Josh Richardson 7 PTS: All Possessions (2021-12-01)

2021.12.04 08:23 nf_highlights Josh Richardson 7 PTS: All Possessions (2021-12-01)

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2021.12.04 08:23 claudiapappi Should I stay or should I go?

Hi. I'm planning to fly from Europe to Joanesburgo (and then Cape town) around the 20th of January. I haven't bought a ticket yet, because, everyone here says right now it’s not the best moment due to covid. It's possible that things may get worse then? Another thing. I don't plan on staying in resorts, I would like to travel and explore a bit even though I don't have anything settled yet. Can I feel safe traveling alone while being a woman? Thanks.
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2021.12.04 08:23 lagsauce123 yes

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2021.12.04 08:23 Heartless0802 Easy to implement features for the game (suggestion/idea) for dirtybit.

After the race is finished there are 4 optional phrases that you can use to talk to the players after the game “good game, well played etc.” and couple of smileys.
I believe the whole “after the race” experience can be more fun and perhaps more “convincing” to stay and not skip it (and so dirtybit can monetise it somehow aswell) is by giving players :
a) more phrases, more fun things to say and better ways 2 outline things that happened in the race. Could be “Nice trap”, “good aim” whatever..
*Also just a side idea - Custom “cool” phrases after the race could also somehow be acquired maybe as an item - chests or as an ultra rare thing, or maybe the experince/prestige gaining thing can become more motivating by giving new phrases as a bonus for gaining new levels. (Not just those few items that are unlocked as you progress)
b) would be cool to have an option to give a little something to each player after the race just for fun, if you are playing with your friends or even in a quick race - if you think the other player did good and you want to make him happy - give him like 1 diamond or 100 gold (could be same effects as super star type of vibe)
*A little side idea - Also you can add some items that the player picks up in races - (like you do in events ) and then use these items to give to your teammates after those races (for example roses for girls would be cool) stuff like that.
Anyways that’s just a bunch of ideas, twist and add things to that..
Main point is - it’s kinda fun to talk to people after the race, i think the whole experience can be improved by giving more easy features like more phrases or ways to congratulate people etc.
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2021.12.04 08:23 nerdvana89 Bar sport di r/italy

Buongiorno amici sportivi e non sportivi.
Torna il campionato di serie A, queste le partite in programma: * Milan - Salernitana * Roma - Inter * Napoli - Atalanta * Bologna - Fiorentina * Venezia - Verona * Spezia - Sassuolo * Sampdoria - Lazio * Juventus - Genoa * Empoli - Udinese * Cagliari - Torino Avete capito partite che attendete o dei pronostici da condividere con il sub?
Passiamo ora invece ai motori, con il GP dell'Arabia Saudita (Formula 1 STC Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2021) Jeddah Corniche Circuit, Gedda.
Qualifiche: sabato alle 18:00; diretta su Sky, differita su TV8 alle 20:15 Gara: domenica alle 18:30; diretta su Sky, differita su TV8 alle 19:30.
Se avete altri avvenimenti sportivi di cui volete parlare, fatemelo sapere nei commenti.
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2021.12.04 08:23 nf_highlights Matisse Thybulle : All Possessions (2021-12-01)

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2021.12.04 08:23 SinhNguyen286 RPlant pool

RPlant pool He is back:
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2021.12.04 08:23 polarkac Průhledná paní učitelka a vybuchující Judy [Best of LISTOPAD]

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2021.12.04 08:23 magnumcapital Fellow Explorer in Munich

27M recently got to Munich from SF, USA and will be here for alteast a month. I like to explore the city streets and nearby areas either by train or by Lime. I really like to explore the food and beer culture here. Since the day I have arrived I have had dinner and drinks with random nice strangers in the downtown. Its so much fun talking to locals and getting to know the culture. Currently I am staying a pretty nice hotel which also needs to be explored haha.
Anyone here would like to join me in my quest to explore the grand city of Munich ? I am pretty open , adventurous, extrovert and always willing to try new things. I am interested in almost anything. I am vaccinated and do the test everyday ( required at work ).

Feel free to DM me. I can only speak English but I am open to everyone.
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2021.12.04 08:23 Tough_Wolverine_5609 Damn daniel

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2021.12.04 08:23 MeasurementEcstatic7 35 kya he??

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2021.12.04 08:23 greakfreeklol [PSN] [H] a bunch of items to sell [W] them gone! (Only looking for black market offers/credit offers/painted octanes/painted fennecs!)

I'll just list all my items without a price as I am just looking for offers!
UNCOMMON: - 2 titanium white stegosaur
- crimson stegosaur
RARE: - RLBB crimson island king
- OVERDRIVE lone wolf set
- SSC crimson rad reindeer
- SSC grey christmas tree
- SSC crimson christmas tree
- SSC cobalt christmas tree
- HH orange afterlife
- HH sky blue afterlife
- HH forest green afterlife
- HH lime afterlife
- HH pink afterlife
ROYAL TYRANTS: - TRIUMPH acrobat forest green
- TRIUMPH acrobat purple
- GG20 aviator crimson
- GP19 aviator saffron
- TRIUMPH goalkeeper unpainted
- TRIUMPH goalkeeper sky blue
- TRIUMPH goalkeeper titanium white
- TRIUMPH guardian burnt sienna
- TRIUMPH guardian forest green
- TRIUMPH guardian pink
- TRIUMPH guardian sky blue
- TRIUMPH juggler unpainted
- GG20 juggler black
- TRIUMPH paragon grey
- TRIUMPH paragon lime
- TRIUMPH paragon orange
- 2 TRIUMPH playmaker unpainted
- TRIUMPH playmaker cobalt
- TRIUMPH playmaker forest green
- TRIUMPH playmaker orange
- TRIUMPH playmaker titanium white
- TRIUMPH scorer unpainted
- TRIUMPH scorer forest green
- TRIUMPH scorer grey
- TRIUMPH scorer lime
- TRIUMPH scorer titanium white
- TRIUMPH show-off unpainted
- TRIUMPH show-off burnt sienna
- TRIUMPH sniper unpainted
- TRIUMPH striker unpainted
- TRIUMPH striker crimson
- GG20 striker purple
- GP19 striker saffron
- TRIUMPH striker sky blue
- GG20 striker titanium white
- TRIUMPH sweeper unpainted
- TRIUMPH sweeper burnt sienna
- GG20 tactician unpainted
- TRIUMPH tactician black
- TRIUMPH tactician crimson
- TRIUMPH tactician orange
- TRIUMPH turtle burnt sienna
- TRIUMPH turtle cobalt
- GP19 turtle forest green
- GP19 victor black
- TRIUMPH victor cobalt
- TRIUMPH victor titanium white
VERY RARE: - CC1 striker purple chakram
- PCC striker unpainted chakram
- NC orange falco
- NC black stern
- NC pearlescent
IMPORT: - AURIGA orange dingo
- GE19 orange endo
- 3 TAS striker fennec
- 2 SFS striker fennec
- RLBB forest green sovereign
EXOTIC: - CC4 striker purple ara-51
- IGNITION orange komodo
- VINDICATOR grey neyoyo
- CC4 zomba set
- GP20 guardian bubbly
- NC party time
LIMITED: - orange anispray
- 2 pink anispray
- scorer orange ballistic
- 2 striker purple ballistic
- orange ballistic
- 7 big splash
- orange blast ray
- crimson decennium
- 6 titanium white decopunk
- 10 black decopunk
- lime decopunk
- grey dominus rlcs
- 16 saffron dominus rlcs x
- 7 purple dominus rlcs x
- 9 pink dominus rlcs x
- 6 orange dominus rlcs x
- 5 lime dominus rlcs x
- 3 grey dominus rlcs x
- 6 forest green dominus rlcs x
- 8 cobalt dominus rlcs x
- 2 unpainted dominus stratum badge
- striker black dominus stratum badge
- 6 titanium white dominus stratum badge
- 2 saffron emerald
- grey emerald
- cobalt emerald
- crimson emerald
- pink emerald
- purple emerald
- 9 purple fennec rlcs x
- 11 pink fennec rlcs x
- 6 orange fennec rlcs x
- 2 grey fennec rlcs x
- 11 forest green fennec rlcs x
- 3 cobalt fennec rlcs x
- crimson fennec rlcs x
- 3 black fennec yoreband
- 9 titanium white fennec yoreband
- tactician purple yoreband
- unpainted yoreband
- 3 pink helios
- striker purple helios
- 2 tactician black helios
- 2 unpainted hephaestus
- 2 black hephaestus
- cobalt hephaestus
- laser wave 2
- 3 lime laser wave 3
- orange mage glass 3
- 2 saffron mage glass 3
- unpainted ninja
- sweeper orange ninja
- sweeper sky blue ninja
- 2 black ninja
- saffron ninja
- pink octane crl northern
- tactician crimson octane dune racer
- lime octane nice shot
- 2 black octane rlcs
- orange octane rlcs
- 4 black octane rlcs x
- 6 burnt sienna octane rlcs x
- crimson octane rlcs x
- cobalt octane rlcs x
That is all my items! If you made it to the bottom, then have a great day and thanks for having a look! (:
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2021.12.04 08:23 maricrisD Here's an amazing opportunity to get purchased on their token with a proven, reliable, professional team! @MonsoonFi is building an expansive ecosystem, introduces unique features and techniques to tackle the existing inconveniences in blockchain due to the lack of privacy.

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2021.12.04 08:23 overtherainbowfilm Director Gregg Araki

I recently wrote about my favorite cult film director Gregg Araki if anyone would like to check it out :) ! Gregg Araki
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2021.12.04 08:23 nf_highlights Andre Drummond 9 REB: All Possessions (2021-12-01)

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2021.12.04 08:23 SlowpokeCurry Why did it take 6 badges for Barry to figure out he left his Pokedex at Sandgem? 😂

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2021.12.04 08:23 FrancisDiaz0410 So how Gi-Hun didin't flaunt his wealth or spending on expensive stuffs?

My thoughts that Gi hun didin't spend his prize money for expensive stuff. instead, he spends for his family, on debts and a Spending his allowance as a daily to monthly budget too. imagine if you have billion cash (any currency) like gi-hun wins squid game. would you spend or stay in budget allowances?
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2021.12.04 08:23 majnus [BF2042] Rocket dodge

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2021.12.04 08:23 xodaysieox I need help with weight loss

I work 10 hour shifts, and am gone 12 hours a day, due to travel time. I want to get into the gym, I’m 5’6” and 250 pounds. I’d like to drop 100 pounds. At work, I walk an average of about 6 miles a day and I do receiving at a warehouse, so I life boxes for 10 hours a day. I’m looking for how others dropped weight fast. Everyone says diet and excersize, but I feel like I’m starving and going to pass out if I cut calories down to 1200. I rarely drink pop, and have begun drinking primarily water and Gatorade. I do drink a glass of juice for breakfast. I’m willing to try weight loss supplements, if I can find one that actually works. I’m willing to try anything, even if it’s not “healthy”. Except like illegal drugs. Lbvs. How do you diet? I don’t like raw vegetables, and I feel like that makes things a little more difficult.I’m also open to gym exercises, or even exercises I can do at home to target belly, arm and back fat and tone my butt.
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2021.12.04 08:23 Apinx_cd Little Barn Find

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2021.12.04 08:23 nf_highlights Furkan Korkmaz : All Possessions (2021-12-01)

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2021.12.04 08:23 Iracil Forged finish Gyuto made by me, more info in comments and thanks for looking! :)

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2021.12.04 08:23 dforeal88 B4b

Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂
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2021.12.04 08:23 stravaaa CRYPTO - Drum Kit | Free Drum Kit Download

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2021.12.04 08:23 SkyVINS can you tell me about (US) Police jackets?

apologies if i ramble;
i own a rare, limited edition Diesel leather jacket from the 90s, that is made of an *extremely* thick and fairly rigid leather. I absolutely love it, however, i've grown fat, and this jacket's too gaudy for a man of my age. I could never get a straight answer as to what leather that is, first, because the jacket is *actually rare* and no images exist of it, all i know is that it's "real cow leather" and have no reason to doubt that.
I have never even found any similarly-looking leather anywhere, except for .. policeman jackets.
Here is a picture that (badly) explains what i mean:
See, there's a type of US police jacket, where the leather is so stiff, that when you move an arm, say, instead of the leather flowing with the body, it resists, specially near the elbow joint. For a comparison, this video of Max Max 1, they are using nappa leather jackets, and you can see them constantly wrinkling, streching, folding:
So, less of this:
and more of this:
now, my question is ....
Does this thing have a name? Is there a way for me to google "XX Type leather" and find what i'm looking for? Is this type of leather a specifically named thing, or is it just due to how each leatherwork decides that particular jacket will be ?
Any additional information you want to volunteer is welcome.
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