Way to move map with mouse?

2021.12.04 08:13 foxMiD Way to move map with mouse?

This having to move the map with the arrow keys is slowly making me insane as I can only play with 1 hand atm. Any way to fix this?
Thank you:)
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2021.12.04 08:13 pjett20 Flowers

Looking for a few people to come help me get rid of all my flowers on my island!! Will pay :)
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2021.12.04 08:13 DEGHrvatskaYouTube TI SI NARUCIO KEKSE-DAYS GONE EP.40

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2021.12.04 08:13 SuperAlloyBerserker What are your thoughts on some people criticizing the manga for not being more like the webcomic?

My take on it is that we're so used to anime being one-to-one adaptations of manga that we kinda freak out when a manga adaptation of a webcomic (which isn't exactly a common type of adaptation) doesn't follow the webcomic one-to-one like most anime adaptations do
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2021.12.04 08:13 Lolstation_Vita The Hyped Trendy Indie Horror Game Starter Pack

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2021.12.04 08:13 Own_Coyote_9334 This is hard stuff.

I’m on my 6th day and this is really hard. Had some MAJOR urges to relapse today but I decided against it. I was addicted to porn+ weed and almost gave in and bought some. But I decided not to and stay strong. It’s tough now but I know it will get better. I remember how shitty I used to feel after masturbating and I felt like a worthless piece of shit. Not anymore. I am a winner. I’ll hit legs today in the gym. I’m sure it’ll suppress all the urges I’m having. Let’s stay strong and thank you to this community.
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2021.12.04 08:13 Glass_Pace_2200 Erotic Almond

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2021.12.04 08:13 Wernerath Best Rock at the Gym 2 for work out- Metal covers

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2021.12.04 08:13 kettu- We had black Batmen, we had female Batmen, we had gay Batmen, it's about time for a transvestite Batman.

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2021.12.04 08:13 SheepherderOk6965 Mini squish hunt

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2021.12.04 08:13 Seiko4910 A quick styling I made today!

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2021.12.04 08:13 Gerstlauer Vegan Pho - Mouth feel?

So I recently fell in love with Vietnamese food, and have been travelling around Europe and trying all the different vegan restaurants I could find.
I've returned home and made myself a batch of Vegan Pho. It tastes incredible, but there's something missing. It almost feels too 'thin' and watery compared to what the restaurants served. Not that the ones I tried were thick in any way - they seemed just as liquid, but they felt more rich in the mouth.
Any ideas as to what might be missing?
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2021.12.04 08:13 ryuokz Tokyo Ghoul eyes!

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2021.12.04 08:13 tokyokween Booking a £15 Ikea delivery slot for a Monday when you'll be working from home, only to get a 6am text on Saturday morning saying it's being delivered this afternoon. When you have plans to be out.

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2021.12.04 08:13 TheInnocentMurderer I respect taking inspirations and I understand that this game is mechanically different, but this is too much.

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2021.12.04 08:13 BuzzMowgli From the Expat Facebook group

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2021.12.04 08:13 jb123hpe How does insider trading work? And when does smart 'tips' and 'ear to the ground' become illegal?

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2021.12.04 08:13 insanitychasesme Hit by Squirrelwaffle Exploits (aka - maybe they'll listen to me now)

Early yesterday morning, the tiny hospital I work at was hit by what I think was the same "reply chain email attack" IKEA was nailed with last week. Our 2 senior sysadmins were tasked with trying to figure out what was going on, but with their limited CyberSecurity knowledge, they were floundering and our vendors were no help. They were constantly messing with our "spoofing" security settings but from all signs, it looked to me like the the mail server was infected with something. I finally sat down around lunch (in between frantic phone calls from staff) and did some Googling. (I'm curious by nature and my GoogleFu is strong.) 5 minutes of googling brought me to this article: https://www.trendmicro.com/en_us/research/21/k/Squirrelwaffle-Exploits-ProxyShell-and-ProxyLogon-to-Hijack-Email-Chains.html
I facepalmed pretty hard after reading this article. Earlier this year, when these exploits were discovered, I was after my coworkers to ensure we had those updates. Being the newest sysadmin on the team (I'd been there for a year), my concerns were ignored, even though I was the one with a degree and certs in network security. "No one would attack us. We're too small of a fish to fry." I remember expressing my concerns in an email (CYA, baby!) and then dropping it.
I printed out the article and handed it to our CIO and the 2 senior sysadmins. They read it....stared at me, thunderstruck...and then ran for the server room. (This exploit has been used as a preclude for a ransomware attack.) The mail server was shut down (which really, should have been done before this mess propagated outside the company), all remote access was closed out, and everyone's network password was reset. I was there until almost 6 PM last night, helping users reset their passwords and ensuring critical staff could still work.
My biggest tips to other sysadmins after this crazy crazy day (we were all planning a strong drink once we got home):
1) listen to your staff's concerns, even the novice members.
2) PATCH YOUR @#$@$%@$%^@#$% systems!
((And before anyone starts up, I already have a new job lined up. I'm just counting out the days.....))
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2021.12.04 08:13 Animegirl-94 Mama Needs a Smoke

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2021.12.04 08:13 KanraKiddler A more positive view on act 3

The big moments of act 3 were Joel's father being alive, and Albedo's prank on the traveler.
For Joel's father, we've been thinking for a long time that he has died by not surviving the fall, so the revelation was quite surprising. It could just be that he survived, but it could also be that it's another case of shenanigans with Durin's blood or shapeshifting. Durin's blood has already been linked to life and revitalization, so an idea that Joel's father did actually die, but was then revived because of the blood, is interesting. I doubt it's a shapeshifter because while amnesiac, he still has enough memories to link him to the original, like feeling warm thinking about the fox. If the blood revived him, we could worry about the side-effects of that, but Genshin writing tends to at least clue you in that something is wrong, but this time they did not, so the danger doesn't seem to be there.
As for Albedo, he explains the situation with him, Flowerbedo and Fakebedo futher, and then also introduces the Gardener analogy. It's basically presenting himself and the other two as roses, with him being the good rose, while the other two are defective with venomous thorns. The traveler is the gardener, who can tell apart which rose is the perfect one, but that puts them in danger of being attacked by the thorns.
This analogy gets brought up again in Mondstadt, which tells you it's the same Albedo, the real one. He plays a prank on the traveler, hiding the mark for a moment, and is being rather playful, which he does tend to do when with people he's comfortable with (the "Did you?" scene and his smile in the Archipelago cutscene come to mind)
I've seen people worry it's the Fake, but I don't think it's the case. The little we've seen of the Fake, he talks a bit more alien-like and couldn't last a moment without starting a "Ahhh...humans...always discarding what is not useful", while our Albedo is as natural as ever. And again, Traveler can feel when Albedo is acting off, not just from the mark.
Paimon's sunsettias serve as another double meaning. Fakebedo never got to live a life, so he cares more about things like the mark, which carries the meaning of imperfections, as he wants to be perfect, to be considered a person. Our Albedo however, lived with people for a while now, his life happy and fulfilling, so while he did explain the meaning of the mark to us and the possible line of thought behind the imposter, the point of the scene was that he himself doesn't care as much, and it is something that can be joked about. Albedo knows who he is as a person by now, he doesn't need the mark to know that.
Of course, this is just my read, but I wanted to put it out there cuz I've seen people panic a bit. I find that most of the time when Genshin wants you to know about something in voiced story, they will throw you a hint. But both situations were joyful this time.
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2021.12.04 08:13 LairdWackyla 104 Bells

For the next 45 mins
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2021.12.04 08:13 Drumsbyashwells No One Like You - Scorpions - Drum Cover

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2021.12.04 08:13 Defiant_Race_7544 Flagging US consumer demand puts economy on track for slowdown

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2021.12.04 08:13 RLCD-Bot [Octane] [Warp Wave] [Cobalt Fusion] [Agasaya: Inverted] [Cobalt Ethereal]

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2021.12.04 08:13 Bengbab After 1,000 hours of work, I finally published my first game! Here’s an in depth look at the tools I used and some things I learned (link heavy).

Hello all,
I finally published my game and wanted to do a bit of a retrospective on the project. I spent 7 months and ~1,000 hours making this game solo. Probably like many of you on this forum, I started out as an inspiring indie dev and this was my first game project.
I do not purport to be an expert or successful, instead, I’d like to focus on the tools I used to make my game and some things I learned along the way and I hope this information helps someone. If you have any additional questions, please ask! I tried to keep it link heavy to be as useful and informative as possible.
Game engine: Unity. I chose this mostly because the game I made was 2D and it had a ton of tutorials.
First tutorial: Ruby's Adventure was the first tutorial I ever did for Unity and I basically stepped directly into making my game after completing this tutorial. I thought it was overall a very good starting point for a beginner with some coding experience. I preferred that it was text/step based as well and not just a bunch of YouTube videos. Check comments section on tutorial if you get stuck, some menus have changed in Unity since it was made.
After this tutorial, I just googled specific needs/bugs to resolve issues. It's truly amazing how much stuff is out there already for Unity.
Graphics/Assets: I got a lot of assets from the Unity Asset Store & GameDevMarket. I found that these had the highest quality assets. I did get a few from OpenGameArt as well, but found the quality there is hit or miss.
I also commissioned a few still frames for cutscenes from an artist friend, which I used for in-game cutscenes, social media posts, logos, and banners. I was also able to take this artwork and make the main characters animations I used in the game, which I discuss in the next section.
Sprite Sheets & Modifying Assets: I wasn't sure where to start with this when I first started my project, and ultimately I continued to use Gimp2 for editing sprites/backgrounds since it was what I was already familiar with. If you aren't familiar with Gimp, it is a free photoshop alternative. Some hate it, some love it (I personally am in the middle of a love/hate relationship with it).
One thing that's important if you do gamedev is to setup Gimp to export spritesheets. I personally used Tilemancer Plug-In for spritesheets. There is another sprite sheet plug-in available if you are just googling around and it is BAD. It will shift frames around at export and you will end up with a jittery animation that should be smooth, so I recommend sticking with Tilemancer personally.
There are likely much better programs out there for making sprite and animations. If I were to go back, I’d probably learn an animation software instead of doing things manually frame by frame in Gimp.
Sound Design: I did most, if not all, of the sound effects in my game (I did not do any of the music, which I bought on various asset stores).
For sound effects, I highly recommend sourcing sounds from FreeSound.Org and using a software like Audacity. Audacity takes a bit to get used to, but it did exactly what I needed and it's free.
Video Editing: So you need to make a trailer and social media content? Davinci Resolve is a super great option! Free and easy to use, can't say much else.
Gif Creation: I found that EZgif.com was a simple solution for generating gifs for social media and, more importantly, your Steam page. Your Steam page NEEDS gifs if you don't already know this. Sometimes videos don't load or the audience goes straight to the description section.
It's easy to use, just import a video into EZgif, edit length, crop to whatever size/aspect you want (be consistent), and then export. I think it's a pretty easy website to use and it helped me a lot.
Personal/Business Website: A big goal of this project for me was to fill a gap in my resume while I was taking an extended sabbatical. To do this effectively, I decided to start an LLC company, and every company needs a website. Apple actually requires you have a website/company email if you decide to publish under a company instead of as an individual.
In order to make a consumer facing website, I used SquareSpace. I'm sure you've all seen or heard the ads for them on youtube/wherever. I think the service works as advertised, was easy to setup, and I didn't have to learn a ton of extra things. If you're curious how my website turned out, you can visit my website here. It comes at a monthly subscription cost, however, so keep that in mind. SquareSpace is NOT free.
Privacy Policies: Making a website or app comes with the need to make privacy/cookie policies. There's no way around this really if you don't want to break the law and want to sell your app.
I did a lot of research and ultimately just decided to go with a paid subscription service called Iubenda for this. It's not ideal to have additional subscription expenses, but going with a recognized service goes a long way to keeping you compliant and not having to stress about it much. It's incredibly easy to use, you just select services you use in your game and it creates the policy (yes, all Unity services are on their list, same with google).
Building iOS App on a Windows Machine: As probably many of you are aware, Unity does not directly make the files needed to publish to Apple. You need a Mac to build the XCode project and upload the files. I do not have a mac or access to one. So after some research, I went with a cloud mac service called MacInCloud. The pay-as-you-go $30/30 hours was really convenient and is how I built my project for iOS. I highly recommend!
Advertising your Game: Easily the area I'm weakest at. I published content on TwitteInstagram/Tiktok/Reddit mostly. I did not do any paid promotion and I probably won’t given my game type (single player, limited replay ability, short in length).
My most viewed/shared videos on twitter were extremely quick updates with no advertising content/links. I suspect that the social media algos choose to spread these videos since those with advertising essentially eat into their business model (businesses paying to promote a post).
On TikTok, my 1st and 4th video uploads were my most viewed. Some of my videos got literally 0 views, while most got around 170. I personally believe TikTok pushes some of your first video uploads harder to get you hooked on the App, so make your first posts count. I'd also suggest using their in-app music selector, in-app text & text to speech, and stickers. It seems like these influence the algo. Ultimately, I did not have the wild success some have had with TikTok, but it was interesting to use. One last thing, if you select a "Business Account", you won't have access to any popular music, so I don't recommend doing that, even though it allows you to add a link to your profile.
My recommendation for Reddit will echo what you’ve read already probably and it is to just post in places related to your game that are ideally NOT game dev specific subreddits. As a small solo project, I found it impossible to compete with more polished games on larger forums. I got a lot more traction on smaller, subject matter specific subreddits like sloths & koalas.
Other than that, I highly recommend prioritizing making friends and having genuine conversations with other devs. Probably one of the best things that happened recently was when another dev made some fan art for my game. I think those are the most valuable interactions to be honest.
I’d rank social medias in this order for me:

  1. Reddit: I don’t make many posts outside of gaming subreddits, but the posts I’ve made to non-gaming subreddits has garnered a lot of interest. A lot more than other social media accounts. The absolute best part of Reddit is that there is no algorithm inside the subreddit to dictate what you see when sorting by new, which is what a lot of people do on the smaller subreddits. So it’s pretty nice in that you can reach more people directly without them being redirected away from your content. I always try to be cautious about not selling/advertising to people on here as they seem less interested in being targeted. I’ve been on this site for almost a decade too, so I think that helps.
  2. Twitter: I like using the platform, and have about 350 followers there, but I’m not sure how much coverage I really get from there. I will say that it’s probably the best place to skim through everyone else’s projects and progress and I get the occasional runaway post, but it’s not very often. I think if you can reach outside of your bubble, it will go far, but I always get the feeling it’s the same 15 people seeing my stuff. Importantly though, I do enjoy browsing Twitter similarly to how I enjoy browsing Reddit.
  3. Instagram: I’ve gotten about 130 followers there. Posts there get just a handful of likes, and almost no comments. I don’t particularly like the platform much, but it’s ok to keep track of other peoples projects I suppose. You basically only get followers by reading through new posts and liking/following small creators, for better or worse.
  4. TikTok: I get almost no likes, no comments, and hardly any followers. The times I’ve tried to find related content there I’ve failed miserably. This app is almost entirely driven by algos to determine what you like and don’t like and serve you content. Just go on there for “fun” in a ‘non-market your game mindset’ and you’ll see how long you stay on there scrolling through random videos. You’ll stay on there longer and longer as you keep coming back, but the content you consume is almost never the stuff you are specifically looking for (I don’t get served any gamedev content there and it’s all I post).
  5. Facebook: Just friends and family, I have no clue how to reach groups or small communities there, but I may post my game in a few places to see what happens. I use it the least. I’ve only made 3 posts about my game there in 7 months.
I was pretty fluid with my marketing. I started doing all social media equally and eventually focused more on Twitter and Reddit (Reddit more so because I enjoy it here and not necessarily just in terms of marketing my project).
What I’d do different if I had to redo it all: Overall, if I were to have more time/be less burned out on the project, I would have found a way to get more play testers earlier. I’m surprised at some of the issues people are having with mechanics that I thought were easy to understand in first level. I probably could have saved a lot of heartache had I been able to get more eyes on it earlier (to be fair, I tried to get my brother, partner, and a few friends to play and had a hard time getting them to actually play, I guess life is too busy sometimes).
Last Minute Unity Bugs/Issues worth sharing for those who use Unity: I had a few last minute bugs with Unity that caused some headaches:
  1. Using the same Text Mesh Pro material for a UI text element and an in-game text element. For whatever reason, on some devices, this will result in the UI text disappearing from the game. Now imagine a user opening your game and all of the buttons have no text and their ability to effectively navigate is gone. Nightmare. And it's not even consistently a problem across all devices, so just because it works on your phone doesn't mean it will work on all of them. Anyways, the fix is to just create two separate identical TMP Font materials for UI and for GameSpace and use them respectively in your scenes.
  2. The shader I used on a UI panel not showing up on some devices. I use a shader on my UI to simulate a warping time effect and I apply this shader over the whole screen. Again, some devices this worked on and some didn't. The fix to get the shader effect to work on all devices was to change the parent canvas render mode to Screen Space - Camera and assign the camera to the canvas. Annoying, but fixes the problem.
  3. Forgot to implement Apple’s App Tracking Transparency, causing initial rejection. This is a simple one, but easy to miss. Apple requires a prompt to allow tracking (for analytics and personalized ads for example), which I'm sure anyone with an iPhone has seen. Don't forget to add this now that it is required.
Shameless Plug: If you like what you see in the trailer, consider playing my game! My game is published on Apple Store and Google Play, as well as having a Steam wishlist page.
The iOS and Android versions are released and completely free to play and very generous with lives, so enjoy! I’ll be donating 30% of any revenue the game makes (100% if the game makes less than $500) to sloth conservation/rehabilitation charities.
If you have any questions/feedback, please let me know. I hope this was helpful.
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