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2021.12.04 07:47 lss_bvt_and_05 LssTest-TextPost-64319

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2021.12.04 07:47 TheFishfinger34 Slutttt!

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2021.12.04 07:47 yatendrasinghbr Which is the best game development company to create a mobile game?

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2021.12.04 07:47 StHa14 School Shooter Ben Mitchell

I keep seeing the young photo of the recent school Shooter in the US and it looks exactly like one of the old versions of young Ben Mitchell. The one that said you need slapping down. That is all
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2021.12.04 07:47 ArmRepresentative899 Dark psy / hitech song recommendations

post some of your favorites in the comments please
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2021.12.04 07:47 Feeling_Squash914 META METAMON LAUNCHING !! META METAMON LAUNCHING ! Get strapped in and join the ride to the party, don't be late to yet another party !


Get strapped in and join the ride to the party, don't be late to yet another party !

Token Information :



Blockchain : BSC

Total Supply : 100,000,000,000

Burn : 50,000,000,000

Liquidity locked

Contract Verified

Contract Address :0x166894183512865befEc3184Cb21dDc746d0eFFA

Pancakeswap : https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x166894183512865befEc3184Cb21dDc746d0eFFA

Contract : https://bscscan.com/token/0x166894183512865befEc3184Cb21dDc746d0eFFA
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2021.12.04 07:47 Marko_Kuroba PS4 Batman Expansion trophy bug

Me and some others are having issues with the trophies of the Batman expansion. The trophies aren't shown in the trophy list, even though they have been obtained. Furthermore is it not longer possible to manually synchronize tropies with your PSN Account. An error occures. Other games work just fine and new trophies are listed as usual. So the problem lies withing Hot Wheels Unleashes. Whether Milestone Games messed this up or Sony doesn't matter, it has to be fixed as soon as possible! So I would encourage anyone who has this problem to let the Support of Sony and especially Milestone Games know.
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2021.12.04 07:47 A_guy_with_vision The Moment is to walk Away!

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2021.12.04 07:47 a_random_weeb_0718 *nom*

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2021.12.04 07:47 POORboyCHARLIE White chocolate and raspberry cheesecake [homemade]

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2021.12.04 07:47 saddestmanuk How to deal with moving out and wife which is having an affair

Few days ago I posted about my wife wanting to open marrige etc and that I was suspecting she has someone. Now I know she do. Evidence is not huge but is there. She left for work this morning. I've done brekkie for kids and then after we ate it I decided to clean the kitchen and give them tablet for 30 min so I just can get on with it. My son comes up to me and asks to search for one of trex photos. So I go to Google and first things which pops up is 'how to say I love you in slovak' and all other things in slovak. So im thinking.... and the guy I thought she's having an affair with is slovak. Then I go on his Facebook and find his got photos of same place and same time she goes to walk our dog from last 2 days. I have my suitcase packed now with all basics I will need and I was planning to move out tonight. Please can anyone help me with how to deal with it. What to say? Unfortunately I think I will get very emotional with this and won't be able to controll myself and will tell her what I really think so my friend is bringing over some calming pills so I dont fall in to pieces. I dont want to end it on really bad terms as we still have kids together and we will have to see each other etc . I know what she did is something which will break me for next few years and I will need time to process everything and learn how to live my life again. How would u play this? Or how did u play this?
Thank you for huge input on my last post. I found it everything very re assuring. She made me think I'm always paranoid but my gut feeling was never wrong
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2021.12.04 07:47 BillionDavido Rasenshuriken VS Perfect Susano'o

I've always wondered how well the Rasenshuriken(which is basically a chakra eater or something like that) will do against the perfect Susano'o(which is literally made of chakra) if it actually hits. Choosing Normal Rasenshuriken automatically means you agree that the better version (sage art/kekkei genkai) wins. Choosing Perfect Susano'o also means it can shrug if off, or withstand it, or whatever you think "winning" in this situation means. Have fun!
View Poll
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2021.12.04 07:47 abhi_07 What did I just read?!

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2021.12.04 07:47 makesPeopleDissapear anime_irl

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2021.12.04 07:47 itamaru How to catch familliars faster/improve catch rate?

Is there a way to catch familliars faster? Or improve their catch rate? Ive been grinding 2,5 hours for a whispersnapper and still didnt catch him
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2021.12.04 07:47 Lovebunnyso can't play due to Language glitch

im stuck on italian.
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2021.12.04 07:47 128mm_Pak44 SLPT: when you have a wound on your hand and need to take a shower, do a nazi salute. It prevents any water getting into the wound.

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2021.12.04 07:47 HoodGangsta787 trumpo momento

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2021.12.04 07:47 MonocledUnicorn [NA] Mid/ADC T2 (Former D4) Looking for Team

SN: Monocled Unicorn
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2021.12.04 07:47 Wide-Paramedic7478 Zekron Raid if you are interested 8390 5766 5030 or 5628 5436 8139 or 4600 9052 7536

Please be online
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2021.12.04 07:47 MrPeanutbutter14 Roger, Shanks and Law fans down bad

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2021.12.04 07:47 EdwardBliss In the Victorian era, did servants also provide sexual favors?

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2021.12.04 07:47 CupformyCosta Which Simpson Hardware for 6x6 corner post?

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2021.12.04 07:47 SR_RSMITH Did you have one of these? Fuck you’re old

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2021.12.04 07:47 CainBlackwing Controller life on pc is very interesting...

Hey, I play D2 on pc but with controller due to wrist and arm issues, I only use the mouse for menu-ing and when in town.
There is a pretty serious problem with controller though. Two in fact.

  1. Items with charges have their hotkey removed upon exiting a game. This means that if I want a teleport staff on my Necro, I have to: enter a game - open the inventory - swap weapons before moving over to skills - move over to skills - move over to misc. hotkeys - find the teleport charges - hotkey it
As soon as the game is remade and I enter a new one the hotkey from the previous game is gone and you have to do it all again. This completely removes viability for charge items from controller. It's unusable. Anything from Lower Res wands to CTA/spirit swaps, it's all worthless for controller players. Playing with controller is already hard enough. Why should we not have viable access to charge items? I'm not trying to play Diablo 2: Lord of hotkey setting over here.
  1. The controller cannot pick up/hold items and then put them in the cube like mouse and keyboard can. This means that a mouse player can fill their inventory to the brim with charms and still navigate the game just fine. Meanwhile on controller even a 4x4 open inventory space without charms is barely playable at all (especially considering how awkwardly potions work with controller but I wont get into that here, just trust me, we absolutely need every inch of space we can get). I've played this game for 15 years with mouse before destroying my wrists so I should know what the difference feels like. Again the controller player loses big time.
The first problem is a simple fix. Just make all hotkeys carry over, always. And while we're at it, we should make /playersx carry over between games as well.
As for the second problem I have a suggestion. Make a charm-only inventory that the charms have to be in to affect the character. They could make it 4x4, 4x6 or as big as the current regular inventory (I think that is up to the developers). I mean do we really believe that the way this game was always meant to be played is with a regular inventory full of charms? Wouldn't a charm-only space be a win for everyone - not just controller players? And why should pvp be decided by who has the most skillers and Shimmering small charms of Vita? It's boring imo and our current inventory doesn't make any sense within the context of modern gaming.
Let me know what you think, guys. Am I crazy? :D
...and one last thing if I may... I know this is blasphemy but seriously, can't the controller players just get stackable potions or something? Like in Grim Dawn. I'm big for nostalgia don't get me wrong, but even I have to admit it at this point: this 20 year old belt thing doesn't make any fucking sense LOL! Again, feel free to shut me down if you guys disagree.
Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.
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