In light of today's teaser, I would like to remind everyone that Arrowhead's next game will be 3rd person. Link includes screenshot of an environment of the game

2021.10.26 20:58 poklane In light of today's teaser, I would like to remind everyone that Arrowhead's next game will be 3rd person. Link includes screenshot of an environment of the game

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2021.10.26 20:58 redit202 (10/26/21) Get 2 Club passes, a free checked bag + early boarding - Weekly United MileagePlus® Partner

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2021.10.26 20:58 trizzo0309 Caitlyn, Jayce coming to League of Legends Wild Rift in Patch 2.5a

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2021.10.26 20:58 ShadowLancer128 Is a 1-year masters program in finance worth it?

I have a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and it's worthless on the job market right now. but my mother has just gotten her master's in accounting and I noticed she got a job offer for 55K just 3 weeks after graduation. I've read online recently that master's programs are a scam. I was just wondering if any of you folks would be kind enough to give me a summary of your experience with master's degrees if you have any. Thank you!
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2021.10.26 20:58 cumin4 Heather Harris

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2021.10.26 20:58 WaterIsMilk Best place to buy a gaming desktop for around 800?

I would like to know where I should buy a gaming desktop for around 800 since building one right now is not the best time.
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2021.10.26 20:58 F-R-0-S-T_ Switching to scroll wheel

So my spacebar has stopped working properly so I have no other option than to switch to scroll wheel to jump. But to me it doesn't seem better or anything as your finger wont be on left click so how can you be ready to shoot if you have to take your finger off to jump?
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2021.10.26 20:58 PPEF Distorted Penny-Piggy

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2021.10.26 20:58 jumpingpetal333 So I am wanting to make myself an alter but i’m not sure of the best place to put it since I am new to all this. Does anyone have any tips? Is it okay to have it at my desk beside my bed? 🥺

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2021.10.26 20:58 jsaiah447 My girlfriend was turned on and i didn't realize it

2nd date was with me and her, my parents, her mom, and her cousin..
My parents decided take them home after our "date" in Santa Monica, and so we piled 6 people into a 5 person truck.. Her mom behind the driver's seat then my girlfriend, her cousin sat on top of my girlfriend's left leg and then me behind the passenger seat...
My girlfriend laid her jacket down on her lap " because she was cold" my i had my hand on my knee and she was touching my hands... In that very moment i wanted to cry but didn't.
Anyway she briefly pulled her hand away for a while and in that time i placed my hand on her thigh brushing my fingers along it...
So we get to the hotel to drop her and her family off and i decided to walk them up...
I said goodnight to them and she chose to walk me back out. I gave her a strong hug and almost started to cry.. ( she was leaving to Guam in 3 days) while in the elevator she gives me a long kiss and walks me back to my car..
While in the car ride back home she sends me a vanishing message on messenger "you made me kinda wet when you touched my leg" i honestly didn't mean to.. I was genuinely trying to show care and affection
My first time making a girl wet ever im on cloud 9...
She wants another date after she returns from Guam
Im gonna try and get out of my porn addiction for her... I really REALLY love this girl...
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2021.10.26 20:58 Jheysun Is 37 considered middle aged?

Currently, I'm 32. But recently read an article stating 37 is considered middle aged. I feel quite sad about this as it's 5 years away for me, and I feel like I haven't "lived" like I want to. Not traveled much, still not finished my degree, etc.. Apparently 37 according to the said article is half of my life over, and that's 5 years from now. Am I just being ridiculous?
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2021.10.26 20:58 CheetahSperm18 Nero

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2021.10.26 20:58 Chimeguy22 ⭐✨✨ Chime bank is giving $100 free with your first qualifying deposit✨✨⭐

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2021.10.26 20:58 tmcdaid 🏈 Ultimate NFT, the first NFT Incorporated Fantasy Draft and Marketplace. Launched one day ago! 🏀

Ultimate NFT Takes Sports To New Heights
The advancements of blockchain technology knows no bounds when it comes to innovation. First it was altcoins springing up everywhere. Now it’s the Non Fungible Token (NFT) craze that’s taking the crypto world by storm.
At every turn people are always looking toward what’s next? What’s the next big thing that will shape the crypto landscape.
Look no further than Ultimate NFT. Ultimate NFT is looking to bridge the gap between fantasy sports and the NFT space.
Millions of people around the world are familiar with how fantasy sports works. Assemble a team of your favorite athletes within a given sport. Each week you go head to head with friends all over the world. Then based on those athletes performances you get a “fantasy score” and the person with the higher point total wins.
What if that same methodology could be brought into the blockchain? Players are able to purchase NFTs of their favorite athletes and then use them in a fantasy format to compete against their friends in the crypto space?
Ultimate NFT aims to do just that. Launching their UNFT token October 25th. UNFT has a multi phase plan to bring fantasy sports into the blockchain. That plan includes launching an NFT Marketplace to buy sell and trade these NFTs. The team then plans to start building out its fantasy sports infrastructure to allow holders of their token and NFTs the ability to go head to head with one another in organized leagues.
The evolving world of blockchain technology is ever evolving. Ensuring that things like fantasy sports make their way into the crypto ecosystem is an absolutely necessary one. No better platform than Ultimate NFT to be the one to do that.
To stay up to date with the launch and advancements of the Ultimate NFT project be sure to check them out at
UNFT had a successful launch yesterday and listed on coingecko in 24 hours. Currently sitting at a comfortable 3million market cap. Certik audit and Skynet are online. The team gave a proven track record and the utility is amazing. Join before this becomes the next blue chip crypto.
Telegram- Contract- 0xf442a73d52431eb39f3fca49b4a495d9ae99b1a2
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2021.10.26 20:58 tatewoody [WTS] Wilson Combat Dust Covers; Marked "223 Wylde" & "308 Win". Strike Industries Link Curved Foregrip in Black (OR)
223 Wylde Dust Cover - $12 shipped 308 Win Dust Cover - $12 shipped Strike Foregrip - $25 shipped
If you want a package deal we can definitely work something out.
I accept PayPal, add 3% for g&s
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2021.10.26 20:58 phishbowls Help me choose an x factor!

Hey all, thanks for any advice you can give. I'm trying to decide who to take.
Hamilton, Kopitar, Fleury, Patty Kane, or Pavelski.
Fairly new team but I do have the event Seth Jones on defence. Top center is 85 x factor Aho. Any advice is appreciated, thanks!
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2021.10.26 20:58 renegadeofland The perfect meme connection

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2021.10.26 20:58 DMFORONLYFANS New updated mega dm

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2021.10.26 20:58 inspyral Kenji Kamiyama's Original Anime Feature Eien no 831 Reveals Cast

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2021.10.26 20:58 barbijodelconicet Loco yo voy con la del Manchester a todos lados que me vas a venir a decir a mi ortiva.

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2021.10.26 20:58 Visible-Load290 Any experience with modding a humbucker to a higher output?

Just looking for any way to mod a stock Epiphone ProBucker 3 to be hotter and louder, wondering if this is even possible.
I could buy a better pickup but exhausting my options first.
Thanks in advance
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2021.10.26 20:58 SirFox91 Made this recently for a group chat

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2021.10.26 20:58 je4266 What can I expect from SPRAVATO?

Looking for first hand experiences. Not about the “high” or body feel. But how my thoughts may change, feelings, coping skills, and sensitivity to trauma may change. Anyone willing to share some first hand experiences? I start SPRAVATO very soon and I’m feeling nervous. Worried it will make things worse for me.
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2021.10.26 20:58 ThoughtsFromNobody RP Community?

New player here! Curious if there is a role play community for the game
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2021.10.26 20:58 uecpd what is your favourite colour?

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