over your head
Takanashi Kiara: Look who's talking
Aquaman: Why do you stand for Batman?
Takanashi Kiara: Because he's at least true to himself
Takanashi Kiara: I'll burn you to ashes
Aquaman: You like using that word don't you
Takanashi Kiara: Leave Gura alone!
Aquaman: Not until she faces justice
Takanashi Kiara: I will send you straight to the usual room!
Aquaman: I'll fillet you first
Raiden: Your heart is as pure as the Jinsei
Takanashi Kiara: What else is pure about me?
Raiden: Just your heart
Raiden: I sense great power within you
Takanashi Kiara: Wanna see it first-hand?
Raiden: Show me what you are capable of
Raiden: You have existed since the beginning of time
Takanashi Kiara: What's your point?
Raiden: So why is it that you act like you lack discipline and wisdom?
Takanashi Kiara: So you're Earthrelm's protector?
Raiden: Since the beginning of time Kiara
Takanashi Kiara: Let's see how strong this protector is
Takanashi Kiara: You need me for something Raiden?
Raiden: I seek allies against Shinnok
Takanashi Kiara: Don't you think I would be overkill for him?
Takanashi Kiara: Sparks light the flame
Raiden: Which is why we would make great allies
Takanashi Kiara: I never saw you as my enemy to begin with
Raiden: You have yet to show skills
Takanashi Kiara: You're playing with fire
Raiden: You are worthy of the Shaolin
Takanashi Kiara: Thanks for the compliment
Raiden: You will yield
Takanashi Kiara: You don't know me well enough Raiden
Takanashi Kiara: This is the worst shock therapy I have ever had!
Raiden: Don't mock me Kiara
Takanashi Kiara: You're gonna have a nasty sunburn after this
Raiden: Not the end I have foreseen
Takanashi Kiara: Sparks burning to bright for you?
Raiden: Thunder take you!
The Joker
Joker: What's with the mean look
Takanashi Kiara: Do you have any idea what I plan to do to you?
Joker: Yes, and I'm shakin in my boots
Joker: We have more in common than you care to admit
Takanashi Kiara: Like what exactly?
Joker: We both aren't afraid to get our hands dirty
Joker: You really do expect this to be a cakewalk
Takanashi Kiara: This isn't a fight Joker, it's an execution
Joker: It isn't worth talking to some people
Takanashi Kiara: Batman made a mistake not killing you
Joker: So what do intend to do about it missy?
Takanashi Kiara: Fix it
Takanashi Kiara: What I'm gonna do to you is probably gonna be the worst thing I have done to anybody
Joker: What about the Bat's no-killing rule?
Takanashi Kiara: I'm not Batman
Takanashi Kiara: Putting you in the Usual Room would be more than punishment for the employees already in there
Joker: But my smile brightens any room I'm in
Takanashi Kiara: Biggest lie I have ever heard
Joker: My punchlines keep landing
Takanashi Kiara: I don't feel any of them
Joker: Hit me like you mean it hero
Takanashi Kiara: Careful what you wish for
Joker: You got no sense of humor
Takanashi Kiara: A million people would disagree
Takanashi Kiara: Usual Room is too good for you
Joker: Thank you
Takanashi Kiara: You're a psychopath
Joker: Someone needs to look in a mirror
Takanashi Kiara: I will always rise from the ashes
Joker: Guess I'm gonna need a vacuum then
Darkseid (Uxas)
Darkseid: Surrender to Darkseid or face death
Takanashi Kiara: I'm a phoenix, I kinda want to die
Darkseid: Then I shall grant your death wish
Darkseid: Kneel and become my warrior
Takanashi Kiara: I usually wouldn't say this but that's beneath me
Darkseid: This is no way to treat your master
Darkseid: I have no time for you cretin, tell me where Tsukumo Sana is
Takanashi Kiara: And what would an ugly bastard like you want with her?
Darkseid: To punish her for her insolence like how I will punish you for your insolence
Takanashi Kiara: If you want Sana, you're gonna have to take me down first
Darkseid: If it's battle you want, you will have it
Takanashi Kiara: I'm glad you see things my way
Takanashi Kiara: How can I assist you my "master"?
Darkseid: Commit seppuku and save me the trouble
Takanashi Kiara: I can commit seppuku, but saving you trouble might be a bit out of my reach
Takanashi Kiara: Your parademons look more ugly than intimidating
Darkseid: They will tear you apart, limb from limb
Takanashi Kiara: They will burn like a moth to a flame Darkseid
Darkseid: You dare lay hands on Darkseid?!
Takanashi Kiara: Guess you never felt the touch of a women
Darkseid: Tap your tremendous power
Takanashi Kiara: You just signed your death warrant
Darkseid: Darkseid laughs as you perish
Takanashi Kiara: What a delusional thing to say right now
Takanashi Kiara: Not so tough now
Darkseid: You will suffer fool
Takanashi Kiara: What awaits you in the usual room won't be pleasant
Darkseid: You cannot deny Darkseid
Takanashi Kiara: Why don't you use the eye beams already?
Darkseid: You question Darkseid?
Doctor Fate (Kent Nelson)
Doctor Fate: Hakos Baelz is the concept of chaos
Takanashi Kiara: What about it?
Doctor Fate: And thus, my enemy
Doctor Fate: You dance between order and chaos
Takanashi Kiara: What's your point?
Doctor Fate: Now you must choose
Doctor Fate: Ina and Baelz has offended the Lords of Order
Takanashi Kiara: Tell you lords to get thicker skin
Doctor Fate: Order will be enforced!
Takanashi Kiara: Heard you had run-ins with Hakos Baelz
Doctor Fate: She is one of the few to have survived a battle with me
Takanashi Kiara: And you will be one of many to fall at my hands.
Takanashi Kiara: Do you know what will be the outcome of this battle?
Doctor Fate: Next, you will say "you can't beat a phoenix"
Takanashi Kiara: You can't beat a phoenix...?!
Takanashi Kiara: I'm gonna take off your helmut
Doctor Fate: You will fail Kiara
Takanashi Kiara: I wouldn't be so sure
Doctor Fate: The Lords do not fear you
Takanashi Kiara: But you will
Doctor Fate: Choose between order and chaos
Takanashi Kiara: I'm just gonna choose chaos to spite you
Doctor Fate: Your fate is sealed!
Takanashi Kiara: What an original comeback!
Takanashi Kiara: I will rise from the ashes again
Doctor Fate: That is not the fate I have foreseen
Takanashi Kiara: Your future is defeat!
Doctor Fate: Not by your hands
Takanashi Kiara: Nice helmut
Doctor Fate: Flattery will not work Kiara
Robin (Damian Wayne)
Robin: Dick Grayson was a big fan of you
Takanashi Kiara: Are you a fan too?
Robin: After you sided with Batman, I'm more of an anti then a fan
Robin: It was an accident
Takanashi Kiara: What happens next will be an "accident"
Robin: You're right Kiara, there will be an accident
Robin: Two warriors about to duel each other
Takanashi Kiara: One warrior, you're a spoiled brat going through a rebellious phase
Robin: Geez, and I tried to be nice for Dick's sake
Takanashi Kiara: Jingle bells, Batman smells...
Robin: Robin laid an egg...wait what?!
Takanashi Kiara: You said it, not me
Takanashi Kiara: Wanna know what Batman told Ra's al Ghul?
Robin: This ought to be interesting
Takanashi Kiara: "Your daughter calls me daddy too"
Takanashi Kiara: Accidents happen
Robin: What makes you say that?
Takanashi Kiara: I'm looking at one
Robin: Quit calling me an accident
Takanashi Kiara: So you want me to lie and say you were planned?
Robin: You going easy on me?
Takanashi Kiara: I just feel sorry for you
Robin: Don't pity me
Takanashi Kiara: It's either my pity or my disappointment you're getting, pick one.
Takanashi Kiara: Did you side with superbitch because you're a bitch yourself?
Robin: I'm gonna drop you off a roof
Takanashi Kiara: You received too much starbucks and not enough attention
Robin: That's uncalled for
Takanashi Kiara: The Usual Room is gonna beat some discipline into you
Robin: Superman and I disagree
Black Adam (Teth-Adam)
Black Adam: You expect to best a god?
Takanashi Kiara: You wouldn't be the first god I best
Black Adam: Mehen admires your courage
Black Adam: Long time, no see Kiara
Takanashi Kiara: Out of everyone I had to have a reunion with, it had to be you
Black Adam: I'll make sure this is the last meeting we ever had
Black Adam: Fire has little effect against me
Takanashi Kiara: You looking to get burned Adam?
Black Adam: I'm looking to remove you phoenix
Takanashi Kiara: Out of everyone I have met, you have the most punchable face
Black Adam: You face six gods, not one man
Takanashi Kiara: Six asses to kick
Takanashi Kiara: You remember me, don't you?
Black Adam: How could I forgot such an annoying bird?
Takanashi Kiara: You're also gonna remember the ass kicking I'm about to give you.
Takanashi Kiara: Heard Shazam was dead
Black Adam: Superman did the right thing killing me nemesis
Takanashi Kiara: I'll be your new nemesis then
Black Adam: This only ends one way
Takanashi Kiara: With me kicking your ass
Black Adam: Yield women
Takanashi Kiara: You're the last person I'd ever yield to
Black Adam: To the ashes with you
Takanashi Kiara: Good luck with that
Takanashi Kiara: You haven't grown at all since we last met
Black Adam: You look no different either
Takanashi Kiara: Is this the power of a "god"?
Black Adam: I'll show you the wizards power
I was actually planning to make Kiara banter with all the characters, but jesus christ, the lag became unbearable, so I'm ending it here. I might make a follow-up post then. This post took me weeks to make. Anyways, please leave a comment down below and have a nice night/day.
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Hoping to gather some data points for people who used or are going to use ExpressTest at T5. Wondering how long it takes from getting to the testing area to actually getting tested. The reports i've read so far seem to be averaging ~2 hours of waiting once queued? Also, around how long after did you get your results? Was it before 10PM the next day?
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