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what is the weirdest place you came?

Giant rubber duck mysteriously shows up in Maine harbor, and more of this week's weirdest news The Associated Press Aug 21, 2021 Aug 21, 2021; 0; The appearance of a giant rubber duck in a Maine harbor is a whimsical whodunit that has defied sleuths. 0 comments Tags. Wire; Dcc; Weird-news; Dccdbz; Related to this collection ... Turkish man reported missing joins search party seeking him, and more of this week's weirdest news. Oct 9, 2021; In a scene worthy of a comedy sketch, a Turkish man joined a search party for a missing person not realizing the individual being pursued was him. The weirdest moment in the history of "The View" The weirdest moment in the history of "The View" Allahpundit Sep 24, 2021 2:01 PM ET. Share Tweet . Share . Tweet . Has to be the weirdest in the past 10 years, at least. If you go back further than that, you run into Rosie O’Donnell mumbling about 9/11 and how fire can’t melt steel. That’s ... The Best, Worst And Weirdest Stats Of The 2021 MLB Season Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Politics Sports Science Podcasts Video ABC News Aug. 30, 2021, at ... Elves, Sprites & Blue Jets: Earth's Weirdest Lightning. By Charles Q. Choi 21 January 2014. Strange and mysterious. Column-shaped red sprites in a photo snapped Aug. 12, ... The weirdest things we learned this week range from a swapping blood with the Pope to the dramatic origins of the Monopoly board game. Whose story will be voted "The Weirdest Thing I Learned This Week"? The Weirdest Thing I Learned This Week is a podcast by Popular Science. Share your weirdest facts and stories with us in our Facebook group or ... From North to Tennessee, recap which stars have given their offspring the most unusual baby names The 15 weirdest galaxies in our universe. By Stephanie Pappas 17 October 2019. The universe contains somewhere in the ballpark of 100 billion and 200 billion galaxies. With numbers that large, you ... The 24 weirdest laws in Illinois Jul 16, 2018 Jul 16, 2018; 0; Illinois has some absurd state and city laws still on the books. Here are a few of the funniest ones. Those under 21 can drink ... Weirdest things found on Google Earth. October 14, 2021 - 11:12AM. NewsDNA. From unexplained formations to human made oddities that can be seen from space, here are some of the strangest things ...

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2021.10.26 21:28 AlmondChic Michael and Luisa scenes are hilarious!

Luisa telling Michael the story of her and Roses and all the sex they had and Michael getting visibly annoyed. That other scene where she says she had to put up the block. If anyone has a gif of these lmk but Luisa Michael interactions are priceless
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2021.10.26 21:28 FwDorisdavenport132 We’re juniors. Why does it seem likely that girls who my friendships w ended in 8th grade still talk abt me to some extent

Like one of them is my former best friend. They cyberbullied me and kicked me out of their friend group in 8th grade bc I was “annoying” even tho I had hung out w one of them since 6th grade
In 9th grade she tried to re-befriend me (my ex best friend) but I was still bothered so didn’t directly say no but didn’t do it… and she was slightly mean to me for the rest of the yr
In 10th I remember I had her Instagram accounts blocked but she still indirectly accused me of owning a social media acc or multiple accs telling her to die (didn’t get adults involved but had friends of hers text me in regards to it I… guess) I remember there was a rumor in middle school that I owned some gossip acc
We’re juniors this year and I have pe w one of the girls who’s in that friend group/kicked me out. And I remember on my 2nd or 3rd day in PE after I transferred to her class I was talking to someone and caught her like staring at me
I ended up kind of talking more to someone she is friends w w in her PE class like I hang around the girl who I think was her main friend
And today I was walking past them and looked at them and my ex best friend looked at me and looked annoyed or bothered. I’ve seen my ex best friend multiple times and she always gives me that look, like she’s bothered but won’t confront me
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I (27f) get married soon(m28) and I know kids are not my forte. They also non-negotiable for him. If we can’t have kids naturally, he wants to adopt, and he wants to foster one day also (yes, it’s a long process and not all roses). He is an ex teacher and I haven’t even babysat since ‘12. So kids are not my thing. Sometimes, when we’re having a 11am brunch across town after going to the farmers market and spending the rest of the day in bed messing around until we eat whatever is in the fridge for dinner, I think “damn if we had kids we couldn’t be this spontaneous, this would have to be planned. Kids won’t cooperate while I pick out the best peppers, or leave us alone for adult time. Who would want that type of disruption??” I just feel like my life is great and kids are not fun. They don’t even have good stories. Will I eventually come around??
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I need everyone’s opinion with this transaction - so I ended up buying for my birthday a designer jacket for around $648 but converted to euro it’s €536 The first issue I had with the seller was that I paid her $48 for shipping and she told me that she would do signatures shipping with DHL. And basically went with standard USPS shipping. I ended up receiving merchandise within a three week timeframe .the jacket ended up not fitting me and I found out that it’s a child size jacket so she basically sold me a designer child jacket I opened a dispute . With PayPal so PayPal ended up updating the dispute to return merchandise to receive refund
I return the item for my refund sending it back to her and now she’s saying merchandise is not what she sent to me
i’m working extremely hard to get my money back with PayPal this whole situation is a mess what angle should I tackle this dispute? I never been in a situation like this and it would be helpful to receive peoples opinion
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2021.10.26 21:28 Foxbat40 The Devine Demon {Chapter 71}

She snaked her way down the stairs finally arriving in a level hallway made of large stone blocks. Cobwebs lined each corner and the air smelled dank and stale. The floor felt smooth but the gaps in the stone gave her something to push off of as she slid forward. Then after only 10’ she felt something give way under her and drop about an inch. A loud click sounded out causing her to look down and lower her head as the sound came from beneath her. Then a sharp whistle as an arrow flew down the hall and impacted her shield. The wooden shaft shattered as it hit the stone and Lilith had a rough idea that the arrow had come from in front but she could see no attacker. Then the whirling of gears came from the same direction and they increased in frequency until they stopped. Just as soon as the noise stopped another arrow came at her striking her stone shield again.
“Lilith you’re standing on something.” Amon said pointing down at her tail about 4’ back from where her body first made contact with the floor.
Lilith moved forward but her length continued to rest on the plate as she could now feel the cool metal under her in that location. Running out of patience Lilith jumped forward arriving in a cloud of mist only a foot from the wall where the whirling sound was coming from. When the noise stopped she flinched expecting another arrow to come out but it didn’t. She stood there for half a minute before she looked back and saw the paladins walking up to her.
“We just stepped over the plate now that we know its there.” Amon said with his head tilted at a jaunty angle.
“There you go showing off again. Using your fancy legs.” Lilith said in a mocking tone.
Amon then shushed her and pointed to the right as the hallway had turned in that direction. This hall featured three doors; one on the left and right about half way down and a third at the end of the hall. Something on the far door seemed to catch the light so Lilith went to that one first. Both Paladins were now holding lit torches and they walked up behind her as she examined it. The door was made in two halves and featured a carved image of an Elvin man’s face in profile on each side. The Faces were looking at each other only about 6” between their noses. The eyes of each face seemed to be made from an inset gemstone that glimmered in the torchlight.
Lilith decided to push on the doors with all her strength but they didn’t budge. They didn’t even move a little. They had no key holes or latches. If it wasn’t for the obvious split between the two halves she would have sworn this was a dead end.
“Lets check the other doors.” Amon suggested. As he turned to head back.
Lilith slid back over herself and went to the other doors, which were across the hall from each other. Amon stood back as Lilith examined the doors running her hand across their surface. There was a key hole about 3’ off the ground. The doors were 10’ tall and other than the key hole it was completely smooth and featureless. Lilith then turned around and found the opposite door to be the exact same. No latches or markings, only a key hole.
“You don’t have a key do you?” Lilith asked looking at Amon.
“Afraid not I only have my room key.” he said in a quiet voice.
“Well let me try a spell and see if we can get these to open.” Lilith mused before she checked her codex and cast Knock.
A loud bang echoed down the hall and several smaller noises came from the two doors. Lilith leaned against the door in front of her and felt it give way. It continued to swing away from her as she pushed, revealing a large chamber maybe 50’ on a side. This room too had a 10’ ceiling but the walls were lined with alcoves filled with dead warriors. Each desecated corpse held a different weapon in their hands. Some even had armor and shields not toi different from Brother Amon or Feldin’s. The rest of the room was covered in cobwebs and odd pieces of junk. Lilith recognized a few backpacks but they seemed to have holes in them and looked like the material was rotten from age.
Lilith then approached a plinth in the middle of the room. It held a quiver of arrows. Also off to the right, against the wall was a statue of an Elf man with his arms outstretched as if he was ready to receive a gift.
Looking back at the stone plinth Lilith wiped away years of cobwebs and dust to reveal writing that was close to the common they used every day. Reading the words it read something like old English and she whispered it to the paladins behind her. “I will use my bow to defend this land. But what use is a bow without an arrow.” Lilith said in a soft voice
Amon just nodded and picked up the quiver of arrows and walked over to the statue on the right wall. He placed the quiver into the outstretched arms and it bent down with the weight of them making a slight clicking noise. There were a few more clicks from the wall behind her but then the noise stopped and silence took hold again.
Amon looked around the room and shrugged in her direction.
“Lets check the other room.” Lilith called out to him in a normal tone that echoed throughout the chamber.
Then they all heard a new set of voices. Groans, hisses and shrieks. The sounds of tortured bodies coming back to life as several of the dead bodies began to move and stand, coming out of their crypts. The two Brothers set their torches down and drew their swords as the groans and scraping of armor against bones sounded out in the chamber. The Noodles both made for the door exiting the room at a rapid pace. Lilith drew her greatsword holding it in one hand and charged at the nearest one hitting it with her blade breaking its left arm which fell to the ground in pieces. Its right arm however raised a longsword and struck at her with unnerving speed. They were starting to move faster either incensed by the presence of the living or through practice as they moved limbs that had been dormant for so long. The blow landed on her shoulder but only caused her a slight amount of pain her armor seemed to be doing its job and only the impact was felt. Lilith pushed her stone shield against him, carrying him with it until she pushed him completely to the wall where his body shattered into fragments.
As she did this, the Two paladins had cast Holy Shield and bless on themselves and moved to the doorway so that they couldn’t be surrounded. Lilith however was 30’ away from them and surrounded by 12 undead horrors that were now running at her with weapons drawn. Lilith dropped her shield and gripped her blade with both hands. She swept it in an arc lopping off the heads of three of the undead but they stood firm swinging their weapons all the same. She jumped away to the opposite side of the room before the blows could connect and saw Amon and Feldin down one of the horrors through their combined efforts. The large group of desiccated corpses turned and continued their pursuit towards her new location. Finally with enough room to cast a spell Lilith cast Wall of Fire in front of the two Paladins but faced it towards herself. She then moved through it and almost got hit by Feldin’s sword as he stopped his swing half way. “Move back!” she said as the paladins backpedaled into the hall retreating back to the corner.
Lilith move her length behind the burning wall as she watched the animated dead walk into it and burn to death in turn. Some of them collapsed after they came through but none of them survived they all fell to her flames in a pile of charred bones and melted armor. Looking to her left she saw the paladins looking on with their glowing swords and questioning expressions. With a snap of her fingers she canceled the fire wall and shot them a smile. “I think we got them all.” She said before moving past the pile of bones to survey the rest of the room.
“Hey look at this Lilith.” Feldin said pointing his sword down the hall at the set of double doors.
Lilith then snaked her way back and looked to her left down the hall to see that one of the eyes on the door was lit up, now glowing green. “I guess that means we need to clear the other room too.” she said as she began to push on the opposite door.
With the Paladins at her back and the Noodles behind them she walked forward into the middle of the room to a statue of a giant badger. It was 4’ tall at the shoulder and just as wide. Its tail was relaxed and its head held high as if it was looking forward to something. Lilith ignored the statue for the moment and instead spoke in a loud voice. “Warriors come out and Play!” as she banged her great sword against the ground three times.
As soon as her sword hit the ground for the first time the groans, shrieks and hisses began and the desiccated bodies of the undead began to get up from their crypts and shamble in her direction. After only a few steps they began to move faster and Lilith backed up into the hall. The paladins made way for her but as they went backwards they tripped over the pile of charred bones that the Noodles hadn’t warned them about. Lilith cast Wall of Fire again and looked over her shoulder to see what the metallic noise was. Seeing the Paladins quickly regaining their feet she turned back to watch as once again the skeletons walked into the flames and collapsed in a pile of burning and smoldering bones.
Once she was satisfied that all the undead were done for, she canceled the spell and the room returned to near darkness. “Are you two ok?” She asked.
“Fine Fine we just tripped.” Amon said as he and Brother Feldin picked up their torches.
Moving back into second room Lilith saw the statue of the giant badger but now noticed a second statue of the same Elvin man but this one was depicted as wearing leather armor and having a fancy bow slung over his shoulder. ‘this must be the ranger that the tomb marker mentioned’ Lilith thought.
The statue was in an odd pose he was down on one knee and had a hand outstretched as if he was reaching for something. Lilith looked around but the only other thing in the room that wasn’t covered in cob webs or burnt to a crisp was the statue of the giant badger.
“Hey there is more writing here.” Amon said as he kicked some dust and dirt away with his boot from a section of the floor next to the badger. “I think it says ‘Pet me and I will follow’.” he said as he pointed at the floor.
“Well try petting it.” Lilith suggested
Amon pet the statue on the head and then backed away. But much to everyone's disappointment the statue did not move. “Maybe that is for the best anyways I don’t want a stone badger follow me around.” Amon said in jest.
“I think we have to move it to the other statue just like in the other room where we brought it the arrows.” Feldin suggested as he pointed to both statues in order.
“I can give it a try.” Lilith said as she moved behind the statue and started pushing on it. As she put her weight against the statue Lilith found she could move it easily so long as she got below its center of gravity. Then she turned and positioned it and pushed it across the room until its head was under the hand of the Elf statue. As soon as the two were close the arm moved down the extra inch and touched the badger with a clicking noise. Then they heard more clicks and a whirling of a fly wheel and pulleys.
Once they exited the room and looked towards the double doors they found that they were open revealing yet more of the hallway that lead to a large room.
“Great now we are making progress.” Amon said. As he clapped his hands together in between the two adjacent rooms. Noodle One then went ahead seeming to have spotted something.
“Is this bad Ms. Devine? There is a metal plate here just like back at the stairs.” Noodle One called out as he looked at the part of the hallway that was just behind the doors.
“Good job Noodles keep your eyes out for more traps like that.” Lilith said as she jumped past the trap arriving in a cloud of mist.
“Step over this.” Noodle Two said as the Paladins approached and jumped over the trap as well.
In this part of the hall Lilith noticed that it was covered in holes spaced about every two feet. Up the sides along the ceiling, everywhere at every angle there were more holes that could be concealing arrow traps. Lilith suddenly regretted leaving the shield behind but decided to move forward into the large room ahead of her.
This room had a series of stone pillars that had ornate decorations and jeweled panels on all four sides. The pillars had a full 5’ between them but there were lots of them seeming to occupy most of the room.
“These look like they might be trapped don’t touch anything.” Lilith called back over her shoulder. Soon the two paladins followed entering the same chamber. They too avoided hitting any of the panels and walked behind Lilith their torches held high. Off to the right Lilith could hear the soft sound of running water and she moved forward to take a look. There she found a flume that was about 3’ deep and had fast moving water flowing in it. The water entered via a metal grate and then left the room the same way on the opposite wall. On the other side of the flume Lilith could see a door with a smooth flat face. Rather than teleporting she used her length to extend herself across the flume while the paladins each picked up a Noodle and jumped across.
Now on the other side Lilith examined the door and found that it had a key hole just like the other two doors that were opposite of each other. She once again cast the knock spell and proceeded into the Hall. This hallway once again had holes on every surface of the walls and ceiling. If they really were arrow traps this would not be a good place to get caught, she thought to herself.
At the end of the hall Lilith snaked her way into a large chamber. This room was much more grand than the previous ones. The ceiling was about 30’ high and featured an arched roof that was painted to look like a cloudy sky. The walls were decorated in paintings depicting the actions of a dragon. He seemed to be befriending townspeople and then fighting against trolls and then owl bears. Yet more scenes showed this dragon traveling with adventurers, one among them looked familiar to Lilith as he was an Elvin Ranger just as she had seen many times in this tomb. But the 800 pound gorilla in the room again was a large statue. But this one put the others to shame. It was 15’ tall, had snarling teeth, and golden claws. It was the statue of a young dragon of some sort. The eyes seemed to be made of rubies and the detail in the head and wings were amazing. She could see individual scales on its body and it looked so detailed it brought back memories of the gold dragon she had encountered some eight days prior.
Thinking that she was in the middle of this dungeon Lilith decided to cast Locate Object to see if they were heading in the right direction. The paladins and the Noodles wandered around looking at the paintings on the walls and marveling at the dragon statue. The spell completed and Lilith spoke “I am looking for a sword made of fire and light.” Almost instantly Lilith felt a pull and it led her past the dragon and over to a set of large metal doors. Touching them Lilith pushed against them with all her might before there was a pop and a crack followed by the squeak of metal as the doors gave way and opened.
Turning around to see if the Paladin’s noticed her amazing feat of strength, Lilith saw movement. Something huge was looking at her with two red ruby eyes and golden teeth. The statue of the Dragon had come alive and was looking directly at her. Lilith drew her sword but didn’t move forward yet. Instead she looked around the room to see what the Paladins were doing. She saw them still looking at the frescoes but she heard the voice of Noodle Two say “Oh it has moved turn around Mr. Paladin.”
Then it spoke in a smooth textured voice. “While I have no horde of my own, this, I will protect.” before it took a breath and sent a bolt of lightning directly at Lilith. The crack and boom of the bolt shook the room and dust began falling from every surface.
Lilith’s body fell and convulsed, she writhed in pain dropping her sword as she flopped around on the floor like a fish out of water. After about three seconds she propped herself up with her arms and reached for hers sword as the dragon charged her with his mouth wide open. Lilith just barely got her sword up and held it with both hands blocking the bite as the teeth clamped around her blade. It then gripped her sword and lifted her partially off the ground as his claws swiped at her belly scales cutting her deeply.
Lilith released her sword and jumped behind the dragon some 100 feet away. Now at the back wall of the vaulted room behind the stunned paladins. The dragon turned and began to run back through the double doors bringing its wings in close as the passage was only 10’ high. Lilith used this time to cast Heal on herself to close the wounds she had suffered as a good portion of her blood was on the floor spreading in the gaps between the stones.
The dragon continued forward spitting out her sword to his right before continuing its advance, singularly focused on Lilith. Amon and Feldin joined the fray as the dragon reached the middle of the room. Their swords making sparks as they bounce off the stone hide of the statue. Small chips of stone hit the ground each time they made contact but the dragon continued forward unrelenting.
Lilith finished healing herself and looked up just before the dragon was about to bit her shoulder. She jumped behind him again going 150 feet into the next room. There she felt the pull of the Locate Object spell and quickly located what they had come for. It was a blade about 6’ long, she couldn’t tell what it was made of but it had a faint glow. The sword had a loop guard that looked like a rising sun and a hand could fit right in the middle of it. Lilith picked it up and noted that it felt almost weightless as it instantly came to life illuminating the room. She then turned to see Amon taking a claw attack to his shield while Feldin’s glowing sword took chunks out of the dragon’s side. Amon went skidding across the floor knocked completely off his feet, coming to a rest almost 20’ away. The Dragon turning to track him, knocked over a stone plinth in the process that marked his original resting place in the center of the room.
Seeing Amon in trouble, Lilith jumped forward arriving in a cloud of mist. She cut at the dragon’s right leg, the blade of pure energy making contact at his elbow. There was a sizzling noise as the stone of the statue was turned to lava and the leg was cut off leaving behind a glowing orange stump.
The statue instantly fell onto its chest having suddenly lost a limb. It then tried to stand on the stump and its other arm and managed, for long enough, to swing his jaws around to bite at Lilith.
Lilith had enough time during its flailing to bring her blade back in front of her and the snapping jaws met the sharp edge of the Dawnblade. The lower jaw of the statue was cut clean off and its head and neck writhed around the body backpedaling and withdrawing from Lilith’s reach.
Then it spoke as it began to lay down flat on the ground is wings tucked in, “Take what you wish but you will never leave here alive.” it said the voice still sounding the same as before. The Statue sat still parts of it still glowing faintly where they had made contact with the radiant sword now glowing in Lilith's hands.
Amon got up but he looked worse for wear. His left arm hung limp with the battered shield still attached to his forearm. It seemed like something had broken from the impact of the Dragon’s attack.
“That must be it. By Lathander’s light that is it.” He said as he dropped his shield and sword, he then continued walking over clutching his left arm with his right. A look of pain and a tortured smile could be seen on his face as the warm orange light reflected off his eyes.
Lilith looked down examining the weapon in her hand. It was bright and shed light in all directions but it didn’t impair her vision. It was made from one solid piece of radiant energy from the handle to the hand guards to the 5’ long blade.
Feldin approached her first but had to shield his eyes and back away. The sword seemed to be too bright and hot for him to stand close to. “It is like looking at the sun.” he said still shielding his eyes with his left hand.
“It is strange, it doesn’t weigh anything. It feels as light as a feather.” Lilith said, turning the blade in a few different directions to look at it. “It is bright though is there a sheath or a scabbard to put it in?” She asked, looking around the room.
In the second chamber she saw a statue of the Elvin Ranger Holding an ornate longbow in his hands. Then she noticed to his side where the sword had been resting was a solid piece of Adamantine. She touched it with the blade of the sword and it instantly cut through it and into the floor. She then tried laying the sword back onto the adamantine plate and the sword dimmed and did not cut or melt it. It seemed to lie there in a dimmed state of rest much like the statue of the Dragon was now doing.
Lilith stood to her normal height again and went back to the dragon room through the Double doors. Seeing that Feldin was treating Amon’s wounds she slid past them and picked up her adamantine greatsword and placed it back into its scabbard on her back she then checked on Amon but he was already testing out his left arm again swinging it in wide circles. “So does that count as fighting a dragon?” He asked as a small expression of pain crossed his face each time his arm went up over his head.
Lilith seeing this went over to him and cast Heal on his shoulder. The warm light filled the room and made both Paladins look away. The light slowly faded before Amon started to move his arm again. “Oh that is much better. Are you sure you aren’t a cleric?” he said in jest.
“Dawn Agent if I remember correctly. And now we have the Dawnblade, but I don’t quite know what to do with it.” She said motioning at the glowing sword.
“I know what you mean, it isn’t very practical to walk around with something that could sever a limb in an instant.” Amon said as he looked at the dismembered dragon statue lying to their side.
“I heard a story about Lathander when he was walking this land, during the time of troubles. He didn’t carry the sword on his person but somehow it was always with him.” Feldin said as he picked up his torch from the ground.
“Maybe I have to attune to it first, then I might see it listed in my codex.” Lilith suggested.
“It is worth a try.” Amon said as he retrieved his sword and shield. “We will be here resting. Ah damn, I am going to need a new shield.” He said after seeing how his was now dented and pierced by four of the claws when it was hit.
Lilith took hold of the Dawnblade once again. It glowed more brightly when she held it but it dimmed when she rested it on her other hand. She sat down on her side to make herself comfortable as she was going to be there for a while. The two noodles continued to move around the room, searching every corner and box just in case there was something dangerous behind them.
Brothers Amon and Feldin looked around for a while as well before they sat down and took long drinks from their water skins. Feldin fell asleep first. It had to be around 9:00 in the evening and it had been a tiring day. Then Amon’s head began to bob as the two Noodles rested by his side, no one coming within 10’ of Lilith and the glowing blade.
Then after an hour Lilith saw a new entry pop up in her Codex. It read Dawnblade and it listed three functions; Display, Hide, and Radiant Burst. Each entry had a set of words in the common tongue that would need to be spoken.
Lilith decided to try out the new functions and spoke the words to hide the sword. “The day is done.” she said and the blade grew dim and faded from her sight. It also felt immaterial in her hand and then was gone. Nothing solid or luminous remained.
With the room now much darker than it had been for the past hour Amon spoke up. “What happened where is the sword?” Amon asked as the Noodles perked up too.
“I put it away, watch.” Lilith said as she then spoke the words to draw the sword. “It is a new day.” With that, the sword appeared again just as bright as it had been. She then put the sword away again saying “The day is done.”
“That is just like the sun rise. Yes. A sword of light.” Noodle One said as he moved closer.
“That's great Lils! Now we just need to get out of this tomb and get back to the Cathedral.” Amon said as he began to wake Feldin.
“Whats going on?” Feldin asked before noticing that Lilith no longer had the Dawnblade in her hands. “Where did it go?”
“Lilith has it stored someplace with magic. We can go now, so lets get moving.” Amon said as he stood and pulled his dented shield off his back. He then re-lit his torch and stood at the ready.
Soon Feldin was ready too, shield in his left hand torch in his right.
Lilith took one last look around the room wondering if she should take the ornate bow resting in the hands of the Elvin Statue. Then she thought back on the warning that Lathander had given her. ‘Remember what you are to do.’ The words had stuck with her. ‘ya I am just here for the sword.’ She reminded herself before she turned away from the statue and spoke to Amon. “Pick up the Noodles and gather round I am going to teleport us back to the Blackstaff tower.” She said in a commanding voice.
“From right here? So we don’t have to walk out of the dungeon?” He asked.
Lilith just shook her head no and motioned for everyone to come closer. Soon there was a Noodle on each one of the paladins and they placed a hand on each of Lilith’s shoulders. She then read out the rune words for her destination and cast Teleport.
Once again they were whisked away at an unimaginable speed arriving in the comparatively well lit room inside the Blackstaff tower.
Amon then turned and looked at both Lilith and Feldin, “Not a word of what we did should be said in the open. Keep your mouths shut until we are in the Morninglord’s office.” He warned.
Both of them nodded as did the Noodles. Soon they were greeted by two wizards who asked them about their business there. Lilith explained that they were returning from a journey to Yartar and were eager to get back to the Spires of the Morning Cathedral.
The wizard seemed hesitant to believe Lilith at first until he looked down at his ring which was glowing green almost exactly like the ring that Sir Tanel wore.
He then escorted the three of them out of the tower and they made the short 15 minute trek back to the Cathedral. Amon then told Feldin to take his pack and to get some rest. Then Lilith and Amon continued into the Cathedral’s halls and navigated the narrow corridors. Then Amon knocked on Father Trendel’s office. There was no answer of course it was around 10:30 now and he was probably in his quarters. Amon wanted to go search for him but Lilith insisted it could wait till morning. So the two of them went their separate ways. Lilith now carrying both snakes and Amon walking swiftly not encumbered by his pack.
Lilith slid down the stairs into the basement of the Tower of Rest. There, in the common room, she let the Noodles down off her shoulder and waved at Celeste who was now reading a different book. She was wearing an evening gown something Lilith hadn’t seen before. The sight of Celeste seemed like a dream after what Lilith had been through that day. Her surprisingly fit legs flexed as she bounced one foot in the air as she read. The material was light and Lilith could see her bra underneath the shear fabric. Her eyes lingered for a moment longer as she looked at her thin stomach seeing it twitch slightly as she entered the room more and more.
Celeste looked up, a bit worried that two Paladins were going to follow Lilith down the stairs at any moment but none came. “How did it go? Did you get Lathander’s sword?” Celeste asked setting down her book.
“Yes we got it, and it is beautiful and terrifying all at the same time.” Lilith said as she rubbed her eyes as they felt a bit dusty.
“Terrifying how?”
“Some weapons are too powerful, too effective. They just shouldn’t exist. Its not made of any material that can be found in this world. If I were to drop it, I am afraid it might cut down to the center of the planet.” Lilith said, here eyes now fixed on Celeste.
“So where is it?”
“Here I will show you.” Lilith said before she heard a strange sound from the love seat on the back wall.
“Are you bringing the sword out again. Wait for us to leave it hurts our eyes.” Noodle One said as he and Noodle Two left the room going into Celeste’s bedroom as it was the only open door available to them.
“What are they afraid of?” Celeste asked.
But Lilith did not answer, instead she spoke the words “It is a new day” and a bright blade of luminous energy erupted from her right hand. It lit up the room as if it were daylight but neither Lilith nor Celeste had any trouble looking at it.
Celeste stood and walked closer but Lilith quickly said. “Don’t tough it. The blade cuts instantly even through solid stone. Do you have a silver coin?”
Celeste went to the dresser in her room and retrieved a silver coin from the top drawer. She then came back and placed it on top of the desk at Lilith's side being careful to stay on the other side of the desk.
Lilith picked up the coin and dropped it on the blade’s edge. Then she said the words “The day is Done.” and the room went back to its normal dim lighting as the sword disappeared.
Celeste then went around the desk and picked up the two halves of the silver coin. The edges were still hot and were melted slightly. “Ohh ahh hot.” she complained as she bounced the two pieces in her hand until she set them on the desk.
“Ya its a powerful weapon and it frightens me just as much as it scares the Noodles.” Lilith said as she shook her head in disbelief and apprehension.
“What? Why are YOU scared?” Celeste asked as she handed Lilith one half of the silver coin.
Lilith lifted the half up to her eye and looked at the cut surface in detail “Because Lathander wanted us to have this to help us overcome some threat that lies ahead. Celeste this weapon is beyond belief. It cut a stone dragon to pieces in seconds. What is it that had Lathander so worried that he had us rush there to get it?” Lilith asked as she put the silver coin half back onto the desk.
“I don’t know Lils, but we will face it together. We make a great team. you know We even saved a Dutchess.” She said with a smile.
“Ya I wish you could have been there too but even Amon got knocked around pretty hard this time. And there were bandits.”
“Ohwhat did they do? Did they try to rob you in the Yartar?” Celeste asked sitting down in one of the leather chairs.
Lilith moved over to the love seat and explained the previous days events adding her own re-enactments where they were needed. Celeste laughed at the thought of the paladins running through the streets of Yartar yelling demon. Then she wrung her hands in nervousness as Lilith told her of the room of undead warriors that nearly surrounded her earlier that day.
Finally when Lilith finished bringing her up to speed on the dragon and the sword they both decided it was time for bed. But Celeste followed Lilith to her room much to Lilith’s surprise. “What are you doing, you can’t sleep in here.” she said with a confused look.
“Why not? The bed is big enough and you look like you could use the company.” Celeste replied as she leaned against the dresser and crossed her arms.
Lilith moved half her length behind her and onto her bed before she turned to face her friend. “I’m fine, I mean I used Heal on myself and on Brother Amon, see not a scratch.” Lilith said as she raised herself higher and pointed at her belly scales just below where her knees should be.
Celeste then put a hand forward and pressed against her where she was pointing and Lilith recoiled at her touch. “See you aren’t fine.” she said with her hand still held in the air as her friend sat back at her normal height.
Lilith’s tail wiggled in several different directions at once at the strange feeling “I am fine, its just, I can still remember the pain and the sensation of being cut open like that. I just need a good nights rest. The feeling is still too fresh in my mind.” Lilith said as she took off her sword and her armor.
“Come on, I can’t go to sleep in my room, there are snakes in there.” Celeste said with a grin.
“You are right I forgot. No snakes in here, none at all.” Lilith said in a sarcastic tone before she took off her jewelry and collapsed on her bed. “But I am still worried about hurting you I weigh a lot now. You wouldn’t sleep next to an elephant would you?” Lilith asked giving her friend a side eyed glance as her face was looking up at the ceiling.
“You aren’t an elephant Lils, and you haven’t squished any of the Noodles yet, so I think I will be ok.” she said laying down next to her friend and pulling a blanket over.
“Well I can cast Heal two more times today so we should be good either way.” she said jokingly as she moved closer to Celeste and put both her arms around her and sniffed her hair.
Celeste let out a laugh. “What are you doing you goof.” she asked as she put a hand on Lilith’s chest to push her away.
“Sorry I missed the smell. That place smelled of death and dust.” Lilith said her eyes growing distant for a second before she looked back at her friend.
“I know you reek of it still, one sec let me fix that.” she said before she cast prestidigitation on every part of her snake shaped friend. “That's better now get some sleep.”
“Ya I must have gotten used to it. The dust. I totally forgot to do that.” Lilith mused as she relaxed with one hand clasped around her friend’s palm. Celeste gave her a few more words of to put her mind at ease and even began to tell her a parable from the new book she was reading but Lilith fell asleep in the middle of it.
Lilith had odd dreams that night, dreams about the dungeon and of her new sword. She dreamed of accidentally cutting off her own tail several times while fighting laughing zombies only to have the lost pieces turn into snakes. The snakes then identified themselves as Tails One, Two, and Three. Lilith tried to give them orders but all they did was follow her around no matter what she told them. When the dream was over she slept soundly with Celeste by her side.
Then Lilith awoke to a knock on her door. She sat up pushing down on Celeste's hand in the process, waking her up as well. There, in her doorway, she saw Amon in his civilian clothes a knuckle rapping against her open door. “Hey you’re up. Get dressed we need to go see Father Trendel he should be in his office by now.” Amon said as he turned away from the two barely dressed ladies.
“Hey what are you doing looking in here.” Celeste called out.
“I think we left the door open short stuff.” Lilith said as she went to the closet to get a dress. ‘Good thing I am wearing a bra this time.’ Lilith thought to herself.
“Oh. But still, I am going to draw a line at that hallway.” Celeste declared as she stood up and walked to her room in a huff.
Soon Lilith was dressed including her jewelry and went out to see Amon wearing her maroon commoners clothes.
Map of Waterdeep Waterdeep is the most important port city on the sword coast also called the City of Splendors.
Map of Faerun Daggerford is on the Sword Coast, South East of Waterdeep and south of the Sword Mountains
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