So yeah, e doesn't do much against body hair but what isn't mentioned enough is how well it deals with arm hair, since it's already thing to begin with

2021.12.04 07:27 123420tale So yeah, e doesn't do much against body hair but what isn't mentioned enough is how well it deals with arm hair, since it's already thing to begin with

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2021.12.04 07:27 TasMicko I feel like I'm dying everyday... (M18)

Hello everyone, I'm an 18 years old male with a perfectly normal Bmi (22.5). I've never smoked in my life, never done drugs, no alcohol consumption. No known history of diseases in my family
Since July my life has deteriorated a lot. It all started at the end of July. I woke up at the middle of the night (5AM) with a very strong chest pain. It lasted for around 30 minutes and I felt like I was dying. I told my mom and we went straight up to the ER. I had an EKG, Echo, and a blood test. Everything came back clear. The doctor told me that it could be the vaccine (I'm not even joking, I had the J&J jab 2 weeks before the incident), but then he ruled out any pericarditis, myocarditis etc.
They told me to check my thyroid just in case and I left. Fast forward 10 days after I caught covid. I was vaccinated so the symptoms were mild. However I lost my sense of smell and taste that didn't even come back until like a month after.
So after covid, I was supposed to start an Accutane treatment for my acne. So I had to take CBC again. Everything comes back normal except my wbc that were around 10.1 and lymphocytes 48. (back in July my wbc were perfectly normal). They doctor told me it could be covid, so she said we should repeat in a month or so, to see if they're back normal. Meanwhile I was getting again sharp chest pains. The pain just comes and goes, but it's so sharp that I feel like I'm gonna faint. So I decided that I should see another cardiologist.
I also developed some pain at my upper left abdomen which is also sharp that comes and goes. And I feel ramblings coming from all over my belly especially when I lay down. After a few days I get another CBC done and an ultrasound in my upper abdomen.
The ultrasound was fine, spleen, liver everything OK. My thyroid results too. They only thing that was off was my Vitamin D, ALP, and my WBC(which had now elevated again at 10.9 and my lymphocytes were sitting at 48). The internist prescribed me some vitamin D supplements and told me to retake the CBC again in a month. The sharp chest pains and the abdominal pains never went away.
I also developed another thing, which feels like pulsations coming all over my body. Like I lay down and I can feel my left thigh having a rapid pulse, I can even touch it and feel the beat. This thing happens all over my body in my chest also! It's not painful. But extremely frustrating and worrisome. I haven't found a cause for it yet. I also went to visit another cardiologist, he looked at my heart and he said that I have a bicuspid aortic valve, and that I also have some arrythmias. So he prescribed me some magnesium.
I was so shocked, because no doctor had ever told that I had a heart disease. This is a condition you're born with. And it can be found on an echo so I should have known about it. He said that the sharp daily heart pains are not heart related, and it's probably a nerve or something. The thing is the pain hasn't still left and it's December (it started in July).
I was confused so I decided to get another opinion from a third a cardiologist, who said that my aortic valve was tricupsid and not bicuspid. He also gave me some photos from the echo to look at it.
Now in November I get a CBC again (everything normal again except my wbc 12.5 this time and lymphocytes 48 (the absolute count is 5.9% when it should be like 2.0-4.0% so I'm a lot off). Now 3 months have passed since covid and my wbc are only getting raised and raised. My internist seemed worried this time so he said that I should see a hematologist/oncologist. I was so scared. Leukemia was the first thing that came in my mind.
I set an appointment with the oncologist 2 weeks after the results. In the meantime, I got gastroenteritis. I had a high fever 39C for like a day. Constant diarrhea and some vomit. I set an appointment with a gastroenterologist and I told her about my abdominal pains since October. And the constant ramblings I have but she brushed it off. She said I'm too young to have something. And she just prescribed me some omeprazole for 30 days.
The gastroenteritis passed, but I still have the ramblings and the abdominal pain every day.
I met with the oncologist and I told him about my situation. He told me that it could probably be a reactive lymphocytocis. And he's sure it's not blood cancer. Because I have zero of it's symptoms. (night sweats, constant fevers, swollen lymph nodes etc). He said I should retake the CBC again in December. But he also said that I should check my Igg, Iga, igm, CRP, HDL some things like that. But he emphasized on electrophoresis. He said that if electrophoresis comes back normal there's no chance I have blood cancer. He also said if I had cancer, covid would have killed me, but it was even mild for me
I had the CBC 2 days ago. The results will be given to me on Tuesday. Im still waiting. I have lost my sleep from it, I suffer from insomnia. I usually don't sleep at all at night. And get my sleep from 5pm to 10pm, I feel constant ramblings in my belly, constant abdominal pain at the upper left.
Sharp chest pains where my heart Is that makes me faint. (I also had a 48hour Holter monitor which showed a few benign ectopic beats). I get that it could be a nerve pain, but can it be stopped? I was a great student, my grades have dropped drastically. From 90% to 30%. I can't even concentrate anymore. I'm in pain, the only thing I think about is my health. I can't live like that. I'm an 18 year old with no previous illnesses. I was totally healthy in June. What the hell is going on. It's been 4 months. I haven't had a normal day since then. My parents think I'm faking it or that it's only anxiety and stress but I don't think so.
I'm sure that it could be something like cancer, like a a stomach tumor or something. If it was something simple it wouldn't be so persistent. It should probably pass, but it hasn't. I don't want to die yet, I'm young. I want my life back. Why can't I be normal again. The doctors just set me another appointments everytime I see them, 4 months have passed. I haven't even received a diagnosis yet. I just keep getting new appointments every 2 weeks. I'm tired of it and I want it end. I fail at everything now...
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2021.12.04 07:27 6FRanger I just discovered spotify wrapped

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2021.12.04 07:27 sexygollum_ Apparently my car had two ground wires from the engine. Had. Im baffled by the amount of stupid weird little things ive found that makes me wonder what the previous owner did.

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2021.12.04 07:27 nicole_kidnap My boyfriend is about to quit his job

Hello all, fellow anti worker here. As per title, my boyfriend (which is the main breadwinner in our family) is about to quit his job. He works a deteriorating job, 6 days a week, with no fixed schedule and a lot of night shifts. He has a full time contract and is quite well paid, so it's gonna wreak havoc when he tells his family he is about to quit.
I am fully supportive of his choice, i know it might sound crazy to most people but he's very close to burnout and needs some time to rest.
I myself quit my last contract job 3 years ago and worked freelance from then (i then lost all clients due to covid since i used to work as an high end event planner). Now i have a small home business (i make Led signs) and I'm also dabbling in bespoke ceramics. We don't want a career and we moved to the countryside to save on rent and enjoy a more natural lifestyle. I don't really make much but it's enough for now for the lifestyle we have. I am very happy with the life we live.
I 100% agree with him but i know his family is gonna cause a tantrum when he says he is quitting because he doesn't have a backup (and i also understand them because they're somewhat right). I know I'm gonna be dragged into this (i can already figure his mum blowing my phone with calls).
He has worked as a sailor before we met but doesnt want to leave for sea anymore since he is settled here now with me and the cats. He didn't finish his college and that's a shame since a lot of lame office jobs require a piece of paper. I think he needs some time to figure out if there's anything he would like to do better. He has enough savings for a few months, and I 100% trust him on his decisions. We manage our funds independently but sometimes he will help me here and there.
I somewhat needed to vent so thanks if you made it until down here, and also maybe know how i can support him the best I can
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2021.12.04 07:27 Badowoski [PS4] H: tse50 plasma and a Q50vc15fr fixer W: AAE90 flamer

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2021.12.04 07:27 Calle_Crypto Most of you are puppets……this is not a crash! Chill!

So funny to see puppets sell because of crypto crashing. Do you not see this is what governments / wealthy people / illuminati etc etc want?!. They do not want the common people like you and me to rise up. As long as we are suppressed and controlled, they will have all the power. Crypto came along to help us common folk with our 9-5s have hope. That we can have a good life, this is all we want. But the puppet masters do not like it. They do not like how you could ever be close to being on the same level as them in any way.
STOP listening to the media. We all know that this needed to happen. When a market is going at 100 miles an hour, it must have a pullback to propel forward. Think of crypto as a human, it consistently wants to achieve high like BTC really wants to hit 100,000 but then it gets tired and blows out. It needs to rest and then will come back stronger.
Please stop being brainwashed. And really think!.
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2021.12.04 07:27 Fearless_Ad9743 Completed DAY 1/90!

The day was not much of a struggle because of new and high josh. The first day has always been easy but extremely happy to find the very supportive people on this community. I am quite sure I would complete my streak this time.
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2021.12.04 07:27 arturocravatta Is there a Google Home workaround for when away?

I am about to buy the Tado starter kit and still evaluating the differences with Netatmo. I understand Tado V3+ has a paid subscription to switch between in home and away mode. Is that worthy to be paid?
Or is there a workaround working with Google Home, or maybe a setup with IFTTT that allows me to set a stable lower temperature (say 17°C) when both of us are away from home?
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2021.12.04 07:27 OatmealCoffeeMix Mandaue Covid Cases Update: 1 New Cases, 0 New Recoveries, 0 New Reported Deaths

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2021.12.04 07:27 Extra-Hope9604 Who is your favourite LI in Arcanum?

I'm curious as to who is the most popular after the last two updates 😉✌️ My heart got ROBBED.
View Poll
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2021.12.04 07:27 WendyTheWillow Galder's Gazetteer's Rune Wielder underpowered?

Has anyone had a Rune Wielder in their game at higher levels? They seem really cool when they start out, but their rune powers don't really scale on paper to me the higher they get, but I hope I'm just completely wrong. To me it seems they get more choices that do the same low power-level things, but nothing much more. Help?
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2021.12.04 07:27 feckthis3 What do you predict will happen to the world over the next 30 years in terms of, war, environment, water and population. Are we doomed or is there still hope?

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2021.12.04 07:27 assagitaz Subset - Sculptural Curve (R.Hz Rmx) [Superordinate Dub Waves]

Publisher: Superordinate Dub Waves
Out Date: 2021-11-12
Quality: MP3 17.34 Mb / AIFF 76.39 Mb
Genre: Minimal / Deep Tech
Subset - Sculptural Curve (R.Hz Rmx) / (Key Abm, BPM 113, Length 7:13)​
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2021.12.04 07:27 pilaga Longer range as standard: Bosch gives go-ahead for volume production of silicon carbide chips

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2021.12.04 07:27 BigTomTVR Some Charlie Webb

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2021.12.04 07:27 Training-Amount7911 fs

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2021.12.04 07:27 NakhlaMan 20M [Friendship] Looking to have more friendships with female nerds around my age.

Hi my name is Michael I am 20 and I come from Perth Western Australia and I am looking mainly for females because I want to have a go with interacting with introvered nerds that are the opposite gender of me mainly around 19-21. So here are my following hobbies if anyone is intrested!
-Gaming: I love all kinds of games although unfortunalty I am not an online multiplayer gamer I am more of a single player although I am slowly trying to get into online multiplayer games because lets face it thats the only way to make frinends the only online thing I like is Rocket League so if u like that hit me up but I am looking into more online multiplayer games I am thinknig of getting SoT and the HAlo MCC. But u defintaly not see me play something like Fortnite or COD so if thats ur thing dont bother.
For franchises I like they include in particular order: Mario, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Sonic, GTA, Yakuza, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Persona, Devil May Cry, Metal Gear .... to name but a few.
-Movies: I like anything from Marvel to DC to David Lynch to a bit of Wes Anderson and heaps more!
-TV shows: TO many to mention talk to me to learn more!
-Anime: Anything from Cowboy Bebop to Evangelion to Death Note to anything Ghibli to name but a few.
-Comics and reading
-Music I like anything emo to pop punk to even just regular pop and rock. But mainly I am an emo!
And thats just to name but a few. So what are u waiting for if ur bored and like just at least a few of these things I am sure will get along just fine! My DM is wide open so dont be afraid to send me and I look forward from hearing from you all! :)
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2021.12.04 07:27 hamdyfkassem جدول مواعيد مباريات اليوم والقنوات الناقلة السبت 4-12-2021.. منتخب مصر وليفربول والريال والبايرن أهم اللاعبين

جدول مواعيد مباريات اليوم والقنوات الناقلة السبت 4-12-2021.. منتخب مصر وليفربول والريال والبايرن أهم اللاعبين submitted by hamdyfkassem to AlmasryAlyoumToday [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 07:27 12BlueTrumpets [S14] Maddy Morphosis gives SDR the tea, Straight from her mouth.

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2021.12.04 07:27 PurpleKey4885 Found on comment section of CNN... How Jenny met summit?

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2021.12.04 07:27 dccs120 Blasting through New York's worst snowstorm in a century.

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2021.12.04 07:27 ozdogzgo 5 Star Wither Chestplate

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2021.12.04 07:27 EmeaTribune Fearing a Repeat of Jan. 6, Congress Eyes Changes to Electoral Count Law

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2021.12.04 07:27 MasonJack12 Top 4 types of posts that I'm tired of reading on this sub.

I love talking shop with other entrepreneurs, but overwhelmingly, I feel like most posts these day are along the lines of...
1) I have the best idea ever, but don't want to tell anyone about it cuz they'll steal it. What should I do?
Comment: ideas are not as valuable as you think, execution is the hard part.
2) I have no skills, no money, and no patience to learn anything. With that said, how do I make a lot of money?
Comment: Go to school, or get a job in the industry you're interested in, and save some money. If you're not willing to do that, you don't actually want to be an entrepreneur. You just don't want a job, and think entrepreneurship is easier. Hint: it's not easier. It's harder.
3) I want to start a business that requires tons of experiencing and capital, neither of which I have. How do I start? (Example: I want to start my own amusement park or build a nuclear submarine)
Comment: this is just day dreaming. I'd love to build a robot car that will fly me to work, or the hoverboard from Back to the Future. That doesn't mean it's remotely possible for me to build these things. If you're capable of such things, I'll wager you don't need to ask for advice on Reddit on how to get started.
4) I need to make $100 in the next 30 days. What should I do? Conversely, I need $1 Million in the next 5 minutes. What should I do?
Comment: If your short term focus is on how much money you can make, building a business is probably not the right avenue to accomplish this goal. Building a business isn't an event, it's a process. Success typically does not come quickly, and requires a fair amount of persistence, even through periods of failure and doubt. For smaller sums, it's easier to just get a job. For astronomical sums, there is no reasonable way to get there. If it were that easy, everyone would do it. If you want high risk with high returns, become an options trader or hit Vegas.
Final comment: if you really want to start a business, just do it. Do something. Do anything. Find a way to make a prototype or samples and get some feedback. Build a website. Just take some sort of action that gets your idea out into the world. You'll make lots of mistakes and it probably won't work out, but that's fine. This is how you learn.
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